John and Yoko

John and Yoko Greenbelt 5

2/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 729-8698
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Egor Homakov

Egor Homakov craved for Salmon Sashimi

4 years ago

Odie Cabjuan

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I really love this drink!

5 years ago

Romina Kara Sotto

Romina Kara Sotto craved for We Found Nemo

6 years ago

MaryBen Alodie Obra

MaryBen Alodie Obra craved for Beef Niku Udon

6 years ago

Kim Arevalo

Kim Arevalo had Beef Niku Udon

6 years ago

Kim Arevalo

Kim Arevalo craved for Beef Niku Udon

6 years ago

Caitlin Ang

Caitlin Ang had Beef Niku Udon

6 years ago

Chey Cabañes

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6 years ago


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bad service!


used to love this resto until my 4th visit when i ordered for my food of choice, which the waiter repeated to us and was agreed.
was so hungry that after waiting for 45mins, i made a follow-up on my order as it seems my order have been long forgotten & my partner was abt to finish his food...and finally i got the wrong food! and wat ticked me off with how the waiter insisted that I should take the food because of i wait for my "original" order, it will take more time! adding "ayaw nyo ba nyan?" of course i don't like it coz i do, id order it in the first place. another thing, when my food was finally served by another waiter, the plate was thumped down without any apologies..he just looked at me..nice! so i called the attention of their Manager, good thing she has this good sense of customer am not recommending this to my frnds anymore..and no plans of going back..

7 years ago


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very bad service :(


not worth it for the service charge we paid of..the food always had a foreign object.

7 years ago


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I haven't eaten at John and Yoko before because I guess I was a little bit intimidated by the waitresses and their skirts and the place looks pricey. We only ate there recently to avail our discount vouchers. It was a good thing we did because we had a pleasant experience. The waitresses still wore mini skirts but with a dark stocking underneath covering their legs which made them comfortable I guess and was very helpful to us. I read in some reviews before that the staff there wasn't very accommodating probably because of the what they wore. It was different in our experience. They were very helpful. They even suggested to lower the volume of the music if it pleased us. I guess they noticed that we were having a hard time talking to each other. We also only had to call them once to come to our table. The food is good. The teriyaki mango pizza is really something you will go back for more and I'm sure I will. We also ordered We Found Nemo and loved it! I think I'll try Oyster Overload next time or the Big in Japan because I think I had too little red meat this time around. It's a resto that I wish would be around for a long time for whenever I have that Japanese fusion cravings again. Will definitely come back :)

7 years ago


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Not really fond of Japanese food but this one is really a treat! Loved the Dynamite and Venetian Rolls (ordered 2 of the Dynamite). Wagyu Bacon Rice is oily but really satisfying. Don't forget to order the Tofu Steak too.

7 years ago


Japanese Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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