Nomnomnom Happy Food

Nomnomnom Happy Food Tomas Morato

G/F GYY Bldg, 1 Tomas Morato Ave Kristong Hari, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 502-2919
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Fritzie Sesmundo

Fritzie Sesmundo craved

3 years ago

Liz Valenzuela

Liz Valenzuela had The Good Sisig, Fried Ravioli, Tinapasta, Malinomnom, and Crispy Tofu Skin


This resto is almost enough for me to turn vegetarian. Almost. =D

4 years ago

Apryll Villaluna

Apryll Villaluna had Fried Ravioli


5 years ago

Camille Abigail

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satified cravings


Critique: Nomnom Happy Food
Cuisine: Italian and Filipino fusion
Hours: 12:00 noon- 12:00 am
Location: LG/F GYY Building Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
Tel No: (632) 502-2919
Lightings- Wight and Orange lighting since we went at Night time
Music- No music
Air conditioner- They have their own could not tell were exactly it is located
Chairs-Light brown wooden material that is in a bench
Tables-Light brown wooden rectangular in shape
Walls- There is one wall where there are pictures of people are eating in this restaurant mostly celebrities.
Floors- A darker shade than the chairs and table still it is also wood
Foods Ordered:
Beverage- “Naughty Lemonade” P70.00 this drink does not feel that it is strong until you one too many so please be cautious, but beyond this it is pretty damn good.
Entrée- “Talong and Lasting Love Pizza” P220.00 Who knew that without meat on pizza is still good, since eggplant, cheese, and sauce that is made by Nomnom Happy food this really good.
Dessert- “Not Fudge Peppermint Cake” P110.00 to be honest not my favorite dessert since mint and chocolate together are not the combination that I prefer. But this one is an exception it really is good.
Class B-C of students, businessmen, family of class B mostly, less of C, and clothing were business and casual.
Men and women white button polo with black pants.

Waiters- He is very welcoming but there is no name tag on him, but he really made up for is knowledge on the menus since it was my first time eating there. Service is not bad also since he actually helped us on what to choose when it comes to recommending drinks that suit me which I find impressive.
It was in a laminated designed like one long rectangular panel for us to see. It had description and pictures of their specialty; lastly it had the logo of the restaurant.
Yes, it is worth to stay in this restaurant; however, I would probably spend this every four weeks because of my budget and the distance of this place as well. But as long as you are leaving around this area then by all means no problem here.

6 years ago


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Best kept secret in Tomas Morato!


The most unusual combinations yet somehow nomnomnom manages to make it work.

Hidden away beside a gas station, nomnomnom is perhaps the best restaurant that no one notices. It's mix of Italian food with Filipino touches are to die for (I'm looking at you Salted Egg Pizza!) Don't skip the appetizers either. They have a good selection and all of them are quite tasty.

I'm reluctant to give this review as it may become famous one day but I have to give credit where credit is due.

7 years ago

Jo Albin Nery

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Happy happy joy joy!


Me and my boyfriend had a really great Valentine's eve at this place. Though it lives up to its hole-in-the-wall hangout theme, the entire feel of the place is serene and relaxing. The vintage and rustic decors add to the coziness of the place. Serving sizes for the food are good for couples to share and the concept of the food is simple but the taste is not compromised. We had their herbed chicken and fish with onion rice on the side. The onion rice was fantastic. The ravioli was friend golden to a crisp but the spinach (?) filling was still creamy. The pizza bomba was a tough one to eat, but presentation- and taste-wise, it is the bomb. Just make sure to wipe the sauce clean from the plate with the pizza dough. We ended our meal perfectly with a pair of Boom Chikka Wawas, which were purely vanilla ice cream sandwich heaven. Good food + homely ambiance + reasonable prices = one happy and full couple! Thanks for making our celebration truly a night to remember. :p

7 years ago


Vegetarian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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