Kabisera ng Dencio's

Kabisera ng Dencio's Bonifacio High Street

G/F Bonifacio High Street, 7th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 856-5543
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TeAn Furto

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5 years ago


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A visit full of regrets


It was our first time to go to Kabisera High Street last Nov 12 for lunch with the family. We were a group of 10, with two small kids.

The ambiance was ok, nothing grand. The wait staff tried to be helpful but failed. The service needs a lot of improvement. But it was the food that was a major let-down. I thought about ordering the set menu for groups but decided to go a la carte which turned out to be a big mistake. I thought the set menu was spread a bit "thin" in terms of variety. So I decided to have a free-hand instead on the items. Here's a run-down of what we ordered with a bit of comments to guide you on your visit (if you still dare):
Molo soup - while served with that warmer, was still not hot at all.
Crispy kangkong - way too greasy
Ensaladang salmon - ok, fresh and dressing is nice
Kare Kareng gulay - ok
Lechon kawali - better-than-average
Inihaw na pusit - DO NOT make the mistake of ordering this! It's not squid, its rubber pretending to be squid! I relayed this to the manager and said that none of us can eat this and we would need a chain-saw to cut through. Hearing that he suddenly spaced out and just turned his back on us. Great customer service right?! Manners hello.
Impossible to cut through, chew and digest. One order set me back P700, and I ordered two!
Dino Prawns - from the pic in the menu, and the name, you'd think this will be big right? Nope, this is just slightly bigger than a suahe, one shrimp would fit in a tablespoon, and its not even delicious. The kind of shrimp our moms use as "pang-gisa". Again, another rip-off.
The sisig has way too many hard chicharon. It came after like an hour after we ordered, as we are finishing off our meal.

I never learned. We ordered dessert. Again, took them about 30 mins to come up with my ube palitaw. And guess what, there's no grated coconut in my palitaw, its just sugar and a few sesame seeds. The cheesecake thing that my sister in law ordered was nothing fantastic either. We could have been better off with Sonja's or Conti's.

The bill finally came and its P 7300 plus! I should have stuck with the set menu or better yet I should have decided to eat somewhere else. Ok to pay for this amount if you're satisfied after but no. Overall the experience was regretful bordering on being awful.

6 years ago


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use oil sparingly


Kabisera ng Dencio's looked impressive enough, I however seem to think that all food places at BHS are all looks, little flavor. Still, I decided to try the gallantina (chicken relleno), it was a little after Christmas and gallantina is one handsome dish to have on the table. The menu said it was good for three to four people so I decided to order the crispy kangkong instead to balance the meat. Then the food arrived, the kangkong which would have been a good snack while waiting for the chicken was tart [makunat], feels like freezed greens fried in days old batter, the sauce was a tad too creamy, which suited me perfectly. Then came the chicken, I got used to the dish shaped like a chicken so I was expecting either half a chicken or a small chicken, but it was looking all too luncheon meat [the US version] for me, and it tasted like one. The sauce again was too creamy, and I was starting to get nauseous, the rice however refused to be overshadowed, it would have been nice to get a cup of steaming rice to dry up all the fat. Not knowing if it was a failed attempt to make rice appear like sticky/jasmine/waxy rice they added to much oil... too much oil you'd wish the chicken was too dry.

I wish restaurants wouldn't undergo a revamp just to fit in places like BHS, the original dishes are the ones that work. Hey, that's how they got famous right?

8 years ago


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Surprisingly good value for money


Grab the tortang talong, adobong pusit rice, and of course the sisig. Dad swears by the Rodrigo's roast, but mom has to strap him to the chair before he blasts himself with cholesterol.

Great value for money. Kumain kayo rito :)

8 years ago


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two-thumbs up!


love the sari-saring sinugba (perfectly grilled and didn't lack in taste) and sinigang na lechon!

staff are nice and attentive too!

10 years ago


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