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wrote a review for Nobu Grill Bar Bluewave

Nobu Bar and Grill SHOULD CLOSE DOWN!

OMG! this place should close down! it took us 2 months to get a reservation since they overbooked in a coupon site where i got my vouchers to this restaurant as well. I went to this Nobu bar and grill hungry thinking it was an eat all you can resto but my family and i went out even hungrier! one of my brothers didnt even touch the food!

they open at 12 nn which is already past lunch time and yet their buffet table was empty. it was already 1pm and when i asked when they will refill the food, they simply answered, "we will refill the food, niluluto lng po" it was already 2pm and yet they only served rice and steamed siomai that was full of extenders and fats. all other foods were dirty and inedible.

When we entered, the place was hot, the aircon was broken, there were a lot of flies on the food. The food werent fresh, the seafoods were frozen and even stale. also the tofu. all they had were vegetables. there were no bars nor grills nor food! most trays were empty!

I kept askign for a refund since there was nothing to eat anyway but the waiters and waitresses couldnt do anything and the Korean owners were denying everything.

a carinderia serves better food than this!

the waiters situated our table in the middle where it is very tight and inconvinient and we couldnt even pass to get some food. i even had to walk on chairs just to get our. when we requested to be transfered to 2 smaller tables. they kept on saying that the other tables were reserved but until we left no other new customers went in.

The place was dirty and the food was horrible. it is the worst place to eat. we couldnt eat the food at all as they are way too dirty. One of our guests even had diarhea! The rattan chairs even had bed bugs that bit my legs. i have never regretted eating in a certain restaurant until we ate here.

This place should close down! if you purchased any groupon or voucher, consider giving it to other people or else you'll just waste your time and money and gas.

Even a 0 rating for every criteria is too much for this horrible, nasty, place. i could even call it a restaurant.

8 years ago