Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse ATC Corporate Center

G/F ATC Corporate Center, Madrigal Ave Alabang, Muntinlupa Metro Manila Philippines

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Big Better Burgers 3.15384615384615 5 15 0

wrote a review for Big Better Burgers Alabang

really better burger


thanks mommy owner, for always helpful.the best burger in town so far!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Alabang Town Center

Yummy Chicken Rice


We tried this new resto at the Alabang Town Center. We ordered the combination of roasted and steamed chicken (half order), crispy lemon fish fillet, crispy honey baby squid, Wee Nam Kee fried rice. We ordered an additional Wee Nam Kee chicken rice (by the cup). Thumbs up for the steamed and roasted chicken combination and the chicken rice...so flavorful. Next time, we won't order the fried rice anymore.

7 years ago


wrote a review for P.F. Chang's China Bistro Alabang Town Center

Great experience!


The food, for me, was excellent. Their servings are more than enough for 3 people, although that still depends on how big of an eater your companion/s is/are, of course. But generally, each dish should suffice for 3 individuals. I admit it's *a little* too pricey for me, but I have no regrets! The service and the ambiance were both amazing as well. The place can be a little dark at night so the ambiance might not be well-fitting for the kids, though.

It's a definite must-try!

7 years ago

Jim Moriarty

wrote a review for Mary Grace Alabang Town Center

home baked heaven


We tried four slices of cake, each one a different kind (sansrival, red velvet, mango, and choco truffle).

I liked the red velvet most. The cream cheese was so rich, it tasted like heaven.

What I like about their cakes is that the base is packed, not like the commercialized, mass-produced, light, fluffy, full-of-air cakes that are sold everywhere. The flavor is rich and not pretentious. There are real fruits and nuts.

Plus, plus, plus:
They use lemon water which is very refreshing.
The ambience is homey, they use classical music, and there are ceramics everywhere (most of them are from Uniwide haha)


7 years ago


wrote a review for Melo's Westgate

melos restaurant alabang

To the MELO's Restaurant Management, I would like to inform you that my wife and my daughter dined in at melos alabang on May 23, 2012 per Table 003, time 20:59 inv. 00003372, they reported to me the unethical remarks of the waiter when they went out the restaurant after having their dinner. The waiter asked my daughter while walking at the parking area if they already paid their bills, and my daughter answered OPO, but my wife told the guard outside that they were offended to the unethical manner of the waiter... was he reluctant that my 'mag-ina" can't pay what they have eaten? are your personnel trained as judgmental to what they don't know the personality of your customer? Is this the quality service you are given to your customers? I think you better review the greatness of the restaurant and review responsibly the attitude problem of your personnel... I hope we made our position clear.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Red Kimono Alabang

One of my favorite restos


Like my penchant for crunchy sisig, I have this thing with maki. I’ve already been enamored by Rai Rai Ken’s Super California Maki but Red Kimono’s California Crunch was equally memorable.

One shouldn’t also miss the opportunity to try their Crispy Cream Dory with Tartar Sauce (P195).

Since it was my 3rd time at Red Kimono and I was with my family, I decided to try the more common dishes such as the Pork Ribs Teriyaki (P235) and Chicken Teppanyaki (P220) which is basically stir fried chicken with vegetables. By the way, I just love potato hay.

Read the rest of my review at http://www.tinesabillo.com/red-kimono/

7 years ago


wrote a review for Grams Diner Alabang

Fool's Diner


One Friday night my friend and I went here to unwind. Place looks good with its airy white interiors and probably copied from US diners.

We ordered Corned Beef Breakfast, Mac Bacon n Cheese, Hot Choco, and a Fruitshake. We were really hoping the quality of the food is 1st class. After all, they are imitating a US diner.

When the Hot Choco arrived, I was surprised to see a tall whip cream on top of it. I was forced to order another drink, because I hate whip creams. The menu doesn't say it has a whip cream, so the waiter should have informed me when I ordered.

The Mac Bacon n Cheese is a disappointment. We are hoping for a huge serving, and what we got is a tiny bowl the size of a tea cup. The taste is just so-so.

The serving of the Corned Beef Breakfast is not big as well, just average plate. The corn beef is OK, but the scrambled egg that came with it is just so plain, they should have added some salt n pepper. The toast is so plain as well, no marmalade, no butter, nothing.

And to make things worse, our bill is more than P800.

BTW, I have eaten on real US diners, and the food in Grams Diner is far far inferior.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Bonchon Chicken Alabang Town Center

waiting time is 48years

bad service, you have to wait like 48mins to be served, wait in line and eat.how inconvenient is that!no way going back and eating to this resto!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Army Navy Burger + Burrito Alabang

bad service


We visit this particular branch at least twice a month for the burritos.
In our last visit though, we were in for a big disappointment: the beef in the beef burrito was tough. What made this a real bad experience though was the crew forgot to prepare the chicken we ordered for the two kids. When confronted, the crew were pointing fingers at each other! What a service crew!
Definitely not to be visited again.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Melo's Westgate

Highest grade of Wagyu Beef


I've never had a beef as tender as the ones being served at Melo's.

Succulent beef that melts in your mouth.

Also, Melo's not only serves the highest grade of Wagyu beef, but also the best desserts in town!

Have you ever tried Grade 12 Wagyu beef? --- only at Melo's :)

7 years ago


wrote a review for Alba Restaurante Español Westgate



The food was great and the staff was extra attentive, it really pays to patronize old time favorites as the quality is tiptop.

The singing trio was a superb treat!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar Alabang Town Center

poor customer service.


what's good: fried rice. entrees.

what's bad: service.

for the past 2 years, Giligan's has had poor customer service (slow, passive, you are always asking for things) and continues to have poor customer service.

my last visit, i noticed the staff were wearing name tags on their shirt with "if i'm not smiling, ask for my manager." well? this is not only dehumanizing to the poor filipino server but it also shows desperation from management to fix their biggest issue: poor customer service.

frank e. jones
KCG Media, LLC

7 years ago


wrote a review for P.F. Chang's China Bistro Alabang Town Center

Good service, but small serving!


i have mixed feelings for pf changs!it's pricey, yes! it's has small portion of serving, yes. but ambiance is nice. to rate the food. its just but the same to your normal north park chains, but very expensive!we had reservation already 2 weeks in advance. we came in early as 30mins before time and yet no tables were set.again we followed up 15mins still no table.and we are hungry at 8pm!we ordered the usual suspects.but its just the serving they say is good for three, but its just two if you think a chain resto.i would like to go back.but if it's just chinese you like this is expensive!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Luk Yuen Noodle House Alabang

trust me, i'm fat.


when i was still a pre-teen kid, my mom always took me out to the luk yuen somewhere in quezon city, so i think i have a say as to how this luk yuen is.

basically, the food isn't the same, but is still high quality. some dishes (like the halo halo congee, pork siomai) have stayed the same, and some have changed (beef mami)

service is prompt, and it's quite nice as they provide what you need in an instant, save for some mishaps here and there.

nothing spectacular. it's a nice chinese restaurant to relax in and eat, with friends or with family. just don't be too noisy lest you draw stares from other diners.

i'd still spend a pretty penny for this without batting an eyelid both on my wallet and my weighing scale.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Red Kimono Alabang

Not so great anymore...


My first experience with Red Kimono was a few years back, so I'm comparing my latest visit with that. Way back, dining there was so great. And among the new Japanese restos (at the time), Red Kimono was up at the top of my list.

First thing I noticed with my latest visit was.... Well, there's no more Aspara Beef Roll. You know, that roll where there's a bunch of asparagus in the middle that's wrapped with thinly sliced beef? Yeah, that one. No more. They don't serve that anymore.

So what other stuff did we order?
Gyoza - This one's not so bad. Typical Gyoza if you ask me, not that great but doesn't suck like those in some Jap restos.
- OH YEAH! This one's really great. A bestseller if you ask me, and one of the reasons to eat here. Yeah, so it's just like a california maki but with the tiny dilis on top but hey... it's great. THE REASON TO EAT HERE.
Red Monster - A roll with unagi (eel) on top. It's nice. Good.
Prawn/Shrimp Tempura - It's nice. Not that bad, but there are restos with bigger prawn/shrimp in their tempuras. The breading of the tempura is not too thick, so it's still pretty good.
Miso Soup - I was expecting this to be hot, but it's just a bit warm... Wish it was a bit hotter.

Well that's it. We also had some (free) house tea and it's cool that they have 'em for free---restos that offer house tea are always cool in my book. The dining area is still really clean and the ambiance is just right. The comfort room could use some toilet paper though.

Oh yeah, one thing that irked us was that the staff/waiter went on to clear the plates WITHOUT ASKING us if it's ok to go ahead and clear 'em. It should really be S.O.P. for establishments' staff to ask permission first before doing so.

Would I go back? Hmmm, maybe. But unlike before, I wouldn't be that excited to bring my friends over here for dinner (my first two visits here, I've felt this "wow!" experience where I'd like my friends to try here also...but not anymore).

7 years ago


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