Oriental Bowl

Oriental Bowl SM Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia, Foodcourt, Seaside Blvd Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay Metro Manila Philippines

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Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant 2 5 15 0

wrote a review for Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant SM Mall of Asia

Service sucks!


I went there for lunch with my family. Ambience was nice and there were a lot of people eating there so we were tempted to try it out. However, looks of this restaurant are deceiving.

1. The lady at the door pointed our table to us but did not bring us to our table. So we seated ourselves.
2. We waited 5 min expecting someone to approach us anytime to give us the menus. The menus never came. We had to ask several staff several times before the menu came.
3. Our table had plates and utensils when we seated ourselves but i noticed that we did not have table napkins like the other tables but i let that go.
4. Water and peanuts took forever to arrive. We only got them after i personally approached the bar and commandeered water meant for another guest.
5. Food arrived and it was so so. If you ask me, everything is overpriced. We ordered small of everything as there were only 3 of us. The serving is really small but the price isn't. To illustrate: Seafood tofu is 580. This consists of 4 or so pcs of tofu plus 2 really small pcs of shrimp and some black mushroom. Sizzling beef small is 660. And the serving is really small. As in. And the beef pcs thinly sliced.
6. Asked for the bill fr 3 dif staff. Waited 20 minutes until i finally approached the cashier to ask for the bill fr her myself. The damage: 2000 for small seafood tofu, small spinach soup, small fish brisket, small sizzling beef, and 1 plain rice.
7. I told the cashier to waive the service charge as i explained to her in my most respectful voice that we werent satisfied with the service. She asked the manager whom i personally approached too to explain my grievances. The manager was not even the least bit apologetic about their poor service. She just told me she couldnt waive the service charge bec we had a senior citizen card and was using credit card. What the! What kind of reason is that. I was actually ok to pay the price. I just wanted to let her know that they treat customers like dirt. The manager even told me that it's their last day that day after i told her that my family wouldnt come back to that resto. I can see why she's being sacked.
8. Anyways, i paid reluctantly. I handed my card to the cashier but i told her, "Miss, pangit talaga service nyo." i was surprised when she responded that a lot of people do complain ab their service. I looked at her twice to make sure she wasnt kidding. she didnt seem to be. She then said something about some of their waiters being hard-headed and that some will be terminated and transferred to ther branches.

I dont know if mine is an isolated case. I write this review in all honesty. I am not connected with a competitor restaurant. I an just like most folks who enjoy a good meal served my hardworking and well-trained people. That Hongkong Emperor Seafood Rest in MOA is not worth dining in. There are a lot of other chinese restos which offer better food at more reasonable prices and with better trained staff.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Shakey's Baclaran

Extravagant service charge


Beware of the Shakeys Extravagant Service Charge

8 years ago

Ella Vicedo

wrote a review for Café Breton SM Mall of Asia

terrible customer service


Was seated outside(al fresco area)- called the server's attention several times for the menu but no one came up. They were busy chit chatting inside so my partner decided to go in to get the menu, when we're ready to place the order same scenario happened..no one came up, we had to go in to get their attention. When it's time to pay the bill yet again same scenario happened, i think they were having a mini party inside all 3 or 4 of them lounging at the cashier area laughing their asses out. If we wanted to, we could've ran away and not pay the bill. So bill came and while this man was handing us the bill he was chit chatting with another crew from seattle's best. He was just extending his arm to give us the bill but he was facing his colleague and was busy chit chatting. My companion asked for water but he ignored and waited for me to hand him the bill with cash while catching up with that crew from the other coffee shop. To my dismay i gave the exact amount up to the centavo. While handing him the bill iback i said, you know, you have pretty bad customer service here and it's not nice to ignore your customer's request. And yes ladies and gents for the nth time he igonred the comment and just walked away.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Mexicali SM Mall of Asia

Not even TexMex


If you're expecting authentic queso (cheese) then you're in for a huge disappointment. This isn't even ALMOST decent cheese. It's local cheese, which is disgusting. I ordered a quesidilla, it was 2 flimpsy tortillas slapped together containing tiny jalopeno bits and a sprinkle of disgusting cheese. I had to throw it away after only 1 bite (although given the size and how little was actually in it, that was a high percentage of the food).

Tacos are better than the quesadillas probably just because there are more ingredients. Still doesn't taste like mexican food. Doesn't taste like texican food either. It's clearly filipino.

I will not be going here again. Next time i'm craving mexican i'm going to give Agave a try, i've heard good things.

Taco Bell beats Mexicali and taco bell shouldn't even be in the same league FOR SHAME!

8 years ago

Aga Ecat

wrote a review for Shakey's SM Mall of Asia


#01: first bill w/o senior discount is 2199, we pay 2200 with our senior discount card so 2016 nlng dpat ang final billing...now a crew came back at ang sbi kulang pa ng 20 yung binayad...bkit kmi mgkukulang kung in the first place 2200 ang binayd nmin? Bkit tinaggap ng crew ung byad nmin w/o repeating how much she really receive from us tpos ssbhin n kulang? What if nalaglag ung 100 nasama sa ibang nagbayad? Sa dami ng customer nyo possible un db? Pero kailangan pdin ng good service db?
#02: we have chickens, spag, a whole pizza left over, we ask them to pack it so we can take it home..we got home we unpack it and we didnt see our pizza? San n? Another reason nanaman b un pg mdming customer nd wala ng good service n mangyyari?
Anyway, may be in our next visit you will have an EFFECTIVE AND GOOD QUALITY SERVICE TO YOUR CUSTOMER...i hope! Thanks

8 years ago

giselle solco

wrote a review for Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe SM Mall of Asia



Stay away. terrible food. i ordered the minced pork noodle soup and the noodles were instant noodles when all along i thought they were supposed to be hong kong egg noodles. and expensive too at 205 pesos for instant noodles when in HK a similar dish would have only cost 20hk or so!!! the cost of that dish is probably like P30!!!
their roti is also instant roti as I buy that round-shaped completely flat roti like that from wellcome in hong kong and at 185 with curry sauce its really not worth it! fresh roti is fluffy not flat and practically perfectly round like the one they serce. ive lived in hong kong for 4 years so i know hong kong food and this kind of food is what you would only expect from the worst HK cafes!!!! as in the ones that the cheapest people go to to eat simply because they cant afford anything else.
and of course that same food would cost a lot less in HK where resto food prices are usually much higher than here!!!
obviously marcovv who gave this resto 5 stars either owns the place or works for the place.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Greenwich SM Mall of Asia

attentive staff of this pizza fast food chain


last april 16, my extended family went to moa for an event. while waiting for them, i took my light merienda meals at this place. i've noticed the attentiveness of food server and the head food server of my needs. although their food is same wherever branch you dine, it's good that the food server here was orient well in regarding customer service.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Congo Grille SM Mall of Asia

smile of food server sign of good service


my extended family and i dine in here for a graduation dinner (which was held in smx conv. center) and we choose to dine in here. I've noticed the smile in all food servers gives me warm feeling of being welcome here. the best food I've tasted was the sizzling stuffed squid. it is soft and chewable and not like rubber plus the stuffed tomatoes & onion was a good taste.
Will keep coming back in here. Makikita mo naman sa dami ng taong pumunta (almost all comes from the graduation rites in smx conv. center) at nag-dinner dito, masarap ang food dito plus the smiling service.

8 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review for Bangus SM Mall of Asia

Excellent Sizzling Bangus Belly, Prime Cut


We ordered watermelon juice, diet Coke, pinakbet, tinapa rice, fried bangus belly with green mango salad, sizzling bangus ala pobre, coffee and turon for a total of P1094. Everything was very good, better than we expected. The stars of our meal were the sizzling bangus belly ala pobre and the turon which was crisp and hot and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Bravo!
The ambiance leaves a lot to be desired, though. I hope this restaurant makes enough money so management will upgrade the decor and acoustic properties.
We will be back!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Bonchon Chicken SM Mall of Asia



Another reason to enjoy your fried chicken!

I love it! No need to compare with KFC. Its way too better! :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar San Miguel by the Bay

an awesome


Yo! so good day for gilligans i hang out last night on your branch at sm MOA, hmm cool yung band niyo aa sabi nung isa e may sched sila twing saturday night on your crib so can i have the name of the band para makapunta kmi ulit? more powers! please reply

8 years ago


wrote a review for Lugang Café SM Mall of Asia

Service Sucks In Lugang Cafe in MOA


We've been there yesterday (8 of us) Food is Good. But service sucks. A waitress named Agnes was in charge of our table, and she wasn't paying attention to our order or even smiling, looked like she wishes she was not there. But in fact it was us who wished we were not there, this a shame when you have great food and beautiful surroundings.
10% service charge from our bill is the least we
could expect when the staff are not trained to give even 1% service to customers.

April 3, 2012 10:53 AM

8 years ago


wrote a review for Buffet101 San Miguel by the Bay

Good food but overpriced


@ 1085/pax, it seems a little bit pricey compared to other buffet. steaks and chops are not that good. With their price, they should think of something more to offer. We ordered steaks probably 5 times but only got 2 of them delivered in our table.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Mongolian Rice Bowls SM Mall of Asia

Driver's Delight


Restaurant location and ambiance is just OK. Simply because it is located in SM MOA beside the row of famous Yakimix, Racks, Etc. however food here really sucks (not because I don't know how to mix & cook, but the ingredients are of cheap quality), comparable only to "turo-turo's" not even fit for family drivers, but for tricycle & jeepney drivers maybe. The raw meats are not fresh, obviously frozen for quite sometime already. I wouldn't even dare serving it to my canine for BARF (bone and raw food diet).
Paying 380 per person is like a hold-up, really not worth it, should cost P99 or less per person only. Most of the diners you see there are perhaps spill over of wait-listed Yakimix diners or from other BETTER restaurants nearby who can no longer wait in line (like us).
I can see this restaurant closing with-in the year or simply hanging on due to the popularity of restaurants beside it, much better to voluntary closed down to spare others from a bad dining experience. Nakaka sira ng araw!
Service is just right, but still not worth it for restaurants charging P380 per person. You get the same or even better service when eating at fast foods like Jolibee. I you see this review as bogus, then go ahead and try it. Don't tell me you weren't warned! ; )

8 years ago


wrote a review for LAB Gastropub Oceana San Miguel by the Bay

More room for improvement


This is such a big, spacious place,has a nice view of Manila Bay and the first thing you ee upon parking. Its good they offered a brunch buffet, went there 2 weeks ago with kids at 350php/pax. The food seems limited for the buffet, there was mushroom soup and sopas,small amounts of pork, fish and beef, chix dish, and pasta plus warm pudding. Dessert available are small cubes of butterscotch, revel bar and a chocolate cake and they have free refillable iced tea. Maybe they could increase the price and make an all filipino buffet. Make coffee and fresh fruits available. And really put more food in the warmers to attract clients.

8 years ago


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