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129 Bansalangin St Veterans Village, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines
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Bagwang + Qorned Beef Sinigang


Tasted at Midnight Mercato @ BGC.

Wonder why they spell Corned Beef as Qorned Beef. Maybe because their "battlecry" is C(Q)omfort Food.

But oh my...Bagwang is heavenly. It is geniusly formulated and processed.

The Qorned Beef Sinigang: tingle your buds by just smelling the "beefyness" of processed US cattle beef chunks...aroma alone creates "lapang desire" unto you.

Pardon my languages. Just feel excited to let these Manila Q products hoover the metro. Congrats!!!

8 years ago


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Had tried this resto at their small-but-cozy site right in front of their commissary at Project 7, QC. And OMG...had 2 servings of Bagwang meal and 1 "rightly asim-ized" Corned Beef Sinigang.

Really wanted to just sit and sleep after that very satisfying meal.

Will try their Vigan Longa and U.S. Beef Tapa next time. That is if I'm not too filled yet after appetizing with their super tender-spice full Porkloin BBQ.

Genius! My rating to this innovative-brainy resto.

8 years ago


Filipino Food Stall
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