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wrote a review for Chili's Bar and Grill Tomas Morato

Highly Recommended


We don't dine here offen because some of my family members is doesn't want to eat spicy food. Because of the name, they thought that all the food here are spicy. Anyway, I treat them here during my birthday.

Food: Food was so yummy. We ordered chicken crispers (the cheapest chicken in their menu). This is really value for your money because its so yummy and price is cheap. "Sulit na sulit! ". I ordred for Country Fried-chicken. This is the best! the sauce on top of the chicken taste so good.
What I don't like with their food is the fries. Fries of Friday's is taste better. Their fries is just like an ordinary french fries. Their mashed potato is a must try. It's one of the best mashed potato I ever tasted.

Service: Service is okay. Though it took a long before it was served.

Ambiance: Ambiance is good.

Value: Price is a bit high, but it's really worth it.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Fish & Co. Trinoma Mall

Degraded service


I had a previous review with this restaurant.

We went back to Fish & Co. Trinoma yesterday for dinner. We always want to eat here because the food is yummy and staff's are very friendly.

Yesterday, when we dine here, it seems that they lessen there staffs. It took a long time before our orders were taken. The serving is too slow also. The kids are already so hungry and they cannot serve the food. There is this particular server (i forgot the name) all i can remember is her name starts with a G_ _ (i think her name is a 3 letter word. She was a fat lady. Anyway, she was not smilling as she took our order. If I ask something, parang ayaw nya sumagot at naka simangot palagi. When I asked her to refill our softdrinks, parang ayaw nya at matagal bago nya binalik.

I never expected that fish & co. 's service will be this poor. It has really degraded. I hope they do something about this.

Though food is still good as before.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Spiral Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Yummy Brunch


We went to Sofitel yesterday to have breakfast. It was my sister-in-laws birthday. We had breakfast here several times already. We keep coming back because of Sofitel's delicious and wide variety food choices.

Food: I ate too much I cannot remember exactly all the foods that I ate. Will be naming a few that I can remember. On the Chinese food section, their pork siomai, fried rice and the shrimp congee were my favorite. They also have Chinese noodle soup. On the other section, they have hash brown, US bangler, wide variety of breads, pancake, waffle danggit (but it's too salty) ,turon,
fruit juices, fresh milk, soya milk and breakfast cereals. There are lots of fruits for dessert.

Service: Their service crew are very friendly. You don't need to as them to refill your coffee, they will be the one to assist you instead.

Ambiance: Place is good. Nothing bad I can say.

Value: Breakfast cost 1,200. But we have a membership card so we got 50% off.

10 years ago


wrote a review for Fish & Co. Trinoma Mall

Best fish in town


Fish & Co. really has the best fish in town. I have been here several times and I always enjoy my dinning. I always order "The Best Fish & Chips in Town" this is one of the best in their menu. We also ordered a pizza and they gave me a free planner for 2009.

Food: If you love fish, dine here. The best!

Service: Their crews are very friendly. After dinning here, they will give you a mint candy, (a candy you can't buy somewhere else) I asked for an extra and the server gave me a lot of extra.

Ambiance: Place is clean. Not noisy

Value: Prices are a bit high. The Best fish and chips in town cost 400+. I believe not everyone can afford this. But with the quality of the food, it's all worth it. Before I forgot, they have big serving.

10 years ago


wrote a review for T.G.I. Friday's / TGIF Tomas Morato

T.G.I. Friday's has changed


It's been a while since we ate at Friday's. Friday's was one of our favorite restaurants since year 2000. We always ate there at least twice or trice a month. But since they removed their Bistro discount card (I think that was 2 years ago). We don't go back much to TGI Friday's. Anyway, We had dinner at TGI Friday's last January 4, 2009.

Here's my review:
We ordered our all time favorite chicken fingers(had 3 orders of that), Cajun chicken and Chicken fried chicken. The chicken fingers is still good as before. While the chicken fried chicken taste just like chicken fingers. The difference is it's not chopped into strips. Though the sauce of the chicken fried chicken is so yummy! One of the best sauces I’ve tasted.

Food: Very yummy. I have no complain with regards to the taste of the food.

Service: Our food was served after 20 minutes of waiting. Which I believe is too long for a waiting time. Drinks were not served first (maybe they don't want us to take advantage of the bottomless). I asked for extra bbq sauce for the chicken fingers, it was served at about 10 minutes.

Ambiance: Like the usual the place was still nice. Except that I can smell someone is smoking. I believe it came from rembrant hotel which is beside them. They should have sealed their doors properly.

Value: Price is too high. We never thought that prices will go up that high. Like the chicken fingers, I believe it used to be at around 255 pesos now it 300+ already. Not only the price is high, the serving became smaller. The chicken fingers used to be served with 7pcs, but now its only 5pcs. Because of this Im not sure if we'll go back to Friday's.

10 years ago


wrote a review for Tender Bob's SM The Block

Customer service needs improvement


We had dinner last night at Tender Bob SM the block. We are a group of 10 so we have ordered 10 different dishes. Among all our orders, the Clam chowder soup and the US prime ribeye steak were the best. For the others, Im not satisfied. I have nothing bad to say about the quality of their food. Their food really taste good. But their serving is really small.

I ordered for a Three Cheese Burger at the price of 295 (the prices in this site is not updated). I was expecting something very big for that price but I got dissappointed. I compared it with the burger which I frequently eat at Fridays, Fridays burgers is a lot bigger and cheaper. Though even with small serving, their burger is good. It taste well.

Another thing which dissappoints all of us was, when we tried to ask for an extra sauce (mustard) for the chicken fingers, the waiter said that there is an extra charge. I asked him why there is an extra charge, he said "Sakto kasi ang serving namin e. Bilang kasi mga yun". The price for a small cup of mustard sauce was Php 35. I have been to a lot of restaurant and this is the first time that I heared that extra sauce has a charge. It seems like Tender bob is focusing on how to boost their income and forgetting about their service.

Im not sure if this happens only on this particular branch, but I'll might give it a try to eat at other tender bob branches.

10 years ago