Nipa Hut

Nipa Hut Pasig

Capt Henry P Javier St Oranbo, Pasig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 671-5321
Nipa Hut 2.66666666666667 5 3 0
Nilo Baranda

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Breakfast menu


This restaurant should not waste their spectacular sunrise (morning) view. They should offer a breakfast buffet menu so night shift workers would have an alternative hang out place for their "dinner" and daytime workers would also enjoy starting their day with breakfast with a morning view rejuvenated and raring to start an early day.

8 years ago


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Waiters are awesome, great view


My daughter and I visit this native restaurant regularly for several reasons. Waiters are just as friendly, accommodating and ready to help. And the view which is overlooking the elite Valle Verde villages is really great. Competitive price for their deliciously cooked foods like sisig, crispy pata and my favorite sizzling squid...

9 years ago


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slo-mo service


this is a very convenient place to get a beer and meet with friends because it is very close to where i live. it has a panoramic view of the pasig-ugong area (including the factories that incessantly belch toxic fumes right up to the ozone layer). the food is typical Pinoy - sinigang, crispy pata, tahong, etc.. stuff that you get in any carinderia except that there is some semblance of food presentation and the waiters and waitresses are dressed in native attire looking ready to burst into a pandango sa ilaw dance number. you somehow forget the 'ordinariness' of the food because of the cool night breeze, the view of the Pasig landscape (yes, including the factories), and the alcohol playing tricks on your brain. what will get your goat and elevate your blood presssure is the poor service especially when you get your bill. The waiters seem to have favorite customers and they seem to just ignore and pass you by no matter what you do to get their attention. you can beg, call out "tsip!" at the top of your lungs, threaten, whistle and do handstands, with little success. if you're lucky and one of the kinder staff approaches you to finally get your bill, dont relax just yet. you can finish 5 sudoku puzzles before they return with the change. overall, a mediocre dining experience with free lessons on anger management and testing your patience to its outer limits.

10 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 12:00MN
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