Museum Café

Museum Café Greenbelt 4

G/F Greenbelt 4, Makati Ave. cor Dela Rosa St. Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 757-3000
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Huh? What did I just eat???


Very expensive and the food is weird. I didnt know what I was eating. They claim its fusion. I say its @#%$! They try hard to mix filipino food with european cuisine. Hello Mr chef! You just wasted a good can of foie gras! Not worth the price.

3 years ago


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A Modern Asian restaurant with a touch of class and serenity. This, we both agreed to when asked what we can say about M cafe. However, ....continue in

3 years ago


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Unfriendly Service


Flavor of the food was no good. We had M Roti Selection, and the dip does not even taste like curry. I had beef ribs for P600 and was not impressed to be honest. In fact very disappointed.
Food and service is not worth the price.
Was told to use the main comfort room at the shopping mall, the waiter was too busy watching the women pass by to notice I was one of the customers. Only good experience i had was the view from the location.

4 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

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A Surreal Performance


This is based on a visit to the restaurant on Jan 12, 2011. My daughter and I ordered
tuyo pizza
pandan sansrival
cooling tea
healing tea

We had just come from the Ayala Museum next door and I thought a lupper (lunch and supper) in the Cafe would top off the afternoon. The food was good (7 on a scale of 1-10) enough but we found that too much effort had been put into making it look good instead of taste good. The binagoongang baboy was basically a briquette of bagnet, surrounded by green mango and served with a side dish of bagoong. The tuyo pizza with 3 kinds of cheese was a better bet--the crust was light and crisp, the tuyo tasting like an upgrade of anchovies.

Is there a way I can denote NO stars for service? The wait staff was too busy looking cool and chatting with each other, eyeing the Caucasian customers, and could not be bothered when we asked for refills of hot water for our pots of tea. There were no napkins or glasses of water offered. We asked for water towards the end of the meal, twice. Did not receive a single drop.

For the P1300+ spent (we got 10% discount because we have a membership at the museum), the meal was not a pleasant experience. I've put the cafe on my list of eating establishments to avoid.

4 years ago

Victor Ocson

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Definitely worth a try


We just had our annual x'mas party at M cafe and I was pleasantly surprised. You normally don't expect the food to be very good at these kinds of places but M cafe was actually quite good. I especially liked their green salad with smoked bangus dressing and seafood with peanut sauce. Dessert wasn't bad either except for the choco ginger mousse. I kinda tasted like eating choco mousse with tinolang manok...ugh. The mojitos though were really good although the glass was rather small. However, it was pretty strong. The choc nut martini tasted like varnish and the rockstar didn't rock so much. See even after drinking 4 cocktails and 3 bottles of beer I can still make a review.

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perfect lounge on Fridays


museum or M cafe has DJs that play chillout music (ala chicane, cafe del mar) every Friday evening. crowd is mixture of foreigners and chic yuppies. it's great for people watching, sipping martinis with your girlfriends and unwinding.

after dining & desserts in greenbelt, this would make a great stop for a "night cap" or a pit stop before continuing on with your friday night's revelry.

it's quite private since it's way at the end of the greenbelt park and there are no restaurants or other bars beside it. it's great to sit outside too, where you'll be surrounded by lush greens and a pond.

the mojito here is great but watch-out! can be "traidor!" :)

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food you're ordering worth the money your paying?


Though the food is ok. i don't expect that the prices for their food is way higher than expected.

7 years ago


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MY illy Story: My love affair at M cafe'


MY ILLY STORY: My love affair with Illy at M café
By: Aly Abaquin

My love affair with the Illy coffee brand started a year ago when I was actually waiting patiently for a business meeting in one of the best and amazing Art/Culture hip place in Makati- The M cafe which is situated right beside the Ayala Museum.

It was a late afternoon meeting wherein the sunset is about to give its rays a rest after overcastting it lights on M Cafe’s massive glass panels.

Mind you the place is not hot but comfortably cooler in Manila’s humid atmosphere.

I love the manner of how the M cafe welcome its patrons with clean modern lines that is artistically accommodating while the impeccable minimalist interiors hugs you as you enter the premises.

I feel like in MOMA in New York that unforgettable AHA factor again as

I reminisce my days in New York and enjoying the art and culture of Cosmopolitan MANHATTAN but in humid but equally energetic Greenbelt in Ayala Makati.

I immediately ordered for espresso since I’m a little bit loopy. I need a kick of some sort to regain my energy level since I’m presenting a Marketing plan.

And being “low bat” (Filipino term for Low energy) is not a way to go.

The server after brewing the best espresso- presented to me a cup of Illy that is highly aromatic and elegantly exciting in a clear white ceramic cup. That’s not all - on its side is a CHOC- NUT. A little surprise very Filipino indeed.

The smell is enticing and while drinking my Illy coffee sip by sip - It becomes an intense experience as in many ways to partake my brown, bittersweet and sinful infatuation of the decadent espresso from the Arabica bean.-

Love at first sip I supposed.

“By the way espresso or more properly known as caffé espresso refers to the concentrated flavourful “essence” brewed from the beans.” The amount of coffee used is roughly 2/3 the amount used for a single serving of drip coffee, but with far less water.

I’m not an expert in coffee but only a passionate coffee aficionado.

And one sip I immediately transported to coffee heaven, the pleasure you get from every sip is sensationally satisfying.

ILLY-I am mesmerized with your quality and beauty, and you engage in all my senses which cultivates and inspire my creativity along with your perfect cup.

I AM TRULY IN LOVE! I told myself.... not only that I am also forever grateful for I did clench a business deal that eventful day.

My love affair with Illy -just started.....till we meet again....Ciao... ;)

7 years ago

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Continental Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 8:00AM - 12:00MN
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