Laksa King Noodle House

Laksa King Noodle House Quezon City

56 Granada St Valencia, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 631-3927

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Sandy's Pizza 3 5 15 0

wrote a review for Sandy's Pizza San Juan

Sandy's Pizza is so good!


I sat at their small table thinking, this has got to be worth it - and it was! Their pizza's are the best! Not oily but still FULL packed with flavor and the wings are fab! The food makes up for the lack of ambiance - after all, it's not a restaurant, it's a take out glamorous pizza counter! hahahaha! Great concept!

9 years ago


wrote a review for Dulcinea Greenhills Shopping Center

Awful supervision of a Good Restaurant


Ordered Gambas Al Ajillo, Paella Valenciana and Churros con Chocolat. Food was good but didn't like the actions of the people, especially the supervisor of the restaurant. I hate to assume but they have two guests, who were acquaintances of all the personnel. They dined in the place, tried on shirts and shoes they bought somewhere, went in and out of the kitchen and literally had access to the cashier counter. In my opinion, we were in a restaurant and not in a tiangge. All other personnel were in uniforms but the two were not. The cashier spent time chatting with them, the supervisor did nothing to discourage her from slacking off. I don't want to conclude as well but the two guests could be off duty employees.
Another thing that irked me was the supervisor's continuous eye-balling of my wife and me. I find it very rude. I also didn't like the manner in which he answered a question. I asked him if the paella comes with free soup, he answered bluntly, " Lahat naman yan meron". He could have answered "Yes" and that would have sufficed. When we left the premise, the supervisor was right in front of us but he didn't utter a single word, no "thank you". We really felt unwelcomed.
I will never go back to this particular branch. It's not the dining experience I want at all.

Date of visit: March 2, 2011, around 830pm
OR # : 13832

9 years ago


wrote a review for Papa John's Pizza Greenhills

Nothing like the first one


It was superbowl season last year. Tv was full of ads featuring papa john. I was super ecstatic to try his pizza. True to his promise, i was just floored with this pepperoni pizza that i dipped in garlic dressing. Yeah that was pizza heaven. Fastforward to last friday. We went to the newly opened papa john outlet in manila. The atmosphere is so far from the homey hot busy kitchen in FL state. There is something off with the pizza. Couldn't quite put my finger on it. The pizza was mediocre. It was no different from pizza hut. As they say, it must be the water. Another downside is our assigned server, kuya was being too polite with the next table. He completely forgot our bill. We were almost late for the movie.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Papa John's Pizza Greenhills

Excellent service, ok food


First of all, I just have to say that the service we got was simply "bongga." The wait staff were all extra alert and on their toes, even anticipating when our water glasses needed refills and bringing over our requested stuff -- extra utensils, table napkins, toothpicks -- in seconds. We didn't have to wait for anything, as they all moved quickly.

Now, for the food. Since the restaurant is touted as an All-American franchise, I had high hopes that it would be something more than your usual pizza place. We ordered their bestseller pizza, the one with everything on it, on a thin crust (you have the option to choose between thick and thin). The toppings were generous and cheezy, and the crust was very nicely baked and had a slightly sweet taste to it. Overall, it was ok. Very American.

We also got the carbonara penne, baked rice with beef and bacon, and meatballs in tomato sauce. Servings are good for 2 people ONLY. The carbonara was very nicely seasoned and satisfying. Meatballs were a little disappointing, because they were so, well, SMALL. They were delicious and smothered in sauce (my kids enjoyed it) but I wished they were bigger (I thought they would be the same size as Italianni's meatballs, boy was I wrong). Baked rice with beef and bacon was also ok. Not overly spectacular, but filling and great with all the toppings.

Prices were also very reasonable. Mushroom soup was only P49, pizza (medium size, 8 slices) was P450, baked rice was P160, and the others were also less than P200.

Overall, the taste was good but it kinda reminded me of Pizza Hut's food. I was searching for something that would make it distinct from Pizza Hut but didn't find it.

There's also no parking outside their Annapolis building. We had to park our car at Greenhills and walk over.

I'm not sure yet if I'll go back, maybe because of the lack of parking. But if you want a quick, cheap, and filling meal, this resto will hit the spot.

9 years ago

Jo Albin Nery

wrote a review for Nomnomnom Happy Food Tomas Morato

Happy happy joy joy!


Me and my boyfriend had a really great Valentine's eve at this place. Though it lives up to its hole-in-the-wall hangout theme, the entire feel of the place is serene and relaxing. The vintage and rustic decors add to the coziness of the place. Serving sizes for the food are good for couples to share and the concept of the food is simple but the taste is not compromised. We had their herbed chicken and fish with onion rice on the side. The onion rice was fantastic. The ravioli was friend golden to a crisp but the spinach (?) filling was still creamy. The pizza bomba was a tough one to eat, but presentation- and taste-wise, it is the bomb. Just make sure to wipe the sauce clean from the plate with the pizza dough. We ended our meal perfectly with a pair of Boom Chikka Wawas, which were purely vanilla ice cream sandwich heaven. Good food + homely ambiance + reasonable prices = one happy and full couple! Thanks for making our celebration truly a night to remember. :p

9 years ago


wrote a review for Tropical Hut Hamburger New Farmers Plaza

Most Friendliest and Fair Priced Fast Food Resto


The ambience is quite common to other fast food resto' but the sitting areas are wide to move when you're dining and relaxed position.
The food was fantastically affordable and right to the taste of any nationality' because the texture is not bland or too salty.
But' the most I have noticed is the most FRIENDLIEST Crews and Staffs is in this Resto.
I haven't try the other Tropical Hut Hambuger branches in the Metro.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Serenitea San Juan

Serenitea Goes JUMBO on Its Second Year


Serenitea goes JUMBO on its second year (December 19, 2010)!

Service was good despite the demand. They had 9 people inside the small booth - very systematic in taking and preparing orders - but wait for about 5 minutes for your number to be called/drinks to be served.

9 years ago


wrote a review for JT's Manukan Ortigas Ave.

Late Delivery

I am writing this complaint after having faced a poor delivery service from JTs at Makati branch.

I want to start by saying that although I respect the JT brand, being probably one of the best grilled food chain in town, but the poor delivery service cannot stand up to the quality and standards for which JT is known.

We have waited for more than 2 hours just to have our orders delivered and its past our lunch break, already!

This kind of service should be brought to the notice of senior officials at JTs. Hope this complaint opens their eyes.


9 years ago


wrote a review for Ristras San Juan

Decent not great


My wife, son, and I ate Ristras yesterday. My 3 year old loved it (but he's not very picky). Having eaten mexican food in several countries I can say it wasn't quite up to par. It was more of a bastardized spanish flavor.

The helpings are quite large, 1 burrito is plenty of food for a grown man, I couldn't finish mine. The tortillas however are much too thin and not very high quality. The rice inside my burrito was hard in some parts (cooked improperly) however it was fine for everybody else.

One thing, we specifically requested no tomatoes, however tomatoes were throughout every dish as if we had requested EXTRA tomatoes.

Overall, if i'm craving mexican food again, I'll probably eat at Ristras again, at least till I find another Mexican restaurant that's better.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Dunkin Donuts Aurora

Poorest Service


Two or three registers and only one open with a trainee at the helm. Manager did not respond to questioning of this practice. Basically ignored the situation. Of the staff present, saw no less than 5 including manager and the trainee. All this during the peak lunch hour. Don't know if this is indicative of every establishment... I hope not.

9 years ago


wrote a review for My Thai Kitchen Addition Hills

better than i expected


we decided to try out my thai kitchen because it looked like a nice, modern, and quiet place to have dinner, plus i had heard the food was being handled by renowned chef fern aracama. our server was very polite and professional. he helped a lot in recommending what dishes to order. our party of 4 had the fried spring rolls, chicken with lemongrass soup, thai style boneless chicken, pork belly on lemongrass, spicy kangkong, and chicken pad thai. i was pleasantly surprised to find all the dishes well-prepared, tasty, flavorful, and nicely presented. everything was great. each one of us had our own favorites -- i loved the spring rolls, soup, boneless chicken (especially with the sauce), and chicken pad thai. i even thought the dishes were much better than those at thai dara -- and to think that's owned by a thai chef. the four of us all wiped our plates clean. for dessert, we had the sticky rice with mangoes and something like custard in pandan leaves. dessert wasn't something overly spectacular but it was simple and not too sweet and helped settle that feeling of fullness. for our appetizer, soup, 4 main entrees, plain rice, and dessert, we paid a total of P1775 which comes around to P450 per person. i felt the price was very reasonable since we were all very, very satisfied and the food was of good-quality. the resto itself was also very quiet and conducive for hearty conversation. all in all, a very pleasant and satisfying dining experience.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Our "Big" Little Store New Manila



I've eaten and ordered from this place for the past several years. The place is clean, the attendants a little harassed because of the diluge of customers especially on peak hours but I was content because I got good food at reasonable cost. I could also purchase rare items which I've grown to love. They even added a new feature where you can actually ask them to deliver items to your home - such a wonderful service. Then came an attendant named Helen. I called to order my usual items and she was very rude. She was abrupt and couldn't seem to end our conversation. I was still giving my orders and she just snapped the total bill to me without saying anything else. I've never encountered her in this store before. Edna was usually the nice attendant who took my orders. Pls have Helen take a course on phone ethics because she absolutely has none.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Razon's of Guagua Greenhills Shopping Center

Good Halo Halo but pricy


i like their halo halo - it tastes like the halo halo on the side streets in the provinces, simple yet delicious - but expensive indeed

i also like their dinuguan with puto - pricy too though

9 years ago


wrote a review for Flapjacks Greenhills



It is sad that the first review I'm writing in over a year is a BAD one. I usually believe in keeping your mouth shut if you have nothing good to say, but MAN, I just have to warn fellow foodies about Flapjacks in Greenhills.

I am always at the lookout for a good breakfast place and had a chance to finally eat here:

> Aircon busted, so humid inside. i guess this is not their fault and consolation is, they have a free-standing aircon to make up for it. But this free-standing aircon blasted blew warm air in our direction, nakakakabag!

> SERVICE is one of the WORST I've ever experienced. It is DOWNRIGHT LOUSY! Flapjacks takes the cake for slowwwwwwwwww service. It took our food, coffee, water forever to arrive (sometimes never arriving at all).

You have to follow up with servers at least twice but more often three or four times. My husband folllowed up WATER four times and it ever arrived! And we asked to take home my daughter's left-over pancakes, we didn't bother to follow this up anymore. I think after a while, you'll just get sick of following up your requests.

One of our companions got their orders 45 minutes into the meal! This was just OMELET & TOAST. Tell me, how long does it make an omelet? We should have just had breakfast at home!

This was Sunday breakfast. The place is jampacked. Obviously their kitchen and waitstaff could not accommodate everyone's orders. But they've been open for so long, shouldn't they anticipate this?

The only positive thing I can say is Mico, one of servers kept smiling even if I was already becoming masungit.

When one has breakfast in a restaurant, the assumption is this person hasn't eaten in at least 8 hours. So ergo, this person is hungry. And also no coffee in their veins (so hungry and cranky). So FLAPJACKS, please don't take 20 minutes to serve coffee. And please don't take 40 minutes to serve omelet.

To think this comes from the same group as Fridays and Italianni's. I am sorely disappointed and will never ever go back here. LOUSY.

Do yourself a favor and just have breakfast at home.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight Greenhills Shopping Center



a few dishes only available here. All dishes cost very much and very little quantity. It is still cheaper to eat at the Summer Palace in Shrangila. My first visit was my last visit.

9 years ago


Malaysian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
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