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wrote a review for Bellissimo Ristorante Tomas Morato

great pizza... but...


great place. the moment we walk through the door, we though we're not in morato anymore. the pictures and decors are awesome, so as the ambiance of the place as a whole.

It was borderline fine-dinning and cozy (the wines displayed helped set up a romantic mood).

the food was ok. well, it's not the kind that would make you jump up and down for joy, but the food will definitely leave you satisfied.

we ordered pasta with shrimp and clam (sorry, forgot the name haha!). the pasta's taste was overwhelming, but in a good way.

The pizza we ordered was awesome. a no-meat pizza, but we totally loved it. the taste just makes your taste buds ask for more. yum!

service kinda sucked, though. they would make you wait forever for simple stuff, say, a tissue?

but if you are willing to look beyond the service, this is definitely a great place to dine, and the perfect way to end your week :)

9 years ago