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Italianni's Restaurant SM Mall of Asia

2/F SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, South Wing, Ocean Dr Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay Metro Manila Philippines (02) 556-0549
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damn the manager

my bf and i decided to eat @ italiannis mall of asia... were both excited since its our sundate - were both starving and a lil bit impatient coz weve been waiting for our foods to be serve for almost 15 min- the fact na wala pa namang masyadong tao-
they served some pesto bread while were waiting- then they serve our drinks- malapit ng maubos yung drinks namin pero wala pa din yung pizza at pasta namin...

then our pizza arrives...i asked the waiter to bring us some ketchup- he gave me a bottle of ketchup na wala ng masdayong laman.... when i opened the bottle of ketchup- nag explode bigla- volcano ba eto- grabe- i was so shocked and nanginginig pa ko...wat if yung bottle mismo yung sumabog? at buti nalang walang masyadong tao. yung ketchup sumabog sa damit ko, sa table sa wall, super messy...then tinawag ng bf ko yung waiter- lumapit- nag sorry- then tinawag yung manager- eto na yun, the way he apologizes? hindi sincere- parang nakatawa pa yung boses- at denemo pa dun sa receptionst in a way na parang ginawang katatawanan...grabe...

8 years ago

Patrick Ymson

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Great! Just great! (Sarcastic)


(My GF's letter was originally addressed to the Dir. of Ops of Italianni's. Parts were edited and ommited which did not affect the narration. )

My BF and I dined at Italianni's, Mall of Asia branch, last Saturday, August 22nd; around 7:30 pm. Unfortunately, the sub-standard cleanliness and customer service in this particular branch was really disappointing.

The dinner started off in a usual manner, we were served with bread while waiting for our orders of Classic Pizza and Baked Zitti. Twenty minutes later, our food arrived. I then asked for additional Parmesan cheese. I finished a slice of pizza, and the pasta was cold already, I still did not have the cheese I have asked for. So we requested again another server to get me the cheese. After 5 more minutes of waiting, we requested for it again, it arrived two minutes later. We then asked for a glass of water. About 5 minutes, still without the requested water, my BF noticed a cockroach on the chair (sofa) where I was seated, about an inch above the back of my head. He immediately called the attention of the “receptionist” who then killed it with a piece of tissue in her hand . She did not even apologize or speak to us after killing the cockroach. Halfway through our meal, I then saw several other cockroaches (about 3) at the other side where my GF was seated. He immediately waived his hand to call the attention of the servers but none responded, probably due to other customers being attended to. He was already profusely waiving his hand for someone to attend to us. A waiter who was at another table looked at him, as if asking ‘what’s the matter?’ With an ‘I’ll be there in a minute look’, he almost blurted out about the cockroach, but he didn’t want other patrons to find out about it, thinking it was unnecessary to lay it on thick and scandalize the situation. He then stood up to command attention and make the waiters feel a sense of urgency.' But then I saw that one of the cockroach was about to fly near our plates. I jumped out of my seat in disgust. When they saw we both stood up and people were all looking at us, one of the servers quickly approached us to check what just happened.

We were told to transfer to another table, just outside the restaurant. But neither my BF nor I felt like finishing our pizza and pasta that was already dirty, so I asked the staff wearing a green shirt and black pants to get me the manager and she only said “Yes, ma’am.” I did not know that I was talking to the manager already because she did not even introduce herself. I told her there were cockroaches’ swarming around our table and that it was very disgusting, my fiancé even butted in and said that a cockroach already touched the food. Things got worse when she tried to explain that they had sprayed pesticide the previous day and that must have been the reason for the coming out of the cockroaches. She then quickly asked, as if to dispose of us, if we would like the food to be wrapped instead. I was upset with her reply and to cool me down I asked her politely to get me the glass of water we’ve asked for several minutes earlier.

Our server, Robin, then approached us and apologized for what had happened. We then asked him to get us the manager. After a minute, he told us that the manager is on her way. After 5 minutes, the same woman who I was spoke to earlier approached our table, so I figured that she is the restaurant manager. She brought with her a pana cotta to probably apologize or pacify us.

My BF accounted to her what had happened and explained to her why we were very disappointed. He said exactly that “asking thrice for parmesan cheese which arrived after 20 minutes is tolerable, because there are a lot of customers. 15 minutes for water, is tolerable because there are many customers. But asking us if we wanted for our food, that has been landed on by a cockroach, to be wrapped, is simply unacceptable. She said, “Ah ok. Sorry po di ko alam na may cockroach na lumipad sa plate niyo.” And then my fiancé said, “We said that already earlier that there was a cockroach that touched the food. So I’m sorry, but we are not interested in the pana cotta. The manager said “Bill out na lang po?”. By this time, my BF got pissed off already and narrated to her the whole thing again and said “and now you want us to pay for the half eaten pizza?” and we told her we will not pay for the food. And she seemed irritated and immediately turned her back on us and said, “Don’t pay for the bill na lang.” and went inside without even apologizing.

We are both very upset by the unexpected turn of events. This branch is a health hazard and should be closed to make improvements on the cleanliness and personnel. Other than the cockroach on the table, we found the service too slow and the manager to be incompetent. She barely even apologized about the cockroach.

Italianni’s name is not completely sullied to us. We generally still like the restaurant, we even dined at the Greenbelt branch a day after the incident, and we were enormously pleased with the food and service.

*I strongly recommend the GB2 branch

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Food here is sooo delicious. Though it's kind of expensive, it's very worth it.

Their iced tea-dalandan juice mix is really worth trying too.

Nice ambiance too. :)

11 years ago


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must come!!


i started to remove the buttons of my pants after eating delicious foods in Italianni's!!

start of with toasted bruschetta as our starter, the creamy mushroom on top if it was perfect!!

the romano chicken salad was awesome!! you must try it,!

the chicken parmagiana and the Angus rib eye is the best!! the steak was so tender and it melts in my mouth!!

the price is worth it!! and i will definitely come bask soon!!

11 years ago


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Ordered a three-cheese pizza and the carbonara. Both were extremely bland. Carbonara lacked bacon, which might have added some sort of taste. Overall, a boring, overly-starchy, overpriced meal.

11 years ago


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Going Italian By The Bay


Ever since the first time I had a taste of Italianni’s with my mom 2 years ago, I knew then that I’ll be coming back to the place over and over again, not just for the good Italian food, but for the total experience each visit brings. ^_^

My personal favourites are the Angel Hair Pomodoro, Fettuccine Alfredo, Herb Roasted Chicken, and the Tuscan Beef Tenderloin. Oh yeah, I also dig their fruit shakes. It’s also a good place to have lunch or dinner with my folks and friends, and we usually stay longer than we intend to because it’s a nice place to have plenty of good conversations and hearty laughs. As for the price, the entire experience – good Italian food, the service, and the company – are all worth every penny. ^_^

11 years ago


Italian Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, Su: 10:00AM - 11:00PM
  • F, Sa: 10:00AM - 12:00MN
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