Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant

Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant Parañaque

Aguirre Ave B.F. Homes, Parañaque Metro Manila Philippines

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Since reservations were encouraged, I made my reservation about 6-8 hours prior. I changed my reservation thrice because a friend of mine was being indecisive, and I even asked for directions but whomever I was texting was still very friendly and helpful. I like that. So, thank you!

The food was really good! Their serving sizes are spot on. Some of them (like the buttermilk fried chicken) are pretty big but who's complaining?

Now, the place itself isn't so big. It could host maybe 5-6 small groups and one big group (and by 'big' I meant 6 or more people). So about an hour and a half after we got there, ordered our food and drinks, the owner came up to us and politely stated that she's not making us leave, but she just wanted to know about how long we'd still be there because there are other people waiting. She phrased it way better than I could ever describe it here. We weren't offended and we understood her concern, so we tried to get our of their hair as soon as we could (though my friends and I were still enjoying chatting). She apologized for it and treated us to a dessert, which she didn't have to but it was very much appreciated by us. We're definitely going to go back there again.

I'm only giving this 4 stars because it would've been nice to be able to stay longer without any pressure like in huge restaurants (though it's not the owners' fault, I know). But I completely understand that this restaurant is booming and a lot of people want to eat there, but they just don't have the space (on busy hours). I wish you all the best!!!

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