Mesa Greenbelt 5

G/F Greenblet 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 728-0886
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Mich de los Reyes

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1 year ago


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The food tastes really good especially their garlic chicken. It is very hard to get a place, there is always a waiting list.

4 years ago

Marlene Galeos

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Big Treat for your Tummy & Wallet!


Its my fourth time to dine at MESA and i have yet to try half of the menu! One of the reasons that keep me coming back is not only the good tasting modern Filipino food served with a knack but the generous plating yet reasonably priced items. Imagine, the biggest group i recently brought in is 20 people and i only paid P12,000+ where i ended up bringing take home food (including half of the whole crispchon i ordered), a whole crispy hito, some river shrimp on the rocks, half an order of boneless patatim, half the serving of inihaw sampler and an order of laing 2 ways! beat that! The set menu for 10 plus ala carte orders was a real feast for my family and friends. the only thing i haven't tried on the appetizer menu is the shrimp cake & baked scallops, the sisig with egg has yet to challenge my palate, i will have to skip pomelo salad (since i'm not a fan of pomelo) and on my next trip will be a Crab and Elephant Clam tasting. The crispy boneless hito with mango salad and the Crispchon 2 ways are best sellers! The salpicao ostrich though needs more garlic flavor. I personally like the tinapa rice better than the bagoong rice. One suggestion though, try to introduce 2 or 3 filipino desserts to complete the MESA experience!

5 years ago


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Good food, Ok price


My friends and I had dinner at Mesa last week. We ordered half crispchon ( 5 of us). The waiter told us that 1/4 is enough. But when it arrived, it was big enough and not too big. The crispchon is a little small and minus all the bones and the added fat, its really small. (Or maybe we are jsut big eaters). The crispchon is very crispy, cooked to perfection!! Half can be rolled (they will roll it for you) into lumpia-like with veggies and hoisin. The other half can be cooked into ways (chili and theone I forgot). But for us we prefer to eat it plain, without the wrappings and the extra sauce. You can really hear the crispness.
We laso had hito flakes. I should say this is the best hito preparation I have ver had. The hito were fried and flaked (almost floss like) and topped with green mangoes and a little chili. This was served on 8 big spoons and I consumed 5! A must try!
Thier laing cooked two ways is ok. Not close to the real bicolano laing as it missed the flare of the original.
The giant tilapia (butteflied) with various sauce it just ok. Not as crispy as it should be.
The crispy squid was a disappointment. It was breaded heavily that it took me a while to taste the squid.
The dinning experience was good. Reservation need to be placed way way ahead of time as the place usually gets full.
The downside is their lack of dessert choices. After the tasty lechon, I was craving for good sweets but the selection was short.
The price was ok. we paid about Php 4000 for 5 pax and went home full.

5 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
  • F, Sa: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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