King One Rotary Hot Pot

King One Rotary Hot Pot Hobbies of Asia

LG/F Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay Metro Manila Philippines (02) 556-1370
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Dine with roaches


We really planned eating with the kids. Heard great reviews. When we go there already set on the table, then suddenly baby roaches came creepy out of their seats to join us. All the kids lost their appetite and we left immediately. This is intended to call the attention of the management or lose your business.

6 years ago

Jeremy Tan

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Same Owners as Yakimix


So, same problem with waiters shouting. As if that wasn't enough, they had a 80's mini-component that had a busted speaker blaring out...surprise 80's songs. C'mon, Bon Jovi deserves better than busted speakers. I respectfully requested for the music to be turned down, which they did. I think these people need consultants on restaurant ambiance management, they're good with food and pricing, but do horrible with ambiance.

There were a couple of baby cockroaches roaming around though, they should look into that. This kinda ruined it for the wife.

Food was fresh and tasty thought, with some unique dishes, not just your typical shabu shabu fare.

6 years ago

May Gana

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Come In Hungry, Come Out Full and Satisfied


King One definitely is one of the best Hot Pot places I have ever eaten at. For starters, it's good value for your money. At 600 pesos, you can hot pot all you can. You have to add additional for drinks (which are also unlimited) and rice (if I'm not mistaken).

It's a rotary due to the fact that at the center of the restaurant, there is a rotating (surprise surprise) belt with different meats and noodles. Only some tables can benefit from this though. If you're not lucky enough to sit next to it, relax. The waiter will take your list of desired hot pot items and bring it to your table.

The staff is very nice and accommodating. They make sure the soup in your pot is always filled and that your cups are never empty.

The place is nice though it tends to get really hot because of the on-table cooking.

Suffice to say, it's a great restaurant to eat at. You'll definitely enjoy your stay here.

7 years ago


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KingOne-eat all you can


me and my GF always eat 2-3times a month at king one macapagal and i bet you guys for me this is the best shabu shabu(eat all you can ever) the food was great. they have unlimited supply of beef and prawns not like other eat all you can.. the fee is P600 it includes the bottomless drinks.. this is very cheap for the good food and service that they will provide..

7 years ago


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Awesome experience! Great for small parties


I had my child's dedication at Kin ONge last weekend.
They have a VIP room that can accomodate 42 to 50 pax.
The service was great. They assigned 5 waiters to assist us.
The hot pot is a greta experience. First you would be asked to select to soup bases for the hot pot. Most of my guests had satay, plain and hong kong pork. They have the spicy variety too.
A long and extensive menu is palced on the table for you to tick mark all that you want. They have seafood ( a lot of prwns, clams, squid and salmon head), specialty balls, meat (lamd, US fat beef, baby beef, pork etc.) fresh vegetables (water cress, lonchay, spinach etc.) and good variety of noodles (korean, sotanghon etc)

After ticking, the attendants will serve all that you have selected. It's a great experience seeing tryas and trays of food being served on the table. As a host, I was so happy seeing all my guests have a good time selecting and tasting food.

On the dine-in area, there is a conveyor belt where one can just get all the food one fancies.

There is also bottomless drinks including mango and melon jello shakes. Other drinks like soda and fresh shakes are charged at Php 20. Isn't it cheap?

We really had a great time.

Its very affordable, exciting and delicious.

It a place for small parties where interaction will come instantly.

8 years ago


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