Kamay Kainan

Kamay Kainan Trinoma Mall

G/F Trinoma, North Ave Sto. Cristo, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 916-7178
Kamay Kainan 2.6 5 13 1
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Eat All U Can


pampamilya,very filipino ang ambiance,madami pagpipiliang food,kaya lng ang liliit ng hipon parang hibe...the best yung ginataang kuhol! mejo hindi nla na check ung dessert nla my panis na item,sorry pro kylangan malaman pra aware cla...

3 years ago


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value for money and delicious choices of food !!!!

4 years ago


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Kamay Kainan - Not so bad


I've been there twice with my family, probably because I’m a sucker for "Sinigang sa Miso". The food is okay, not bad actually except for the Tempura. The service is a totally different thing; it takes forever to get an order or Tempura. I’m not a restaurant expert, but if you know that there’s going to be lots of people especially on a Sunday, you might think of expanding your tempura station and not keep giving excuses that “it’s a Sunday" or that "there’s a function ongoing”. The waiters are a bit unpleasant, which the management should try to improve, and when its time to get your bill - better have a stick of cigarette while you’re waiting. The price of the drinks is a bit unreasonable, hey I'm not a "cheap ass" but we opt to have water, its purified anyway.

On Sundays, be sure to come early because its jam packed. Most of the dishes are already available before 11am but the Crispy Pata and Fried Rice will be available around 11:30. You'll be disappointed with the dessert, might as well skip it.

Note: If you plan to have dinner or lunch at these types of places (all you can eat buffet), you might want to try the different variety of dishes, don’t go for the usual chicken and pork adobo there's lot of dishes to choose from like Sinigang na ulo, Ginataang Kuhol or Papaitan, so you’ll get your moneys worth. But if you still prefer the adobo or fired chicken, might as well eat at home.

6 years ago


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not recommended


Although the price is reasonable, I wont recommend this branch of Kamay kainan because of staff's attitude towards customer. Hope management will do something about this.

6 years ago


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lot of food choices


I ate there with my family and nephew last week and we enjoyed the food. There are a lot of food choices and all are great! They also gave us a good service since my nephew is demanding for a big crunchy chicken and an ice cream! They served it in our table together with a big bowl of ice cream!

6 years ago


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bad service

Im a regular at this KAMAY KAINAN branch in Trinoma. We visited the restaurant earlier today (April 30) about 5pm with my cousin and his wife and my 2 nephews aged 2 y/o and the other 5 months hoping to spend a pleasant afternoon eating at one of our favorite restaurants. My cousin and his wife went to the main buffet table and I went to the merienda buffet prepared outside the establishment. Before we ate I clearly informed the waiter who assisted us that only two will go for the buffet inside the restaurant and one will go for the merienda buffet outside (since these buffets are charged separately). I then ordered 4 bottomless Icedtea for myself, my cousin and his wife and the fourth one for my 2 y/o nephew who likes icedtea. After we ate I asked for the bill and I noticed that we were charged 3 main buffets and 1 merienda buffet and 4 bottomless icedtea. I naturally told the waiter nicely for sake of clarification that there should only be 2 buffets (my cousin and his wife) and 1 merienda buffet (for myself) and 4 bottomless icedtea that should be charged to us but when the waiter told this to who I assumed was the manager this manager( a female, with long pony-tailed hair and a bit fair in green uniform) looked mad and looked at us with sharp stares( and seriously from the vantage point from our table to the cashier were she was she looked liked a dragon with smoke coming out of her nostrils). Her discussion of the matter with the waiter took quite sometime and still she made faces looking at us as if it was our fault. Her actions and behavior was very unprofessional and unbecoming of someone who is expected to supervise a service-oriented establishment like KAMAY KAINAN. I even had doubts if she was really the manager because of the rude, offensive, boorish and uncouth manner she showed during a time when there was a complaint from a customer. I looked back at her to make her see how offended she made us felt but she continued with her sharp stares. Because of the bad treatment that this ill-mannered, unprofessional individual I got to the point that I almost blew my top off and confront her if it weren't only for my little nephews which made me kept my composure. I was even more than ready to pay the over charged receipt that they billed us had only it was explained to us nicely but the disrespectful conduct that this person showed continued and its something that could not be ignored. You can bet that my friends and everyone I know will certainly learn about this and will never go to a KAMAY KAINAN restaurant again particularly the branch in TRINOMA. I sincerely hope that the management of KAMAY KAINAN would reorient and retrain their people with regards to customer handling of complaints and most of all COURTESY.

6 years ago


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great for its price


for P250, you can enjoy around 30 to 40 dishes, including desserts such as ice cream, ginataang bilo bilo and pudding. not bad for treating a large number of friends with humongous appetites. though the service needs some improvement.

7 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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