Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks & Oysters

Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks & Oysters Bonifacio High Street

B6 Bonifacio High Street, 5th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 856-4326
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ready for just about anything


while often overlooked versus sister restaurant clawdaddy in boni high street, new orleans provides american food that you can share with a family at noon, a date during dinner, or over beers with your barkada, with each time providing a different vibe.

while i noticed as well that the menu has been trimmed, but still extensive - you certainly aren't boxed in with its current menu. i don't normally eat oysters to be on the safe side, and it's a shame that a previous reviewer had a bad experience. but lots of entrees are still topnotch, served quite fast, and with ample sidings. the jambalaya is worth tucking into, and the wings are spicy without being too overpowering; fish and chips are crisp and fresh, and the portions, of course, are meant for good sharing- no one should leave wanting for more.

barbecue ribs, though, are about the boiling and marinating (i mean, barbecue sauces aren't really much different), and here they have opportunities- the sauce hasn't seeped into the meat completely. their 'dirty rice' also, could be improved, and their complementary breads seemed to have shrunk a bit (ookay, much).

service is still fast, efficient, and warm; much effort is made to explain dishes and the staff inquire on your opinion of the dining.

come in at different hours of the day, and you'll feel a difference in the vibe, from homestyle comfort to dateplace warmth, to nightspot chic. but what remains constant is the service and pretty good food that will make you come back- and maybe at a different time. recommended.

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This is a place better seen at night time with a big group. It looks and feels like a high class beerhouse. Ideal for barkadas looking for good food & drinks or dinner with business purpose.

The food is great. We got Baby Back Ribs and Blackened Lengua. Both are delicious, the ribs was perfect, the lengua is probably the best I've tasted. The price is quite high, it is in Bonifacio Hight Street after all.

Another great thing is that all their female staffs are really attractive, but they are outnumbered by the male staff! c",)

9 years ago


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better avoid the oysters


or better avoid the place wife got food poisoning because of the oysters and could not digest too well either ; last experience.

9 years ago


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I miss the better New Orleans...


Recently, this resto has omitted several items on their menu and may I say that the quality of some of the food also became worse.

Before I would've rated this resto 5 stars because of the staff and the food and even the drinks. Now? ask for a hot chocolate and they'll give you Milo and the mashed potatoes was not at all good.

However, the entrees and appetizers are still quite good. There are a lot of things on the menu that have been omitted and some them were very good. Sad...but I guess that's how it goes for the restaurant business. I miss the old menu and the better quality of service and food. Must have been the budget.

9 years ago


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A Lost Credit Card -- Bad service But ok food


I went to new orleans twice and found their food ok. At least its different because it is perhaps the only new orlean themed resto here. I enjoyed their beignet for example and i dont think any other place serves that in manila (that I know of).

But their service is horrible, and their customer service is just as bad. one time, a friend of mine went theri with her family to celebrate a birthday and after eating paid with the father's credit card, only to have the resto LOSE his credit card. The worst part about it was that the restaurant manager and staff wouldnt admit to losing it and it was only when the family insisted on finding out what happened to the card that they finally said they DID lose it.

It turns out some waiter "returned" the credit card to another table to sign and the people at that table then signed the charge slip and took it. So the staff kept telling my friend and her family that they knew where the card was and promised to get it back since they supposedly knew who now had the card.

But even when the management figured it all out, the resto staff treated my friend's family with suspicion, especially when the supervisor arrived. I guess they thought they were trying to pull a scam, but remember that their staff LOST the credit card.

Here's another sign of bad customer service by their staff... after they finally figured out that the resto was in the wrong, they then handed the charge slip (from the credit card charge) and then "asked" that the father sign for the food.

Ok. talk about a slap in the face. obviously, he refused. They had been there for a long time just sorting it out already, and the staff wasn't so nice in dealing with it either.

Too bad for new orleans. The father of my friend loves eating out. and if he had liked new orleans, he would have been a very frequent customer. As it is, the whole family now has bad memories of new orleans, and wouldnt even think of going back there EVER.

I suggest that if you do go to new orleans, enjoy the food but watch your credit cards.

Oh and new orleans never did get the credit card back to my friend and her family. They wound up cancelling the card instead. Talk about hassles.

11 years ago


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good food and service, Cajun style!


the music was great, the food was wonderful. Verna, our attendant, was fantastic. They should make her manager. She can teach the other waiters a thing or two about good customer service. the food was serviced promptly and in the proper order (salads before the main dish, that sort of thing). i love the ribs! they fall off the bone and the Jambalaya is just plain heavenly. Come here with your friends and family and make your moments memorable.

11 years ago


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Going Cajun.


I honestly love this restaurant. It's not the best for big groups, but for a small group of 5, the restaurant is rather cozy. It serves wine and great cajun cuisine. I personally enjoyed their blackened chicken and dory jambalayas. Lovely yummy treats. If you're searching for spicy cajun and you're in the area, I'd suggest you visit this place.

The price is not so bad either. It's not overly expensive. True value for money.

11 years ago


Steaks Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
  • F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 1:00AM
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