Laksa King Noodle House

Laksa King Noodle House Quezon City

56 Granada St Valencia, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 631-3927

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Happy Lemon 3.5 5 15 0

wrote a review for Happy Lemon Greenhills

Wasn't as Happy as I thought


Well, I have to be completely honest. I really had very high expectations before visiting this store. I just can't help it because of the raves of the people who have tried drinking some of the tea blends in this shop (some of whom are my friends), but I must say that I was totally disappointed with my visit to Happy Lemon.

First of all, I didn't like any of the tea blends we've tried, like the Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese and Milk Tea with Oreo Cookie. I'd rather go to Kozui. Nonetheless, that's a personal bias and I know that tea is a highly complex beverage that one could either like so much or hate completely. It was actually no biggie.

But what disappointed me the most in this shop is the environment. I went here during the peak hours (around 7PM) and, boy, the place was totally full! People are literally everywhere and we weren't even able to get some decent seats. The place looked like a garbage bin as well with so many cups and plastic wrappers scattered around the floor, on the tables, and even on the benches and chairs. No one bothered to clean the tables from the moment we stepped inside until we left the store.

I guess Happy Lemon has become so mainstream that the staff cannot anymore handle the huge influx of customers coming in and going out of the store. I sure hope they improve on this.

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8 years ago


wrote a review for Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes Greenhills

I love the food but not the ambiance...


First things first... The food is absolutely great. Whether you're ordering a full meal or just cakes and coffee, everything is well-prepared, with generous servings, and absolutely delicious. Their burgers and Caesar salad are just yum-o. And nothing more needs to be said about their famous chicken pies, cookies, and brownies. The items are also fairly priced.

One thing that irritates me though is having to sit
on their wire chairs with no back rests which is SO mega uncomfortable. The resto has sofas but
these get filled up very quickly. Trust me, it's a
literal pain in the a** to sit on those metal back-less chairs especially when you just want to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. I also have a pet peeve
with their tables that have this uneven dotted surface. I feel like the water glasses could topple over any minute, especially when my little kids are
around. And also, why do they have to scotch-tape the books onto the bookshelves? Duh? Aren't books meant to be read? My kids wanted to read a few books only to discover each and every
damn book was taped to the shelf. Heller? I seriously doubt if anyone would actually try to steal a book from the resto.

Anyways, i wil definitely be back for the chicken
parmiginana. Hope the sofa will be empty by then.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Segafredo Zanetti Café Greenhills

When life hands you coffee...


I, personally enjoy my coffee with a serene atmosphere, and this place can give you that.

The prices MAY be a bit too expensive but if you took the time to notice, it's reasonable in a sense that you get what you pay for.

Of course, you also get to see the enthusiasm of the workers here.

Although at times they may seem lethargic (maybe due to the weather of lack of customers I wouldn't know) they are indeed nice people who work for our enjoyment.

Now most people would think that the food and service here is bad because no one is here.

Definitely not true.

How so? Why would anyone not go here if the food isn't bad? The answer?

It's unknown.

No one knows that this place is here, not a lot of people want or will spend for quality food at this location.

I love their Italian food, and their coffee is superb and the people seem kind enough.

Overall this place seems to exhibit an aura of decadence and exquisiteness and deserves my respect.

I like this place and will definitively come back to watch this place bloom into a wonderful thing that spreads all throughout the area.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Casa Reyes Greenhills

Good Food, Good Price


My wife and I ate here yesterday and really enjoyed the food. I had chicken and she had pork. She had ordered pancit but cancelled the order because we had finished eating and it had not yet arrived.

8 years ago

port manteau

wrote a review for Charlie Wanton Special Madaluyong

Excellent for nostalgia lovers, but...


It is exactly what you expect - no frills food, chewy noodles, five-spiced flavored beef brisket and their humble wontons.

But the soup for their noodles isn't anything special. We saw the can of Knorr chicken powder in the cooking area and that explains it.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Thousand Teas Mezza Residences

Bad taro milktea and custard pudding. :(


I was very much disappointed with their Custard Pudding. Its not even a custard pudding but a slab of tasteless gelatine. I had my Assam Milktea with light sugar since I was expecting that the custard pudding will make the taste a little sweeter but I was wrong. Their custard pudding made the Assam Milktea taste horrible. :( The Taro Milktea is also a disappointment. I can barely taste the Taro flavor unlike Spartea's and Ersao's Taro milktea which I think are very good Taro milkteas

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8 years ago


wrote a review for Las Paellas Café Greenhills

Superb service


Mediocre paellas but with a topnotch service! Oh they have great clam chowder too. :)

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8 years ago


wrote a review for Chatime San Juan

ChaTime, good pickmeUP on a bad day


I've never been a fan of milk tea outside of Chinatown. But when my pal introduced me to it a their Landmark location on Makati i was a convert.

He brought me to this other branch in Kapitolyo Pasig, VERYY NIIIIICE place, parking no problem.

the one in Galleria is a bit hidden if you do not know where to look, it's near the Edsa entrance inside the mall.

Chatime is always a nice time.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes Greenhills

banapple =)


i love the cakes..affordable for evryone and the place is cute..

8 years ago


wrote a review for Happy Valley Villa Ortigas

Great tasting food!


This restaurant used to be known as "PinPin" and used to be located at T. Pin Pin st. Manila.

I always loved their Hong Ma, Pata tim, or Pata Bihon, Chili Crabs (by special Request) Garlic Fish Fillet and many many more.

I was surprised when they told me there was no MSG which was perfect!

Not only is the food great, affordable pa!

Lapit pa sa house namin :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Le Ching Tea House Greenhills Shopping Center

Delicious spareribs


Getting served in an aluminum bucket was odd for me when I got my order but what was important was the Spareribs I ordered which were very good and with a very reasonable price. Taste was superb which is the reason that keeps me from coming back to Le Ching.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Our "Big" Little Store New Manila


I went to this store last Saturday to hang out for a while since I came an hour earlier for my appointment at Sykes. I was dismayed by the service given to me. The store itself does not have a cash register and that means they don't issue registered receipts for sales of goods and services. Paging BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE!!! And there were this two ladies in green uniform who were pointing fingers to each other on who's going to get my payment of the things I bought. The first lady says she's busy when in fact it is obvious that she does not want to handle the responsibility. The other one whom the previous lady said that "is" the cashier assigned at the counter is busy tabulating something and not paying attention to me. And they said something in Bisaya which I don't understand. It took me 10 minutes to get my transaction done when in fact I was the only person buying at that early hour of 9 o' clock in the morning. After that, a certain worker of this store, sensing the commotion, gave me a "masungit" stare. This store should be CLOSED! Thank you for the great service! Come again!

8 years ago

Camille Abigail

wrote a review for Anci's Cuisine Quezon City



Critique: Anci’s Cuisine
Cuisine: Filipino and Western Cuisine
Hours: 11 am- 11 pm
Location: Xavier Hills Condominium, N. Domingo Street corner Granada St. New Manila, Quezon City
Tel No: (632) 470-03-23
Lightings- White light-bulbs with natural lighting from the sun’s rays
Music- Radio station 93.1 FM
Air Conditioner- they have their own
Chairs- Black metal chairs with black cushions
Tables- Wooden base with metal legs and are rectangular in shape
Walls- That are cemented and painted cheese cloth colored yellow with pictures of food that shows their best sellers.
Floors- white tiles
Foods Ordered:
Beverage- “Mulberry Juice” P43.00 it was refreshing and it quenched my thirsty state; it also is not too sweet which is really surprising because its berries.
Entrée- “Pasta Alfredo Wild Mushroom” P120.00 I am a type of person who avoids white sauce because of the heaviness it gives and the taste is too milky; however, this pasta is not it is light and flavorful and to give a little saltiness and crunchy bite instead of bacon they use fried spinach instead which unique and good.
Dessert- “Blueberry Cheesecake” P45.00 Now normally I am a little hesitant with cheesecakes because their too sweet and heavy to eat, but this one begs to differ in fact its sweetness is just right and my golly I finished it.
Class B but sometimes A depending on the time but there are hardly any students mostly casual and business people.

Men and women wear orange polo shirts and brown pants with black apron.
He does not have a name tag so I don’t know her name but he was really good with customer empathizing especially with body language of customer; such as I was suppose to ask for a glass of water but he instead ask if I wanted some. Another was he understood what suits me I did not decide what I ordered for the main course because I trust his taste; also I applaud his one man show because there were only two of us and seemed like he was also two. Now that is multi tasking.
It was a one long page laminated menu with the pictures of their specialty and off course the name, cost, and description of each food so I would say it was complete. It was a nice printout so I will give out 9 out of 10.
Yes, why not it is a reasonable price but if you are from this place at least go once every four weeks they don’t have comment cards so it’s best to just say it to them. Just try and you will and up coming back again and again.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Amici Greenhills

Chewy pizza and pasta


Thumbs up on the food and parking and ambiance. This resto even has newspapers. Relaxing atmosphere, friendly guard and employees. Good choice of desserts too.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Burger King E. Rodriguez

best inspiration... :))


lagi kame nasa Burger king for our thesis and all.. dumadating kame ng umaga tapos umaalis naman kame around 6-7pm.. dun na kame halos mag breakfast, lunch and dinner.. until today, d last day of this sem andun pa din kame to revise our documents and complete other requirements in other subjects.. sa trinity lang naman kame nagaaral e.. hindi nakakaboring ang place na ito.. they have a clean atmosphere, a very cozy ambiance.. dame na nga nilang ino offer e.. like free massage and kanina as i was there may free shoe shine na din.. then tuwing lunch time may movie na ipapalabas ford diners there.. sobrang babait ng mga crews and mind you they are al good-looking.. nakakainspire gumawa ng requirements sa place na ito.. sociable ang dating and very commercial.. bakit nga ba best inspiration?? well for me, aun nga kahit wala kameng mga tulog and pahinga, seeing d place only will really take away all your stress and fatigues.. and another reason bakit inspiration? well i felt attraction from one of the crew there.. im gonna miss him.. hehehe til next sem sana andun pa xa.. *wink*

8 years ago


Malaysian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
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