King Chef Fine Dining

King Chef Fine Dining Banawe

Banawe 238 Center, Banawe St cor Panalturan St Manresa, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 352-7534
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Reby Gaw

Reby Gaw craved for Siao Long Pao

2 years ago

Reby Gaw

Reby Gaw craved for Siao Long Pao

2 years ago


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great food and place at king chef!!!!!


since i visit king chef i always go there to have lunch or dinner because the food is good and the service is great they are very accommodating to us when you step to the main door there"s a lot of greeting"s welcoming you feeling you are a king and queen of that restaurant try it to believe it......!!!!!!!!

3 years ago


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King Chef My Favorite Breakfast Place


I've been looking for a place to start my day then i found a place at the back of Starbucks, KING CHEF a new restaurant in Banawe. They offer a P48.00 pesos dimsum from 7am to 9am. All dimsums are great specially their hakaw aside from the good food they also serve with a smile. I visit the resto 3 times a week and they never failed my expectation in a restaurant.

3 years ago


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I've eaten here a few times before. The food and service was ok for the first couple of times. But this morning's breakfast at this restaurant was one of the worst experiences I've had!

So last night, my wife made breakfast reservations for this morning in King Chef. We were supposed to have one last family breakfast before my brother and his family heads back to Hong Kong.

When we arrived this morning, there was no sign of the reservation. Apparently the night person was not able to write it down. The main breakfast area was full so we were set-up in the adjacent area. Ok, fine, these things happen and they did open the adjacent area to accomodate us so as long as we had a good breakfast, I was gonna let this incident pass.

We proceeded to ordering. We had the usual dimsum and each of us ordered either congee or noodles. Mind you they only had 3 types of noodles available, the beef brisket, wanton and beef with wanton. My wife had to settle for asado siopao since they didn't have the asado noodles she wanted. Ok, I could understand that. Since it's a relatively smaller operation during breakfast, it's understandable to have stuff unavailable from the menu.

So... 20 mins and a couple of follow-ups later, and our order still hasn't arrived. The head waitress then walks up and informs us that they're out of congee! WTF! It was 8 o'clock in the morning and they're out of congee?! What's the point in being open for breakfast if you're gonna run out of congee 1 hour into your operation?! And what's worse is you had us waiting for 20 minutes before telling us you've run out!

So to all, avoid King Chef for breakfast! As for me, I will never be coming back to this place EVER!

3 years ago


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P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 7:00AM - 12:00MN
  • Su: 7:00AM - 11:00PM
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