Nihonbashi Tei

Nihonbashi Tei Arnaiz Ave.

806 Arnaiz Ave San Lorenzo, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 818-8893
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Merie Sheryl Clarete

Merie Sheryl Clarete craved for Beef Sukiyaki

3 years ago

Merie Sheryl Clarete

Merie Sheryl Clarete had Gyoza, Miso Soup, Ebi Tempura, and Beef Sukiyaki


3 years ago

Jr Aquino

Jr Aquino craved for Tuna

3 years ago

Kristin Abanil

Kristin Abanil craved for Salmon

5 years ago


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It's a GOOD resto...


Honestly, Nihonbashi Tei offers a wide selection of good food and at reasonable price. My only suggestion is to ask what is their specialty!
My personal favorite is the spicy tuna maki(not the sashimi) and DO NOT order their ramen...In the BBQ, i liked the Japanese sausage because it *pops* in your mouth! As i've said, its good... but unfortunately, not great

6 years ago

kikay chic

wrote a review

Forget about this resto


I had tried this resto 2x, once with my expat boss and colleague and a second time with friends. The first time was pretty ok but the food was nothing outstanding, just standard Japanese food. The second time was a disaster. We arrived at 11pm. There were a few customers around during the late hour. We were immediately presented with the menu, most of which is written in Japanese and only a few pictures to help us out. I was interested in trying something new so I asked the waitress to tell me about the appetizers on the menu. She was unhelpful and dismissed my request by saying "ay madami". I was completely annoyed and refused to look at the menu further. After a moment, my husband asked what I was getting and I said "Wala" in an annoyed voice. He asked me what's wrong and I said how could I choose what to order when the waitress won't tell me what's on the menu which was in Japanese. The waitress caught on and grudgingly explained each appetizer.

The sushi was of good quality. However, we ordered one dish which was a seafood mix ramen. It tasted like chopseuy with seafood and Maggi noodles. It was bland and unremarkable.

During the meal, we would call any waitress passing by to refill our water glasses. They would always be rushing by, speaking to us as they walk past. Sometimes, barely acknowledging our request. They were always rushing to and fro. What we couldn't understand was why, there were barely 5 tables in the entire resto. It's like they were acting busy so nobody would bother them.

All in all, I wouldn't really bother going back here.

6 years ago


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Great food, but cannot be trusted.


We were treated like embeciles ! I used to love eating here, but I cannot eat food from people whom I cannot trust. I am so sorry for writing this review because I loved their food so much... I still do.

It was lunchtime with my entire family along and I recomended that we eat at Nihon Bashitei. All twelve of us celebrating a birthday. Unfortunately, after being seated, my elderly mother slipped and fell on their floor because of some rice that someone spilled in the middle of the restaurant on the way to the comfort room. She was on the floor unable to get up and no one offered to help her or even see if she was ok. At least one of the food servers came to me and notified me of the incident. After rendering help to my mother, I asked to see the Owner, Manager, or Supervisor. Much to my dismay, I was told by no less than three waitressess and the cashier that there was no one in charge here. No owner, no manager, and no supervisor. Words fail me in trying to describe how I felt at that moment. I then went outside to ask the guard if he could tell me who was in charge of this establishment. He told me a person named Gene was in charge. I then spoke to Gene and told her of the incident. I told her I did'nt like being lied to and was'nt born yesterday. Not being the litigious type, we just left insulted never to return.

Sadly, too many good establishments are being run in this fashion and should not be tolerated. For their own good, I wish the owners of Nihon Bashitei would rectify this that festers their good establishment.

6 years ago


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great grill upstairs!!!

floors are slippery though!

we always enjoy our feasts here! the steaks are awesome...

6 years ago


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Love Them!


My favorite Japanese resto!!!

7 years ago


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a must try japanese resto!


Nihonbashi Tei is one of the best japanese restos that I've ever been to. Food is served really fresh, clean and in a very presentable manner. As regards the prices, I'd say the food here is reasonably priced (compared to other japanese restos) considering the generous serving portions that you get. On top of all these, the crew of servers are really attentive, accomodating, and very polite.

8 years ago


Japanese Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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