IL Ponticello

IL Ponticello Salcedo Village

2/F Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero St Salcedo Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 553-9971
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Joy Picar

wrote a review

I just love Pizza and Pasta


Tagliolini con le Capesante - the best pasta i'd ever taste in my whole life!!!! match with this pizza - Al Quattro Formaggio!! best combo!! it's worth coming back for!

2 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review

Wrong Food Delivered


We tried this restaurant for the first time this week. The ambiance is strange--dark and cool but then you are shown to tables that belong in a carinderia rather than an up-market Italian restaurant with a mid-priced menu.
We ordered potato and leek soup (so-so, didn't capitalize on the lovely taste of leeks as the slices seemed to have been thrown in at the last second), caesar salad (mediocre again except the dressing used authentic anchovies) and a pizza. We had asked for the spicy salami and arugula. What we got was the quattro formaggio. We immediately called our waiter over. He apologized and offered to change it but said we'd have to wait 20 minutes. We said it was okay, we'd eat the 4 cheese pizza. I think the manager (who was sitting at the next table, doing paperwork) should have been told about the mistake so he could offer to charge us for what we had ordered--about P130 difference. Or comped us a dessert or something.
Anyway, I give this restaurant 3 out of 5 stars. Forgettable!

2 years ago

Jackie Guasque

wrote a review

Thank God for the vouchers =)


Had the chance to dine here last 27 May 2011 using my Ensogo Vouchers, which I purchased last January. Here are my two cents about the restaurant:

Customer Service is really good. The staffs are really attentive, courteous and very efficient in handling our food and other requests.

Ambiance of the place is perfect for those who wants to sit down and enjoy the food. Of course, if you want to experience this kind of dining at this restaurant, you need to come and finish your dinner before the clock strikes 2100H as people starts to come in groups already.

Food was great. I love the Polpette Pasta. =) The pizza we ordered was ok. I forgot what was the name of the pizza, but the server told us it was their best-seller.After tasting it, I still love Carusso's Pizza =)

Value for money is average. The food tastes great but it is a bit pricey to dine here every week. For a starter, a pasta, a pizza and two cans of coke, our bill was around Php 1400. I can get my italian craving for less than that amount in burgoo.

Overall Dining Experience: 4 out of 5. The place badly needs a renovation and of course, the price is somewhat at par for those once-a-month type of restaurants.

3 years ago


wrote a review

A Taste of Italy in Makati


When you first pass by the Antel Building at Makati, you wouldn't know that there's an Italian restaurant inside; what more a fine dining restaurant. You have to use the building's dark fire exit just to get to the place.

The inside of the restaurant is quite dark since they use yellow lights and their furnitures are dark colored. For me it has a feel of a Bistro rather than a restaurant. Although I heard that this place is like a bar at night where yuppies hang out. I'm just not sure coz I've never been here during the night time.

Their menu at first is a bit intimidating since all the names of the food are in Italian that you'd really have to read the short descriptions beneath them to have an idea of what they are. Although their waiters are kind enough to explain a food item to you if you just ask them.

While waiting for your food, don't forget to try out the bread sticks displayed on your table. And yes, they're apparently for eating and not just for decorative purposes. They're actually good too!

We tried their Formaggio Fondente, Ai Gamberetti Rossi pizza, Ai Quattro Formaggio pizza, and Tagliolini con le Capesante. For me the Formaggio Fondente was really good because it had 2 of my favorites: spinach and cheese. It's even better when you put it on the crostini that comes with it.

Their pizzas are good too because they serve it authentically Italian since it's thin crust. FYI by the way, you can have a special order by having 2 flavors in 1 pizza. You just have to pay for the higher price. I just don't recommend Ai Gamberetti Rossi to those who doesn't like foods with a bitter after tastes since the arugula slightly has it. The Ai Quattro Formaggio is plain yet yummy, but if you don't like something salty I don't think this is recommended either.

The highlight of it all is the pasta: the Tagliolini con le Capesante. It's made with their own made pasta with scallops and shrimps cooked in tomato and cream sauce. It was so good because the pasta is just al dente, the seafood was fresh, and you could really taste the herbs and spices in it. Not to mention, it has a nice presentation because the pasta was separated into 5 parts, each part rolled in a scallop shell. Quite interesting actually.

This place is perfect for business lunch meetings, or just to hang out with friends because the atmosphere is quiet and there's not much people inside. Just take note that their food is on the pricey side.

If there's one thing I can complain about this place... I think it badly needs renovation already.

5 years ago


Italian Casual Dining
P500 - 800
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