Lakay's Special Palabok

Lakay's Special Palabok Lower Bicutan

217 Manuel Quezon St Lower Bicutan, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines

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The White Hat 1.5 5 15 7
Javes Maur

Javes Maur craved for White Forest from Red Ribbon SM City Bicutan

8 months ago

JAy JAy Javier

JAy JAy Javier craved for Black Forest from Red Ribbon SM City Bicutan

10 months ago


wrote a review for Reyes Barbecue SM City Bicutan

Service could have been better


The reason why we ate here was I missed the java rice and peanut sauce of Aristocrat. Being from the Reyes Clan of the famed Aristocrat, I thought that they will do justice to the peanut sauce and java rice of the original barbecue restaurant. The peanut sauce was not as thick and the java rice lacked something which i was used to in Aristocrat.

The service was also slow considering that there were only a few people dining in at the time that we were there.

check out

3 years ago


wrote a review for Classic Savory SM City Bicutan

not a good choice for delivery!!! :(


their delivery service is VERY POOR...they keep you waiting for longer hours especially in this branch - Classic Savory, SM BICUTAN.... they don't answer your call for the follow-ups and they even don't do an extra effort to call you back what happened now to your order. So guys, if you don't want to get dissappointed never ever try them.

3 years ago


wrote a review for Gerry's Grill SM City Bicutan

Delivery Sucks!

Well, we had a foreign guests and boasted about its food but much to our disappointment, the delivery sucks! Its nearly an hour late and everybody is very hungry already. And guess what's their usually excuses? They got lost! They are such a dumb assess! They've been in existence for years and the place of delivery is just a stone throw away yet they told us that they got lost? Such as stupid and lame excuse! And to our guests dismay, they did eat but barely touch its because the hunger and enthusiasm has passed already. We still paid the bills though just to show our guests that we are not as mean as (probably) they are when such happens in their country. This resto put us in a very embarrassing situation. I'm not generalizing all the branches but the one's in SM BICUTAN is really horrible! I hope they fire all those concerned who placed us i a bad light! (#^@&*$!^&%! They do not have the right to operate in the food business if they always do this way. And the excuse? please, please for crying out loud! try something else that is believable! Gasgas na yan mga tarangago! 100x thumbs down.

3 years ago


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