Jade Palace Restaurant

Jade Palace Restaurant Pasig

106 Shaw Blvd Kapitolyo, Pasig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 637-0049
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Jade Palace Experience


I celebrated my wedding reception, my 1st child's baptism and soon my 2nd child's baptism here. So I guess that already reflects how satisfied I am with their service and food. I appreciate the assistance they give me whenever I make an inquiry be it on the phone or not. The food set for 10 people is still affordable compared to other Chinese restos. However, I've noticed that they increase their prices after just a few months. I like their Camaron Rebusado and Bird's nest soup. Hopefully they could add or change their dessert in the set menu. They also charge a towel for their set menus, even if it's not used.

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worth it!


I attended a birthday party at Jade Palace in Pasig City a week ago. I discovered that their food is delicious especially their fish fillet with sweet & sour sauce. There's a lot of variety you can choose from & the prices are very affordable. No wonder they have lots of customers!

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Worth trying and coming back!


Try their noodle dishes, cooked "al dente". I love the shrimp siomai, jumbo siopao and my favorite dish - stuffed shrimp rolled in bacon with mayonaise. Try their per table menus for 10 persons - very affordable. The staff are friendly and nice.

I celebrate my special events at this resto.

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Good food at good value


I tried both their dimsum area and dine in, although more the former than the latter. Their dimsum is decent, and their dishes are quite good. They have a Cantonese chef, so if he is around one can ask for authentic Cantonese dishes not on the menu. Once I ate there at the invitation of the owner, and the Chef can really cook good quality seafood that can match Gloria Mares or even Summer Palace of EDSA Shangri La. However, I have also been there when the kitchen had some lapses, maybe when the main chef was away or not in a good mood. Hence, in general, it is a good place for fast and good value Chinese food. If one is to entertain guests, it is more advisable to talk to the main chef in advance and convey your preferences and so on (to make sure he would be there in body and soul!)

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Noodles Goodness


There are two areas in Jade Palace (similar to Gloria Maris in Greenhills) - One for dining and the other for dimsum, noodles, and the like.

I'll be reviewing the dimsum side as I don't eat in the "formal" dining area of Jade Palace.

The food on this side is GREAT. I especially love their noodles, which have good soup and good noodles. The portions are quite large as well, given that you'd be spending only 85-120Php on average for your noodles.

Also, I usually base a significant deal of a Chinese restaurant's worth on their chili. Compared to Le Ching's dominantly garlic chili, Jade Palace offers just the right amount of garlic goodness while still offering that great chili oiliness that is befitting of a true Chinese restaurant's chili.

Service, based on my experience, has always been quick and friendly. I've never had a problem with their staff as they are usually pleasant and accommodating.

If you're on a budget and want that quick noodle fix, I suggest you give this place a try. But remember to dine in the dimsum area! It's the one on the right, the one whose entrance doesn't have an aquarium.

Also, they're open for almost the whole day! I forget the exact times, but I seem to remember they close at 3am at the earliest.

This is definitely on my list of budget Chinese restos to eat in, especially after a tiring night out.

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Jade Palace: Worth Trying


I love their hakao and their pancit canton. I order these two items almost always and I couple that with the Fish in Tausi and the Pineapple Rice and I am a happy camper. The service is not exactly quick but nonetheless satisfactory. The price is very affordable.

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quality going down


jade palace is quite close to where i live so i go there often enough for special family occasions (when we dont want to drive far for some place special). also its where a lot of wedding and baptismal parties are held and i often end up eating there as a guest. the last time i had dinner was last month when a sister from the US visited the family. she requested me to look for a dining place where the food is good and the place comfortable. since it was a thursday and there was heavy traffic, i opted for jade palace which was a few meters from the house. My mistake.

We ordered the set meal for 10-12 people which had mixed vagetables, sweet and sour lapu lapu, fried chicken, 8 treasure soup and 3 other unmemorable dishes. the servings were definitely not enough for 10 people, the fried chicken was bland and not juicy (the accompanying kropek was much better), and horrors ! the lapu lapu was too sweet it was more appropriate as the dessert. the other dishes had the typical 'mall food court' flavor and presentation - smothered in thick corn starch sauce with tired looking veggies. the real dessert that came with the package was the fruit cocktal straight from a can ( i hope it was at least del monte or dole). the buchi that we ordered to wash away the lata flavor of the fruit cocktail paled in comparison to the chowking buchi. also, be warned ! drinks dont come cheap too and even the standard ice tea and coke light in can will add a hefty chunk to the total bill. When you factor in the VAT and other charges and you grudgingly dip in your pocket for your precious pesos (the bill came up to P2,500 by the way), you get this sinking feeling that youve been shortchanged. O my sister was grateful alright but i love her enough to regret not having brought her and the rest of the family to a better chinese restaurant. Lessons learned - take the extra effort and plan ahead if you like to really please the people you care about, and, VERY IMPORTANT, avoid all eating places with the word "jade" in it. Im referring to this other "jade" resto in timog which left me really jaded after i treated my office mates to lunch on my birthday. but thats another story...

Well, jade palace must be doing well because of its wedding party business but good grief, there's no reason in the world not to check the quality of the food once in a while.

10 years ago


Chinese Casual Dining
P300 - 500
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