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wrote a review for Cyma Boracay

Didn't Get to Eat at All


Friday, the 24th of February, 2012. I was in a group of 8 looking for a good place to eat at D'Mall and I suggested going to Cyma. Everyone agreed and so we were there at 8pm. Unfortunately, the place was packed. The waiter however offered to put us on the waiting list as we would be the first. He said that he would reserve a table for us and pointed to a long table near the bar where the guests were still in the process of ordering. He told us to be back at 9:30 pm.

We went around D'Mall to kill time and at 9:20 pm, we were back at Cyma. To our surprise, instead of a vacant table, we saw a beauty queen-actress and 3 foreign gentlemen seated where we were supposed to be. When we asked whether we could still be accommodated, the same waiter said that there were no available tables as the beauty queen-actress and her guests just ordered.

And the only other long table by the entrance of the restaurant was occupied by a group of 8 young japanese tourists who were still poring over the menu. Everybody else in the restaurant was either in the process of eating, or waiting for their food to arrive.

We pointed this out to the waiter and asked why we were even asked to come back at 9:30 pm. Had he told us to just wait, we would have gladly done so. As expected, he had no reasonable answer for us and just left us to grumble to ourselves on the pretense that he was busy.

The reservation system in this restaurant is such a mess. Either that, or they prefer foreigners over locals. Better to go somewhere else.

7 years ago