Krocodile Grille

Krocodile Grille Greenbelt 3

3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 757-4778
Krocodile Grille 2.9 5 11 2
Kristine Gonzales

Kristine Gonzales craved for Sizzling Tuna Sisig

4 years ago

Sunshine Gonzales

Sunshine Gonzales had Black Ink Rice, Tokwa't Baboy, and Honey Lemon Chicken


YUMMY!!! I can't remeber everything we ate but we sure enjoy the food and the affordable prices!

5 years ago


wrote a review

Never returning


I went to this restaurant last week for a team lunch. The first thing we noticed is that the place was boiling hot. We asked the air con to be turned up, but they said it was already on full. They obviously had only just turned it on making everybody feeling uncomfortable. Surely customer comfort is more important than saving a few peso on power bills? What was worse, was that since more people were arriving and it is summer, it didn't get any cooler. We were still sweating and fanning ourselves when we left.

On top of that they server warm beer. Even after being asked to put some beers in ice, they didn't bother. Instead, they waited for us to order more, then held up the order for 10 minutes while they tried to make it cold. I ended up getting a bucket and putting beer and ice in it myself.

Oh, and the food is just "so so" at best. I decided to eat elsewhere after the team had their lunch.

6 years ago

Jo Albin Nery

wrote a review

The fatty bangus belly made mine fat!


We were here for Christmas and we found the place a little too noisy for a restaurant. Also, I don't know how people can eat here with only the dim blue lights on at certain times in the evening.

Anyhow, I have never tasted any sinigang na bangus belly quite like theirs. The soup was really tasty. Some people may find it sour but for me it's just perfect, not to mention how fatty but well-prepared without the fishy smell the bangus belly was! It was a real hit!

Their pork sisig was so-so, but the serving portion was huge. My partner wasn't able to eat his part of the sisig so I volunteered to finish it for him. Haha! It was like a fiesta on our table then, but I dunno how I finished everything up. I guess it's just that the food was really great!

I definitely will come back soon to try their other dishes.

7 years ago

Mitchie Valencia

wrote a review

worst service received


My friend and I went to this branch (Greenbelt3) to try something new and exotic..I was really excited because I was the one who really wanted to eat at Kroc. Anyway,the food is OK and the value..the ambiance? okay too,except that our table kept moving and was kinda dirty (sticker marks,water stains etc)..

Here's what happened to us..

Firstly,We waited for like 10 minutes to be approached.Then, I told the waitress, I'd have grilled squid,then she frowned and said "ma'am maliit lang yung squid namin" duh??.then I said, "sige okay lang yun,hindi lang naman yan ang order ko eh." ...secondly,she returned to fix/arrange our utensils guess what, she just left them on the table and let us arrange the plates for ourselves..thirdly,when she brought our drinks, she just placed them in one corner (literally corner of the table)..Thank God the one who brought our food was a different person.

This really irritated me..because I was expecting something more from those in the "customer service field"..Good thing there was no service charge. I did not give anything, instead, I wrote on a piece of paper, telling them to improve on certain areas like customer service and..(I forgot the other one..)

9 years ago

Tina Barretto

wrote a review

Sinfully Delicious Devilled Crispy Pata!!!


I love Kroc for its devilled crispy pata. Its skin is so crispy, while the meat is so tender; it actually melts in the mouth. And its sauce is just the right amount of spicy, salty and sweet. Yummyyyy! I looove their devilled crispy pata so much that it has become my comfort food. Oh my!

Other must-try's are the following:
kare-kareng (oxtripe/tail)
sizzling sisig (pork)

As for the resto's downside.. well, if you're out to dine with friends you wanna catch up with over dinner (kwentuhan and all), this place might be a little too noisy with its loud music (usually hiphop and R&B) and noisy customers. Now if that's the case, go to Masas at Greenbelt 2 for its perfect ambiance and yummy food, too. However, it's a little more expensive plus their crispy pata doesn't even come close to what Kroc has to offer.

Another thing I don't like about Kroc is the restaurant's smell. It smells like raw seafood sometimes.

I'm so looking forward to my next Krocodile Grille meal.

9 years ago


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bad experience


my boyfriend and i went here last year after watching pyrolympics. we were reeeeeaaalllyyy starving then and had to drive to makati to get away from the nasty traffic caused by the said event. so we got there, sat and ordered.10mins passed and nothing was served.we waited still.after like around 30mins, we were still hungry!my boyfriend was sooooo pissed off so he stood up and look for the manager.and after that, all we got was an apology and a 5% discount! not to mention that their food!

i wont go back to that place EVER!

9 years ago


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Yummy frog legs in krocodile land


I still remember the first time I visited Krocodile Grill at their Libis, Quezon City branch. I was amused no end by the light drizzle at the entrance. It was like walking through a jungle and I could almost hear the familiar strains of the Indiana Jones theme. The place spelled both FUN and ADVENTURE.

I had the same feeling at their branch at Jupiter St., Makati. Restaurant staff in trendy safari-inspired uniforms cheerfully ushered me in. As I walked in, a huge tree with a crocodile coiled around its trunk loomed before me. (The tree spews smoke in the evenings. How’s that for ambiance?)

The restaurant was, well …crawling with crocodiles! There’s a crocodile gleefully ‘peeing’ into a beer barrel, an inflatable crocodile that dangles over a table, crocodile chairs, and crocodile tables. The three function rooms are called Kro, Co, and Dile. Even the restrooms are labeled Kroco and Kroca.

Though I usually go for sisig with chunkier bits, Krocodile’s sisig was one of the best I’ve tasted. It’s crunchy, spicy and not too dry nor salty. No wonder it’s Krocodile’s undisputed bestseller.

The froglegs in garlic were superb but as I gnawed on a fleshy, Kermity leg, I couldn’t help thinking about all those amputated frogs. (I wonder what they did with the bodies?) The legs, deep-fried to crisp perfection, were a crunchier yet juicier version of the fried chicken. They were delicious -- the salty-spicy-garlicky marinade clung well to the tender flesh.

I wonder if they still have the bayawak kaldereta on the menu. I tried it a long time ago and I highly recommend it to the squeamish-but-trying-to-be-adventurous foodie because it didn’t look like bayawak at all. A smooth, rich sauce enveloped the bayawak chunks. It looked like a regular goat meat kaldereta but had a slightly stronger, gamey taste.

10 years ago


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Great Filipino Food


I love this place! I don't even know where to start. First of all, their prices are relatively lower than other greenbelt restos. That alone makes this place a winner...haha.

Their food is really great! They serve authentic Filipino dishes. I love their Sinigang, Tinumok, and of course, Sisig. They've quite a huge selection on their menu and if you're the adventurous type, you can try Balut Surprise, Ostrich Bistek and other exotic foods. I'm a scaredy cat, I only tried the ostrich meat and it's surprisingly good. The meat is so tender and really tasty.

They also serve fast and the servers are really nice.

10 years ago


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Great Filipino Food!


If you are looking for value for money and great pinoy food, then look no further. Their group package deals are more than enough for the indicated number of persons. Food is just like a home cooked meal. Hindi nakakasawa. As an added bonus, you may be in luck to be their when they feed the baby crocs.

10 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, Th, Su: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
  • W: 11:00AM - 12:00PM
  • F, Sa: 11:00AM - 2:00AM
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