Padi's Point

Padi's Point Novaliches

Quirino Hwy Novaliches Proper, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines

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Naks! Sarap 2.83333333333333 5 6 0

wrote a review for Naks! Sarap Novaliches

timed buffet anyone?? how ridiculous!!


they cater reservations ang walk in customers. 119.99 for walk in plus 50 for unli drinks = 169.99. (good for 1hour buffet).. however, if you reserve, they charge 200 per head (good for 2hours buffet).. serving the same viands which actually tastes nasty.. well, you get what you paid for. 119.99 is fair enough though, but for 200? nah!! worth trying, but not to come back to..

8 years ago


wrote a review for Kambingan ni Tsong Sauyo

Excellent food, inconveniently located


If you like kambing, this is the place to go. It is a DIVE, make no mistake...but the food here is muy excellente! Care to read one of the forum members' review of this place?:

8 years ago


wrote a review for Pizza Hut Mindanao Ave.

My Review of Pizza Hut Mindanao Ave.


Ambiance: Bad, not much space for a restaurant
Food: Excellent
Price: approx. P100-P150/person
Service: Excellent especially in Delivery
Parking: only 2-3 cars.
Overall Performance: Good


Don't dine-in with your friends in Pizza Hut Mindanao Ave. instead just call their delivery hotline.. :)

9 years ago


wrote a review for Dory's Restaurant Novaliches

chinese n filipino food


was formerly dory's wong in the town proper of novaliches close to a gas station their famoue since thd 70' i always eat pansit canton they served chines food on that time also the price is reasonable even a common person can afford it their branch at jordan ville was more classy also they accept ressrvation like wedding may be they increase the price but can still afford it try it n i knew u will like it

9 years ago


wrote a review for Pacio's Pares and Grill Mindanao Ave.

Comment for Pacios P & G Rezto


more likely to other rezto, pacios deliver its one of kind service to cutomers even in very late times. One of my favorites are thier staffs specifically their waitresses during late night. I also like their spacious ambience that covers customers safety and satisfaction, their set-up relative to mid-type foods and beverages. I might suggest to have a permanent availability of alls fave drink, "ice Tea" and also add some dessert delicate to customers taste buds, thats all, as a summary, nice rezto.

11 years ago

Abe Cipriano

wrote a review for Pacio's Pares and Grill Mindanao Ave.

pares and a whole lot more


Ah, Pacio's.

Whether you're heading home any day and would like to have a nice beef pares (P70), or hanging out with buddies popping a bucket of San Mig Light while eating very good pulutan like sisig or crispy pata, Pacio's is the place to try along Mindanao Avenue.

Only opened sometime 2007 or late 2006, Pacio's is more than a pares place. Well, first off, it aint 24/7 like most pares places, but it's cleaner. Plus, it's got good service, courteous staff, and good food other than pares.

For starters, try their sisig (perfect with beer or with rice); also, their fried squid reminds me of a (slightly) poor man's Salted Garlic Squid of North Park so that's yummy, too. Lechon Kawali meal's good, too (under P100 like most of their rice meals), as well as the crispy pata (which is good pero not a lot given the price). Then there's the inihaw na bangus... now that's pretty good, but it takes soooo long to make, expect it in a half hour so order it ahead or ask them kung kaya bang mas mabilis.

And surprisingly, one of my favorites in this place is a little bit unexpected... their sago't gulaman. For a nice big glass, it's only P25. Reminds me when I used to drink Ferino's Bibingka in Gilmore while playing poker, at it was only P8 then... (back in the 90's).

Enjoy Pacio's and keep coming back for more. It's not only the attractive light box that's making this place more and more popular with the people in the area.

12 years ago


Filipino Bar
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 3:00PM - 12:00MN
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