Hwaro-In Korean Grill

Hwaro-In Korean Grill Malate

Unit 101 Splendor's Bldg, J Bocobo St Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Fauns Atplay

Fauns Atplay was at Shakey's Robinsons Place - Manila


crappy service and even crappier food. i found a hair on my soup. NEVER AGAIN.

10 months ago

Apple Rillo-Diaz

Apple Rillo-Diaz craved for Music 21 Plaza Family KTV Malate

11 months ago

Nylra B Macua

Nylra B Macua had Chopsuey and sana and vegetable soup at Ristorante delle Mitre Intramuros

After attending a Wednesday afternoon mass (Feb. 26) at St. Agustin Church I craved for a hot dish and rice. So, I went inside the restaurant, sat at the vacant 4 seater table and ordered my meal. After waiting for around 10-15 minutes, I was approached by two waiters. They requested me to transfer to another table at the back side near the exit. I followed obediently, with the thought that perhaps they will combine tables for a bigger group. It's just okay to me then, I was just alone.

But later did I know, my vacated table was still empty. I waited for some people to sit there... but none. I then felt a pain in my throat, I felt humiliated and belittled. It came in to me that perhaps I did not looked "sosyalera" or perhaps they are not sure if I can pay? Why on earth they brush me away for no apparent reason?
My hunger was gone and still my food did not arrive. I asked the waiter if I can just have my food taken out.. or if its not yet cooked, can I have my order cancelled. They immediately said, "okay... we'll cancel it...its not yet cooked". Or perhaps..that's SOP for lone poor looking diner. Well, I just thought the place is Holy. Sure it is..
Maybe my angel just wanted me to fast.

11 months ago

Beverlyn Alentejo

Beverlyn Alentejo had Tempura Ramen, Bento B, California Maki/Tropical Maki, and Red Tea at Yoshinoya SM City Manila


First time on call delivery, to avail their shumai delivery treat ^_^

11 months ago


Korean Casual Dining
P300 - 500
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