Laksa King Noodle House

Laksa King Noodle House Quezon City

56 Granada St Valencia, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 631-3927

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Tokyo Bubble Tea 2.85714285714286 5 15 0

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I normally frequent the SM Megamall Branch but when we visited this place, I fell in love with it!

The ambiance is really suited for the cafe-type place. I wanted to stay there all there and try all their items. LOL. I loved their takoyaki and the honey-mango(?) cake! It was wonderful! It's not too sweet. It's simply delicious! Of course, I also ordered my favorite strawberry green tea. Will definitely go back here!

8 years ago


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Big Guys! Bad Pizza


Usually, big means better. But in this case, you just end up with more of the bad stuff. Maybe it was just the unfortunate instance that their oven was fluky when we ordered our first pizza from them. Our large pizza had an uncooked crust. But that aside, the flavor of the pizza (and its toppings) itself was just horrible.
Big Guys! Pizza boasts of having a 36" pizza. It's actually quite impressive if you see the size of that thing. But it stops there. Flavor, texture and overall staff service get no marks at all. It was a good thing we only ordered the 20" one.

8 years ago

Camille Abigail

wrote a review for Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food Wilson Street

yen yen wow


Critique: Yen Yen
Cuisine: Taiwanese Street Food Cuisine
Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Location: 96 Granada St. Gilmore, Quezon City
Tel No: (632) 345-32-19
Lightings- Yellow flourecent lights plus natural lighting from the sun’s rays
Music- Taiwanese music
Air conditioner- Have their own
Chairs- Brown metal like chairs
Tables- wooden like base (flesh color) and legs are painted gray metal like material
Walls- Light yellow painted walls
Floors- white tile floorings
Foods Ordered:
Beverage- “Green Tea Ice Tea” P28.00 it was a surprise for me that this drink was not instant it really taste like Green Tea.
Side Dish- “Taiwanese Rice” P148.00 this was in good amount of serving and this was not oily or even salty the flavor was good.
Vegetable- “Rice Wine Cabbage” P88.00 in spite of it being a little undercook it was again a different taste and it compliments with the rice meal.
Entrée- “Crispy Fish Dory” P188.00 this was really good and not oily and the breading was flavorful. To add the quality is really good for two people or more :D.
Class B-C of students, businessmen, family of class A mostly, less of B, and clothing were casual.

Men wear red polo with black pants.
Waiters- have name tag however, everyone served me there so I do not know all their names so I am going to generalize this comment. They also know how two respond well.
It was individually laminated with complete descriptions and pictures; however, it was a little too big for us too hold.
Yes, it is worth to stay in this restaurant; however, I would probably spend this every four weeks because of my budget and the distance of this place as well. But as long as you are leaving around this area then by all means no problem here. They do not have comment cards.

8 years ago


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Value for money


Must try westlake soup, beef with broccoli rice, mapo tofu and yang chow... All time faves...

Place isnt nice for first date things but its a nice cozy place to ang with friends...

8 years ago


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looked forword to eatting here for a week


Upon checking myself in on a social networking site and heading into the resto I was all smiles and greated with an even bigger smile then my own, I was amazed by the set up and decor of this wing house. Then menu big and bright so I could not miss anything they had to offer. I looked over the menu a few differnt time and ordered classic" buffalo wings" hot! Also canadian poutine, water and sprite. I got my order fast and looked amazing. Then I took my first bite! The sauce amazing! The wing waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over cooked to the point it was like eatting chicken chips! , I then figured it was just a fluke so I set them aside and re ordered another batch. Same thing again! I also have to say a buffalo wing is big! Not small how can you say your resto was inspired by being in auz, cdn and the u.s if you can't get the main ingrediant right? The poutine! Fries were great abd big. Gravey amazing however the cheese that's from] bottle make it a total turn off. This is simply not how its made you cannot call it poutine and use fake cheese! My overall feel for the place was just ok, but ill admit I was very let down. Small and Cold wings, fake cheese . Ill take another visit in a few months to see if things changed but as it stands forginers stay away. Bugseys or wing king is a better choice. Also the staff does not tell you wed is 499 for 2lbs wings, I found this out from the bathroom wall after I ordered! And when I looked around I only seen one other sign for this is the right hand corner.

8 years ago


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Starbucks of Milk Tea


If you're looking for a new twist to your usual beverage drink/dessert, drop by Happy Lemon. They have all sorts of unique beverage drinks from their lemon series, milk tea series, mousse spin series, rock salt & cheese series, specialty drinks and seasonal flavors. The place is hip, young and fun to chill with friends with the help of their funky ambiance.

Top drinks to order:
1. Rock Salt & Cheese (all 3)
2. Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago
3. Lemon Yogurt with Aloe
4. Lemon Yakult
5. Crispy Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly
6. Lemon Green Tea
7. Lemon Peppermint with Nata de Coco

Indeed, it's happy everyday when I'm in Happy Lemon!

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Ristras San Juan

The best Mexican food in Manila so far


Saying it's the best in Manila isn't saying much really. All Mexican restos and fastfood I've eaten at here in Manila have just been so horrible and unauthentic.

Ristras is somewhat close to Mexican food. Burritos are huge, unlike the super dinky ones I've seen around here.

Now for my experience:

Ristras' other problem is the service. Holy crap, they're so sloooow! The lady making my burrito can't multi-task! Everytime she would speak with her fellow employee, she would stop making my burrito and chit chat. Then when she passed on my burrito to the guy next to her, I told him to put everything on it. So what does he do? Pours sauce, and starts wrapping my burrito! I had to tell him again... so he adds cheese... then starts wrapping it again! I told him again, add cilantro, jalapenos, etc.... a little frustrating. Everything means everything!

In conclusion:
The burritos they have are for sharing. Ask them to put less rice next time. It's what makes the bulk of that burrito and is so filling, unless you like 80% rice on your burrito.

Although this place is not up to par to most, if not all Mexican foods I've tasted in LA, it's the closest to it.

I hope someone can come up with REAL Mexican food soon!

Updated 2-27-2011
Things looking up! Service improved a lot. food's the same though.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Nomnomnom Happy Food Tomas Morato

Best kept secret in Tomas Morato!


The most unusual combinations yet somehow nomnomnom manages to make it work.

Hidden away beside a gas station, nomnomnom is perhaps the best restaurant that no one notices. It's mix of Italian food with Filipino touches are to die for (I'm looking at you Salted Egg Pizza!) Don't skip the appetizers either. They have a good selection and all of them are quite tasty.

I'm reluctant to give this review as it may become famous one day but I have to give credit where credit is due.

8 years ago


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nice location, great ambiance, yummy buffalo chicken wings..with wifi and outlets too..the staffs are accommodating..they don't discriminate the food serving and the customers using metrodeal vouchers..great!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Yong Jin One Asia Cafe San Juan

Good food


Food is really good. I love their Chicken feet and siomai at very reasonable price compared to other Chinese restos in the are. Frozen dimsum/chicken feet are also available in vacuum pack, my friends loved it when I served it during one of our outings.

I have tried their Thai Iced Tea, House Calamansi and Tropical Iced tea and they are really refreshingly good. My nephews love their Hibiscus Iced tea too.

They need to improve on their service though. With limited crew, the service is quite slow. We also got disappointed when they served cold steamed rice so we ended up ordering fried rice.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Gloria Maris Greenhills Shopping Center

check this out


Credit cards can be used for orders more than 300 pesos.

New and poorly trained waiters.
Sometimes the wanton is rancid but they will replace if you complain.

Before you pay, make sure charges are computed correctly.

8 years ago


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In the fine dining section the final bill for a lauriat should be computed correctly and checked if paying with cash.

The noodle casual dining is now called the green maris. If your wanton tasted rancid or spoiled, you can ask for a replacement.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Casa Reyes Greenhills

Hum-drum Food at Casa Reyes


If you want to have your fill of delicious and juicy Chicken Barbecue and Java Rice, Casa Reyes in Greenhills is NOT the place to go. If I were you, just head to Aristocrat. I honestly found their Sizzling Sisig better (but still average) than their claim to fame Barbecue.

My gut-feeling was right... I never had good vibes with this place. Nothing really seemed to entice me to eat here, until my sister had this sudden craving for Chicken Barbecue and Atsara. We should've eaten somewhere else for lunch.

Chicken Barbecue on the Bone (Php 194.00)

Their Pancit Canton Guisado was also... ummm.. plain. It needed more seasoning and more of everything for that matter. For Pancit to be served with this much (or little) meat and vegetables, the noodles should be able to amazing on it's own... which is not the case here.

If you want the me to recommend the Best Pancit I have ever tasted, then just go to the New TOHO Food Center in Binondo, Manila.

Pancit Canton Guisado (Php 245.00)


What I Liked:
> Nothing really

What I Didn't Like:
> Food - was expecting more flavorful Chicken Barbecue. Everything was plain tasting.
> Service - super slow... we actually had to follow-up several times for the Chicken Barbecue and other dishes

Will I Go Back?:
> Never

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> No. I'd recommend other places instead if you're craving for the food on this entry
check out the photos of this entry as well as my other resto reviews on my blog:
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8 years ago


wrote a review for Ristras San Juan

somewhat good but too pricey


i like mexican food. here in manila i think ristras is much better than Mexicali. i love their tacos and nachos because of the generous serving of dips. However, it's kinda pricey. Quesadillas are like 320-340, same with the burritos and the hard tacos. The nachos were like 240. The tamarind ice tea cost 125 as in...too expensive

Service was not good there was this girl who seems like she doesn't want to work there. She's so slow both in taking our orders and in giving them.

Maybe we'll come back when I want a quick taco fix but generally will not be a frequent visitor.

I hope they could have photos to show their menu because their staff are not too kind to explain their food.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Diao Eng Chai Chinese Deli / DEC Greenhills

"Best Smoked Duck" in town!

High End Chinese Grocery.. Everything under asian soil is here! Superb Smoked Duck!

8 years ago


Malaysian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
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