Mr. Kurosawa

Mr. Kurosawa Eastwood Mall

G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E Rodriguez Jr Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 901-0825
Mr. Kurosawa 2.66666666666667 5 12 1
Elizabeth Yu

Elizabeth Yu craved for Akira Sesame Chicken

5 years ago

Maria Theresa Pagdanganan

Maria Theresa Pagdanganan craved for Spicy Tuna Salad, Karate Kid, and Oyster Overload

6 years ago

Odie Cabjuan

Odie Cabjuan craved for Choco Godzilla

6 years ago

Aisen Cabujat

Aisen Cabujat had Iwo Jima, Assorted Sushi, and Beef Teppan

7 years ago


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Yummy Katsu Meals


Did you know that Mr. Kurosawa will be adding katsu meals in their menu?

Fish, shrimp, chicken, pork!
everything was yummy, especially with their special sauces - wasabi mango mayo, spicy ebiko mayo, among others.

Also, they will be serving bubble milk teas!
i liked the strawberry yakult milk tea :) not too sweet.

8 years ago


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Too many selection


Food is generally ok but so fusion that its almost hard to tell which is authentic element or taste of the dish. Too Loud too inside so better to be seated outside.

8 years ago


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excellent pizzas!


This place has a "club" feel to it, with a bar on display, slightly dark interior with strips of neon lights, and club music.
What's surprising is that their japanese food was average to good, but their japanese-style pizzas are awesome! Thin-crust, flavorful, you won't be sorry with these things on your table. Number one on my list is their Iwo Jima pizza, with chicken, mango, and I think it has that bulldog brand japanese sauce which tastes surprisingly good on a pizza. Everyone I've eaten this with agreed it's really good. I've also tried their other flavors: 3-cheese, Shrimp Enoki, and Mushroom, again all good.
I guess none of their other items really stood out, since I know I've tried many but don't really remember them. A few I do remember: Their fried uni-cheese roll tastes too much of basil, and can make you dizzy with one piece, must be the cholesterol. Their sushi/sashimi items are pretty average. The ramen is again ok, but you'll get better tasting ramen at Oki Oki for the same price.
I recommend that you try this even just for the pizzas.

9 years ago

sterling lim

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My husband and I & our 2 teenaged kids tried out this place on a Sunday night. The place was full, and we were given a table outside. But mosquitos started attacking our bare arms & legs, so we requested a table inside.
The kids found the decor very interesting, especially on the ceiling.
We ordered sushi rolls, japanese carbonara, pizza, sukiyaki, & ebi tempura. The sukiyaki was too sweet, the carbonara too creamy. About the sushi and tempura, we've had better. But the pizza was perfection- the crust thin & crispy & the toppings were excellent.
Our consensus? The kids think it's a cool place for a date, to have a pizza & a drink. But as a family, we're not going back.

9 years ago


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just like Sumo Sam


My family and I ate at Mr. Kurosawa for a post-christmas get-together. We got there around 7pm and the place was already almost full. The surroundings looked much like John and Yoko (wala na siguro maisip na idea ung owners :p). One thing I noticed at once, they were understaffed. We waited outside to be attended and it took them 2 minutes just to do it(isn't there supposed to be someone assigned outside to attend to waiting customers?) When we got in, we only got 2 menus but we were a party of 6. It took a couple of minutes again for them to give us extra menus. I had to call on one of the waitresses to get our order and she didn't even have a smile on her face. She looked annoyed. That annoyed me even more.
Anyway, we ordered a noodle soup (I think Iwo Jima), beep tepan, chicken tepan, ebi tempura, tofu steak, a pizza with mangoes (I forgot it's name), salmon sashimi, california maki and tuna roll. The noodle soup, pizza, maki and tuna rolls were really good. I loved the pizza the most. Beef tepan, chicken tepan and ebi tempura were just mediocre. Nothing special.

I just wish that the owners of John and Yoko and Mr. Kurosawa would learn a thing or two (or maybe a hundred) about great service from Cyma (IMO, the restaurant with the greatest service ever).

10 years ago


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Good but gimmicky


For a restaurant named after one of the most original cinematic minds ever, Mr. Kurosawa seems a little too derivative and conventional. Aside from the sometimes witty, sometimes groan-inducing item names, there seems to be little originality in terms of their offerings.

Labeled as Euro-Japanese, you might expect some unexpected combinations like Schueblig Sukiyaki, Goulash Gyoza or something. But what you get are mostly derivatives of familiar Japanese resto staples, most of which can be found in more affordable restaurants like Teriyaki Boy, Kimono Ken and its sister restaurant Sumo Sam. However if you get past that disappointing setup, Mr. Kurosawa offers good traditional Japanese items.

We ordered the Tsukiji Way, their version of Chirasedon. The servings were generous and it includes four, if I'm not mistaken, slices of glorious Hamachi. They also have Toro for the big spender. There are a lot of variations to the traditional tuna roll but most of them exist in other modern Japanese restaurants, along with their other items.
The other items we ordered are good and satisfying but the price seems to much for something you can get lower in other modern Japanese restaurants.

10 years ago


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never again

It was a Sunday evening when my friend and I decided to give Mr. Kurosawa a try. That night, we regretted that decision.

We chose one of the tables outside, and though the waiter and waitress outside practically saw us, it took time for them to attend to us. When the waitress finally did approach us, she said the menus were being used inside, so we gotta wait. It would’ve been helpful if she approached us immediately after we sat down and told us that. That was the first sign of bad customer service.

We ordered Tonkatsu, Seafood Curry, refillable Blue Iced Tea, and Chamomile tea. There was absolutely nothing special about these. If we made a mistake in our orders, if these are not their specialty, then the Tonkatsu should definitely be removed from their menu. I might as well go to Teriyaki Boy.

What was so horrific with this experience? The Tonkatsu was served around 30 minutes after we ordered, and take this – the Seafood Curry exactly in an hour! It took about 3 follow-ups to have it in front of me. True it was a Sunday, and all the tables are filled. But sitting there without my dinner, I was able to observe the other tables:
1. their waiters/waitresses (with blank expressions on their faces) keep serving orders to the wrong table
2. it really takes a long time before the orders are served. Nearby tables were already complaining
3. other tables’ orders got served ahead of mine

When it was time to get the bill, should I have been surprised it took 15 minutes and 2 follow-ups to finally get it? We missed our movie screening time because if that.

So Mr. Kurosawa, I’m sorry, but never again!

10 years ago


European , Japanese Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
  • F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 12:00MN
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