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wrote a review for Sariwon Korean Barbecue Bonifacio High Street Central

Yay for Japchae!!!


We ordered to go and were generally pleased with food, but share the following:

The wait was long and had to wait outside the restaurant in the heat (no water or complimentary beverage was offered). We ordered the following:

Japchae - met our expectations. The order is enough for one serving (probably not enough to fill a man's stomach). We would order it again.

Jeonju Bibimbap - they forgot to include the rice; we had to run and purchase rice from a nearby restaurant. It would be good to have it all mixed and ready to eat when we picked it up.

Galbi - the meat was tasty; it would be good to have more lettuce leaves to match the amount of meat.

Sariwon Bulgolgi - we did not expect to have a soup dish, but my daughter liked it.

Side dishes of kimchee, etc - too little, small containers, difficult for four people to share a 1/4 cup each of side dishes. But, they were all tasty.

To make up for the missing rice, the restaurant went out of their way to make up - they delivered two Korean style halo-halo and sikhye.

We will definitely go back and dine in.

We paid about $55 (USD) for this meal - a little more than I would pay for the amount of food provided at other Korean restaurants.

7 years ago