Melo's South Triangle

58 Sgt Esguerra St South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 924-9168
Melo's 2.75 5 6 1
Angeline Johnson

Angeline Johnson craved for Tenderloin Bernaise and Porterhouse - Grade 5

6 years ago

JeRi Ibus

JeRi Ibus had Tenderloin Salpicao and Tenderloin


7 years ago

Lourdes Amparo

Lourdes Amparo craved for Tenderloin

yessss.. craving for steak!! will get you on Tuesday!

7 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review

Won't Ever Dine Here Again


We had heard that Melo's was a steak place so when a local groupon voucher was offered, my husband availed of enough for 4--he and I plus my parents. We made reservations and looked forward to a meal that was touted as surf and turf. The Quezon City venue is quite nice, with wooden walls instead of cement, and the tables looked dressy with their white clothes. Immediately, the waiter informed us that the deal was for a couple to share a fish entree and a beef entree, not fish and steak on the same plate. We could hardly believe this as the voucher stated that each diner would have an appetizer, soup, salad and surf and turf. The manager came over to apologetically say that this was not the intention of the voucher or Melo's. Since we were already there, we decided to proceed with the meal. Our disappointment increased as the food was served. The portions were comically small. The chicken pate in a tiny dish (the kind used to put soy sauce and calamansi in) was supposed to suffice for 4 adults. The salads were so scarce that it looked like one serving had been divided among all of us. Finally the entrees came. The beef, advertised as Angus, was a paper-thin strip. The fish entrees were a bit better but just not the quality one would expect from an establishment that is supposedly of good quality. A good steak, especially Angus beef, should be at least half an inch (ideally 3/4") thick. Then the cooking doneness can be properly tailored to the diner's request.
My halibut was actually pretty good--the skin was light and crisp and the flesh cooked through but still moist. All the cut vegetables served with our main dishes were drowning in butter or margarine, though.
In the end, we all agreed that if felt as if the Melo's management resented giving us a good meal. We were P3000 poorer and much wiser. It's too bad dining establishments don't look at these group vouchers as a way of marketing their food and service!

8 years ago

Abe Cipriano

wrote a review

Always excellent


From the trademark US Angus Beef Ribeye to their new offer of Wagyu Ribeye with enough marbling all around, Melo's is truly the place you go to when you're craving for the best steak in town.

The price is never cheap for quality steak but Melo's is very very good in quality. Their oysters rockefeller is also pretty delicious.

Even their serving of bread is quality. Truly a delight.

10 years ago


wrote a review

The Black Angus Pioneer Goes Wagyu (Update)


We ordered the P2200 18-oz Grade 8 Wagyu T-Bone steak. The waiters had to give us special knives to cut the meat.

My first taste of wagyu at a Japanese restaurant was unforgettable--the meat was tender enough to cut with a butter knife, the steak was wonderfully marbled and one serving cost a whopping P3500.

Melo's is pushing Wagyu beef at a reasonable P150 per ounce. It was flavorful and perfectly grilled. But if sparkling wine from California cannot be called Champagne, should meat from Australia ever be called Kobe beef?

12 years ago


American , Steaks Fine Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:30AM - 2:30PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 10:30PM
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