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wrote a review for Aubergine's Restaurants and Patisserie Fort Bonifacio

Celebrated wife's birthday there


Me and wife decided to try it out last Friday, June 15, 2012. We ordered the full course set meal.

Food was no less than great. From the appetiser all the way to the dessert. I ordered the steak option, with cheese and win pairing. Appetisers were really fantastic, the scallops and the lobster sort of already filled us up that by the time I got to the main course, I could hardly eat half of it.

Ambience is perfect for a quiet fine dining. This is the main reason why we picked this place.

The service if very good. They explained the food very well and we were given enough attention all throughout.

We ended up with a bill of approx PHP 7,200. I understand this maybe quite pricey for many but for me I do not mind paying this much as long as we enjoy the food and no hassle.

8 years ago