Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge Katipunan

66 E Abada St Loyola Heights, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 426-0301
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people who like this place are idiots

6 years ago


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Had lunch here today -- tweaked the menu to avail of wagyu sandwiches, arugula raspberry quail egg and parma ham salad and a pigs' trotters on risotto sampler- ALL GOOD!

7 years ago


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take it from someone who knows


ive eaten here about a year ago and it was awful and i told Myself id never come back. recently My friends invited to eat out and just My luck it was here again so i thiught maybe id give it another try.

The food was more creative The second time around but i think The ideas where too much of a stretch For The Chef... flavors were dull and execution was something youd expect from hrm students. it seems the Chef focuses more on plating then anything else. i hope i never get dragged here again.

8 years ago

leyz uy

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Getting better and better...


It was a friend's birthday celebration when I dined at In-yo last night.. Frankly, I wasn't as excited as I normally am since I've tried it a couple of times and I feel, back then, being a fine dining restaurant, they can still improve on some basic things.

Last night wasn't a disappointment though. They've come a long way from the first time I tried it (more than 5 months ago).

1st time: I love the concept behind it; garden & outdoor dining; ambiance & food presentation; even the bathroom I love! But food taste & service needed some improvements... I ordered their sea bass. Nice presentation but it wasn't fresh, taste was bland and I got a small portion w/ a lot of fish bones in it. A big disappointment (since it’s the only time I was served sea bass that way). Waiters were still clumsy, unsure how to serve and take orders. They have to be asked for water (and would refill my warm with iced water), plus they were not familiar with what's on the menu.

2nd time: Better. Service improved a little, waiters were more familiar w/ what they are offering. The sea bass (yes, I can't get enough of it!) is a lot better.. Bigger portion, whiter meat, pleasantly firmer in texture but so tender and yummy (they finally found good supplies). And ++ points for the wasabi fried oysters! I just love it. I'll go back for this one!

3rd time: Last night, I had the wasabi fried oyster again! =) Too bad I just got a piece since it their amuse-bouche...

We order their degustation:
Aligue Wasabi Caesar Salad – very good w/ grapes, quail egg & fried dumplings;
Prawn Bisque w/ Shrimp Gyoza - a bit salty w/c I love;
Calamansi Sorbet ;
Pili Crusted Unagi Fillet – a masterpiece..visually enticing and delicious!
Yuzu Parfait w/ Basil Compoté of Pineapple Sago & Strawberry Jus – really good but would personally prefer it more chilled.

*Degustation for P1,100 all in - is worth it!

Only one thing that didn’t change… that is the waiting time for dishes to be served.. so don’t come here when you’re really hungry!!!

Oh, and maybe the amuse-bouche can be paired with a complimenting wine... =)
(HEY, IT'S JUST A THOUGHT! Is it too much to ask??.. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll find it a lovely surprise if they do!)

Overall, I’m happier w/ their service. They improved a lot. I never had to ask for water refill. They remember my preferences. Food is delicious! And the presentation.. it's like every dish is a work of art!

It's nice to see a restaurant (and the whole team behind it) that evidently gets better and better in time!

9 years ago


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In-Yo...nice dining place


my partner and I had dinner here just last saturday..although weather is not good, getting to In-yo is very easy.

food is great and the place is just right for a fine dining experience.

one thing though, food served is in small portions. you might want to order again..but overall, you can get your money's worth.

9 years ago


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romantic & cozy dinner in katipunan


the name in-yo is quite unique, when my husband asked me where we were eating for dinner i said "sa in-yo" and he said "sa amin?" haha!

this restaurant was converted from an old house and it's very2x romantic. i suggest it for dates & make reservations. cuisine is japanese-french fusion.

the entrance gave off that "fernwood" vibe, with vines hanging from trees, capiz lamps, lots of plants & flowers, solid antique-looking wooden chairs, stools & benches, koi pond, etc...

the serving sizes are good for sharing & the food is very good. plating is done very well & neatly. memorable dishes are the shitake salad (they used ponzu dressing which i really like!) & the prawn bisque (this was soup of the day today). man, the soup was good! creamy but not thick, goes down smooth & was so yummyl!

we had the hanging steak & halibut. hanging steak tastes wonderful! i suggest ordering this medium (or if you don't mind go rare!). the halibut was on top of some fettuccine & there were some manila clams. i was surprised when i got the halibut because there were 2 slices on my plate at least 4"x2" each. so i think this is a very generous serving of fish for less than P500.

the service was very good, not obtrusive or cold.
the ambiance is very romantic & they have a room upstairs which you can seat up to 12. i think it would be great for a private party.

we were quite full after that meal that unfortunately didn't have anymore room for dessert. we ended up spending about P1,500 for 2 people.

highly recommend this place!

10 years ago


Asian , European , Fusion Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
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