Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones Greenbelt 5

Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 501-3111
Mr. Jones 3.45454545454545 5 15 5
Lea Cordero

Lea Cordero craved for Spicy Buffalo Drum Pops

5 months ago

abigail chua

abigail chua had Banana Cream Pie

9 months ago

abigail chua

abigail chua craved for Banana Cream Pie

9 months ago

Anna Gaiel Natorilla

Anna Gaiel Natorilla had The Originals, of Course! and Spicy Buffalo Drum Pops


I love the sweet taste of chocolate milkshake along my spicy buffalo drum pop. Both taste super yummy together. Your tongue will experience the balance of sweet and spicy. A great choice for those who has a sweet tooth and spicy tastebud.

1 year ago

Helen Inukai-Santos

Helen Inukai-Santos had Miss Frenchie's French Dip, Even Better Yankee U.S. Pot Roast, The Originals, of Course!, and Marga and Rita... Stop Flirting with Me!


Had my 2 yr old birthday celebration here this month and I was very happy:) Got a really good deal from Groupon on 50% off worth of food and drinks! The staff were very accommodating and helpful, we had a wayward 2 yr old running around with his new toy ride on car and they allowed him to roam around the store. We also had my Japanese grandmother with us who was looking for chopsticks and the waiter ran out to the next restaurant to get one for us:) It's very kid friendly, they have toys that you can grab from the counter. The food never disappoints me when I come to this place, my new dish during this visit was the Yankee pot roast - must try! My old faves are the Garlic Tapa Overload and Thick Double Smoked Bacon and Eggs, when I get a margarita craving - I look for my best friends Marga and Rita:) If you're looking for a place with good food, friendly atmosphere and a good ole place to hang out - go to Mr. Jones.

2 years ago


wrote a review

comfy Sunday hang out


Food servings in Mr. Jones are huge and can be shared ( if not too hungry ) that's why the prices aren't really that expensive if you think about it. Been coming back here more to chill and relax on Sundays as they have board games and other stuff to keep you busy. It isn't really in the special and to die for category. I take my hats off however for their customer service. We had clam chowder one time and it was too salty. I was hungry so it didn't bother me that much. When we got the bill, my partner made a side comment to the waiter that the chowder was too salty. It wasn't really complaining as I finished the bowl, it was more of a reminder for next time's order. We were pleasantly surprised when the bill came without the chowder charged. They gave it complimentary because of it being too salty. Now, thats what I call customer service! It's compensating and making things right without waiting for the customer to complain and become irate. They knew they made a mistake and they made up for it. Even my big toes are giving them thumbs up for that!

2 years ago

Carlo Lonzanida

wrote a review

Damn! :)


Ok. I'll make this short.

Food - GREAT! Most especially the Bacon&Eggs! Good Lord, my bacon dreams have been finally fulfilled! I can eat that stuff for a month & not get sick of it! Srsly! Oh, and did I mention the Blueberry Pancakes?

Service - Well, it's understandable that we had to wait for not so long of a time to have our dinner made, since it was (I think) almost full house that time. But still it's all good.

Ambiance - Nothing rly special except for the fact that it's my first time in a diner so I rly enjoyed eating there.

Value - What would we expect in a restaurant in Greenbelt? Of course you can't get extremely good food for the price of a can of soda. So, the 300+ price tag is, I think definitely worth it.

4.9/5. The bacon totally brought the win here. Am I to dine here again? Most def'nitely.

3 years ago


wrote a review

we'll go back


We finally tried Mr. Jones American Diner last Sunday May 29. We ordered the meatloaf wrapped in bacon, dory fillet, and the choco malt shake. Here are my comments:

Food's taste: Really SEASONED. If you like eating foods that are bland, and cannot take sodium well, well don't eat here. The last thing I'll think about regarding Mr. Jones food is bland.

Servings: HUGE. we weren't able to finish the food so we had them as take outs. I was able to use them as sandwich fillings.

Service: Great! You wouldn't notice waiters hovering aimlessly, yet you are sure that your glass is always filled with water. Waiters are very respectful. They also wrap take outs fast!

Ambiance: It looks like a diner. Hopefully they'll add a jukebox (haha!) or something that's a little interactive. Anyway, they are still extending their floor area so maybe they have some plans of adding other "props".

Value: For two people, we paid 1,300. I think the food is really worth the price since you'll come out of the store stuffed. :)

Additional info: We spotted on their cashier area that they are part of the Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Secret: Best Burger Joint. So that explains the good service.

3 years ago


wrote a review

Is this what a $5 shake tastes like?


My wife was craving a vanilla malt so off we went to Mr. Jones, a restaurant modeled after a 50's American diner.

First we ordered our drinks. The menu only had a chocolate malt, so we asked if they could make a vanilla malt and the waitress said it could be done. When the vanila malt came, it was a dark beige. When we asked why, we were told that they only had chocolate malt powder. The waitress should have told us that when we ordered it. Not only was it chocolate flavored, it was rather thin, not what you would hope from a shake.

I ordered a rootbeer float, but when it came, it looked like it had already been mixed, not floating like you would expect from a “float”. The menu says two large scoops of ice cream, but I guess my idea of large is different from Mr. Jones’.

For our meals, my wife ordered the burger while I had the Rosemary Grilled Chicken and Turkey Melt. The burger was very good, cooked medium as requested, and my chicken turkey melt was overall very tasty. The pesto, cheese, and cranberry sauce went well with the turkey. My problem with the sandwich was that there was a lot of bread and hardly any chicken. I could only find two small, thin slices cut from a chicken breast. And the large slice of tomato was unexpectedly colder than anything else in the sandwich. Both items came with a good portion of tasty french fries. Unfortunately, that was offset by a small portion of tired-looking cole slaw.

Overall we were pretty happy with the entrees, but they definitely need to work on the fountain drinks.

Would we go back? Maybe.

3 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review

Great food!!!


I love this place! I've been here so many times now and have nothing but good things to say. This is the kind of place that people should patronize and keep alive.

Yankee pot roast and mac n' cheese are to die for! Best Mac n' cheese I've tasted so far, and I've had my share of this. Burgers were delicious... salad was plentiful with fresh greens.

I grew up in the states, and this is by far the best American food I've tasted here!

3 years ago


wrote a review

Love it!


Mr. Jones never failed my expectations. It was actually more than I expected. The food was great! Might be pricey but its worth the value. The Mac n' cheese was great! Cheesy!!! Good for 2-3 persons.
The bubble iced tea was great! We love the superman burger. The best tapa to date!

We didn't have a problem with the waiting time as we got a table right away.

The place was a bit small though.

Will certainly come back again!

4 years ago


wrote a review

Hairs in my Tapa overload... :(


i fell victim to a sloppy, unhygenic kitchen... soooo disappointed.... it was my first time to try Mr. Jones and i was looking forward to eating the Tapa & Garlic overload... on the first plate they did not cook the eggs the way i had ordered them and on top of that there was a long HAIR in my atchara... Ok so it happens... so they changed it... on the second plate... there was a short HAIR in the rice... i looked over the kitchen and deduced it belonged to the cook's beard cuz he was shaved bald... bad trip... i canceled the order and left and will probably never go back...

4 years ago


wrote a review

pre-birthday lunch


mr. jones was recommended by my officemate and we tried this for the pre-birthday treat lunch and date to my daughter...the place is small and if you are in group of more than 5 pax you'll dine outside the resto..the crew told us that we are in a waiting list because it's already full inside and they'll just text us if it will be our we shop first and wait for the the took for more than 30 minutes before I got the text..
so finally, when we arrive at the resto, the crew are friendly but they lack smily first timer, we ordered for the crab carbonara pasta because my daughter loves carbonara which really tastes good, the white cream is delightful and i think this is value for money. The serving is good for 4-5 pax which cost for about 400+. the bagel with salmon dip is fair enough, fish and chip tastes crunchy, the peach ice tea is not that fair for a price of 100+..if ever i'll come back again in this resto, i'd still order for the pasta carbonara :-)

4 years ago

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American Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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