Hwaro-In Korean Grill

Hwaro-In Korean Grill Malate

Unit 101 Splendor's Bldg, J Bocobo St Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Charmaine Asilo

Charmaine Asilo craved for Paborito Meal1 from Mang Inasal SM Manila

1 year ago

Mbamc Tuason

Mbamc Tuason craved for Dinuguan from Razon's of Guagua SM Manila

1 year ago

Fauns Atplay

Fauns Atplay was at Shakey's Robinsons Place - Manila


crappy service and even crappier food. i found a hair on my soup. NEVER AGAIN.

1 year ago

Apple Rillo-Diaz

Apple Rillo-Diaz craved for Music 21 Plaza Family KTV Malate

1 year ago

Nylra B Macua

Nylra B Macua had Chopsuey and sana and vegetable soup at Ristorante delle Mitre Intramuros

After attending a Wednesday afternoon mass (Feb. 26) at St. Agustin Church I craved for a hot dish and rice. So, I went inside the restaurant, sat at the vacant 4 seater table and ordered my meal. After waiting for around 10-15 minutes, I was approached by two waiters. They requested me to transfer to another table at the back side near the exit. I followed obediently, with the thought that perhaps they will combine tables for a bigger group. It's just okay to me then, I was just alone.

But later did I know, my vacated table was still empty. I waited for some people to sit there... but none. I then felt a pain in my throat, I felt humiliated and belittled. It came in to me that perhaps I did not looked "sosyalera" or perhaps they are not sure if I can pay? Why on earth they brush me away for no apparent reason?
My hunger was gone and still my food did not arrive. I asked the waiter if I can just have my food taken out.. or if its not yet cooked, can I have my order cancelled. They immediately said, "okay... we'll cancel it...its not yet cooked". Or perhaps..that's SOP for lone poor looking diner. Well, I just thought the place is Holy. Sure it is..
Maybe my angel just wanted me to fast.

1 year ago


Korean Casual Dining
P300 - 500
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