Lord Stow's Bakery

Lord Stow's Bakery Binondo

G/F Unit E Imperial Sky Garden, 707 Ongpin St Binondo, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 247-3305
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Brian Tamase

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1 year ago


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Absolutely Eggy-licious!


I've never tried an egg dessert that can match the egg tarts of Lord Stow's. The flavor of this pastry puff is just indescribable. I usually run out of words when trying to describe how delectable these tarts are.

However, the egg tarts here are not cheap. At more than forty pesos a piece, this could easily bore a big hole in your pocket. You'd end up realizing that you'd want more and more of this until you're out of cash - they're addicting. Nevertheless, I would still say that they're worth every peso you'd pay for them.

I just have the tarts from this store taken away because the space inside is very small but, albeit the narrow eating area, the place is still clean.

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3 years ago


wrote a review



I really like the eggtart...very delicious. They preserved the goodness for the last few years. I'm impress for the treatment I received from the store crew, very accomodating.

6 years ago


Pastry Shop
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:30AM - 7:30PM
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