Makan Makan Asian Food Village

Makan Makan Asian Food Village Manila Ocean Park

2/F Manila Ocean Park, Sunset Quay, Parade Ave Ermita, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 567-3512
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Fun experience for us. CHAR KWAY TEOW!


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4 years ago


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great food


very good food, nice to be back.........

4 years ago


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Excellent Service!


Having read some disagreeable reviews about Makan on your website I was very curious to see how bad it could really be. I have frequented Makan Makan several times over the last 2 years and quite honestly couldn't believe that it was as bad as some of your reviewers have made it out to be.

I decided to take my chances and went on Friday night with a girlfriend and when we arrived at 8:00 the restaurant was full. Upon entering the restaurant it looked very warm and inviting and the Maitre d very graciously welcomed us into the restaurant.

We had a lovely table in the far right corner and thus a really nice view of the restaurant. We opted to try the Thai Menu which really far exceeded our expectations. It has different kinds of food paired with wines and we almost didnt make it through- it was a lot of food! But each dish really was amazing. The ones in particular that really stood out were the Salt and Pepper,Fried Coffee Spare Ribs and Baked Prawns. They had a beautiful selection of Asian Food but by this time we had to throw in the towel- we were too full. I would definently go back. The wines that were served by the very charming Waiter were outstanding- most of them I had never heard of or tried before. All in all have to say it was one of the best meals I have eaten at Makan. I also thought that the staff were very friendly and hugely attentive. No attitude whatsover. The room had a really nice atmosphere- relaxed and very genial. After a stressful week this was a very civilized way to start my weekend and I was relieved to see that Makan was still on form!

4 years ago


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Great Dinner at Makan Makan Asian Food Village


I came here with my wife for her birthday earlier in the month, We are regular diners on the China scene. We've be here before on several occassions and we had a great time. The service was slick as aways and it was nice to see a change in the menu. We saw Cha Hae Mee, Cereal Prawns, Sambal squid and many more wanted to try it all! We settled for the tasting menu as it was a good compermise. We will be going back in the New Year for some more!!

4 years ago

Thomas keith

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Excellent Food & Service


The food & Service was superb! I love your Chicken Satay, Roti Prata and Laksa Noodles.
Thank you guys for making my birthday more special.
will see you again!

4 years ago


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Makan Makan is having their Dimsum-all-you-can special this month (Sept 2011) so was so excited that this coincided with me and my partner's weekend staycation at Hotel H2O... the special is only available from 2:00pm to 6:00pm so we fought grumbly tummies to try this for lunch... unfortunately, not really a good idea...

The service was too slow! It took more than an hour for us to get 2 servings of dimsum (you get to order 3 types per serving)... we spent most of the time waiting for our meager orders (it's dimsum after all, so they're small plates) just to gobble them up when they arrived to wait some more for our next orders to arrive... really disappointing! Was really looking forward to recommending this deal to others but after this experience, I wouldn't.

The dimsum itself was ok... not much choices... best thing I had was their Buchi Balls which had really nice, crunchy crusts and a slight banana flavor to them... would've ordered more than 1 plate (4 balls) but didn't want to wait 30mins more for it to arrive... it wasn't a good sign when all we can hear from the waiters were follow ups to orders from the other tables... and this was mid-afternoon! There was hardly any people in the restaurant!

4 years ago


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Bad Breakfast almost ruined an Anniversary


We went to Hotel H2O to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We had so much fun because everything was fantastic, the spa, the attractions and the room was very nice. Well, except for the breakfast in Makan Makan.

After waking up, we were excited to try Makan Makan because last night we went out for dinner and was not able to try it. Upon arriving at the resto, we asked for their menu and ordered ala carte. That time, we were not that hungry. I ordered a "Plate of Assorted Bread" and a pot of earl grey tea and she ordered a "Filipino Breakfast Set."

While we were waiting, they brought my tea and her coffee (it is included in the Filipino Breakfast set). To my dismay, the tea which was supposed to be in a pot arrived in a mug! Not only that, there was no sugar and creamer along with the drinks (shouldn't this be an SOP?)!

Alas, after fifteen minutes of waiting, my assorted bread came. In their menu, the "plate of assorted bread" consists of a croissant, pandesal, whole wheat bread, and sweet cakes; however, what they brought was a plate with three pieces of old pandesal, a hard wheat bread, and two stale cup cakes. They did not give me a bread knife and a knife for her tapa.

Not satisfied with the butter and marmalade that came with the bread platter, I ordered a sunny-side up egg to complement the bread. I only ordered one egg but they gave me two – and they were burnt. Moreover, the yolk was not perfect (On the receipt, they charged me 100 pesos for this)!

Next, the waiter who served us was so cocky. I felt that I was not being treated seriously as a customer because he called me “bro” and even patted me on the back while I was airing out my concerns (Come on, I am a customer and not a mere acquaintance). In addition to these, he kept on ranting while attending to our orders and requests. He did not only do this to us for we've heard him complain while attending other people's orders.

The resto is really killing me so after finishing our less-than-mediocre meal I told them that I imediately asked for the bill. I thought I have experienced the last of their fiascos but it seemed to have no end - the same waiter threw my credit card receipt away (Wow!). Angrily, I asked him to retrieve if from their trash. Noticing I was already pissed, he quickly retrieved it from the trash (yes, from the trash) and handed it to me. When I got the receipt, he turned away and attended to other customers (I do not know if he washed his hands after he stuck it in their trash bin).

So if you are planning to stay at Hotel H20, I suggest you try the breakfast buffet of a nearby hotel. The breakfast buffet at Manila Hotel perhaps? Makan Makan is a disgrace to Hotel H2O.

5 years ago


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Be Warned - Very bad choice for lunch


We had lunch there today (June 30, 2011) after the Ocean Park. It was 1pm already and we were hungry. So we settled and decided to eat at Makan Makan.


We are Thai food fans: My father-in-law, my 3 yr old son, my parents and I.

We ordered very simple and common easy to make thai food - catfish salad, pad thai, baggong rice and thai chicken bbq.

After 30mins

Pad thai arrived first. Mediocre. Very little pad thai sauce. You can barely tell it was pad thai. It had 2 pieces of shrimps and 2 slices of squid or cuttle fish, I could not tell by the taste which one it was. I can make better pad thai using the bottled pad thai sauce from an asian store which costs about 200 pesos and it could feed 8 people.

Catfish salad was next. Where's the catfish? The shredded catfish was probably those frozen catfish fillets mixed with a lot of extender flour. It tasted like it was fried in a week old used frying oil. Portion was also very small for the price. MUANG THAI in Quezon City makes the best catfish salad. People from Makan Makan should try it before they cook their next catfish salad.

Baggoong rice was 3rd. Nothing special. Forgettable to say the least. I've tasted better bagoong rice from a mall food court concession before.

All along we were eating the food which was arriving at installment basis. The adults were eating while my 3 year old son was watching! WHY? Because his chicken bbq has not arrived after 45 mins. He could not eat any of the other food because he has a food allergy.

What restaurant do you know that serves the food at different times? Noodles (pad thai) first before the appetizer (catfish salad) ? what restaurant do you know lets some of its customers eat ahead of the other customers in a group.

We followed up and we followed up. Not a single waiter could tell us where the chicken bbq was. Maybe it was still an egg!

I've had it. Where is the manager? A waiter said "maybe he's inside ma'am." I followed him. he went inside. I asked another waiter, he said "it's the manager's day off." Get me a manager of the day. I was told there was none. The best they could give was a supervisor who was just as useless. While I was telling the supervisor how hungry my son was and how his order hasn't arrived yet ... my son was finally served his chicken bbq. It was already 2pm.

All the supervisor could say was "pasensya na po it takes a long time to cook the chicken." It was not busy at all. There were less than 5 tables occupied. I could not understand how it could take so long. Then my father told me that he saw the "chef" or "cook" put the chicken in a TOASTER OVEN! Do real restaurants cook food in a toaster oven?! No one admitted their mistake that they forgot to cook one of our orders. Someone should have taken responsibility for the mistake.

When I cut up the chicken for my son, I saw some strands of what looked like hair. I couldn't make my son stop eating. He waited so long and he was so hungry. I just removed the strands and put them on the side of the plate. So I didn't call anyone's attention about it at the time.

I went to pay our bill at the counter and told the supervisor Angelo Dela Cruz about the hair in the chicken. I told him I will complain.

I had previously asked for the manager's business card so I could notify him by phone or e-mail of the bad service and the poor quality of food at Makan Manak. However, after reading another review about how unresponsive the manager was to complaints, I changed my mind about notifying him because it would be a waste of time. Instead, I decided to write an extensive review so people may be properly warned about Makan Makan.

Do not waste your money and your time at this place.

If there was half a star, I would have rated this place half a star only.

5 years ago


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The whole place is great :)


First of all, I would like to compliment the whole staff, the service was superb. From manager to waiter, all of them are exceptional. The ambiance is nice too and the food is good :)

strong points on the food, the Singaporean dishes specially the Hainanese chicken.
Tom yam was good but not exceptional, it has a great value on money though because of its content. Dim sums were okay. Drinks were delicious, specially the one with the rose nectar.

Ambiance, I like the concept that the different kitchens for different type of cuisines is in the middle and that they werre in the form of stalls, you feel like you are dining in the streets of different countries eating authentic signature dishes but without the noise and the different commotions.

Value for money, some food were too expensive, like the dimsum platter. I think they over priced it too much but most of their food is priced just right.

Over all experience was awesome! :)

*To Makan Makan: "thank you for helping me surprise my bf on his birthday. You were a great part on its success :)"

5 years ago


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Highly Recomended


Arrived without a booking, looking for a table for six, and they managed to squeeze us in. Couldn't believe how busy the place was for a Saturday Lunch! We were left without menus for a while, so we were not hopeful that the service was going to be any good, and there just didn't seem to be enough wait-staff on for the crowd they had in...but we were wrong.

The service was attentive and very friendly, and the waiters were delightful, as was the food. Very good value overall. True, its not in the nicest area, but I would definitely recommend, and will return.

5 years ago


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A food misadventure and service disaster


After all the walking and sight seeing at the Manila Ocean Park, hubby and I got really hungry. We decided to visit MakanMakan (Makansutra) first. The first time we got there, they were still closed. So okay, we went and looked for something to snack on while waiting for them to open up.

Misadventure #1: MakanMakan Asian Food Village - 2nd Floor of the Oceanarium

We went back to the restaurant and we were seated at once. When we looked for the menu, we were told that they were out of copies. We had to wait for someone to finish looking at the menu and to order their food before we got our hands on it. It's a small thing, but worth mentioning.

The name of the restaurant included something that said Asian Food Village, so I was expecting a lot of Thai food. What a disappointment! When I saw the only page they dedicated to Thai cuisine, hubby and I said that it looked like a mere after thought. But even with that, we decided to go and order Chinese instead.

We called for a waiter and placed our order. I really wished they had the Thai Ice Tea, but they didn't, so I settled for the Singaporean drink Lemon Barley and hubby decided to just go with regular Ice Tea. We had to wait for five minutes for the drinks to be served. We still remained patient and waited for our food. Here is where the misadventure began:

Misadventure A: After we placed our orders, the waiters did not bother to put plates on our table. They made it look like we were supposed to eat from the serving plates when our food arrives.

Misadventure B: Hubby and I were talking and we noticed that food was being served all around us. Those who came in after us had their food on their table and ours was still missing. That's after 45 minutes of waiting for the food.

We called someone's attention and lo and behold! Our order slip was still with the cashier! Meaning that it was not forwarded to the kitchen so that the chefs can prepare our meal!

We asked for the manager and our food, but dang, the first waiter that we talked to didn't even attempt to call the manager, instead he went to the kitchen and placed our order. We had to call another waiter to call the manager for us. Our patience was running low then, we were hungry and frustrated.

So here comes the manager. We voiced out our concern, what did he do? He immediately agreed that we cancel our order! Customer service of this place is very poor big time! He didn't even offer to resolve the problem. We were not looking for a free meal, what we wanted was for him to do something or propose a solution to the problem, sadly, he didn't.

Misadventure C: While talking to the manager, our food started arriving one by one. The YangChow rice looked as if it was hastily prepared. Rice was spilling from all sides and it looked pale, just like regular rice (it didn't even look like java rice). The ginger onion fish fillet arrived a few minutes after and again, it looked hastily prepared! Not even worth taking a photo of.

Misadventure D: The food was being served on the table, but again, there were still no plates on the table. If we decided to stay there and eat, how were we to eat the food? on the serving plates? Awful service!

Misadventure E: Again. we were not looking for a free meal. But when we said to the manager that we will cancel the order, he was lightning fast and quick to tell us that we should pay for the drinks! There was absolutely no attempt to keep us there and do business with us!

In the end, we paid for the drinks and cancelled our food without guilt. Tip, if you want to try MakanMakan, make sure that there's at least four of you in a group, you may get better service.

We are not heartless. We acknowledge the fact that the holidays may have poured in more customers for all of the establishments in the Oceanarium food area. But, since they are from the service industry, they should have prepared for the influx of customers. Being understaffed is not an excuse, the establishments should have predicted this. It's the Christmas season for crying out loud. Families go out to celebrate the season!

I will never even try to eat there ever again. Poor service + so-so review on their food = not worth the time and money.

5 years ago


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Makansutra Asian Food Village


Nice Place
So-So Food

6 years ago


Asian , Malaysian , Singaporean , Thai Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 9:00PM
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