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Persia Grill 4.5 5 15 5
Rochelle Taberna

Rochelle Taberna was at Cafe France RCBC Plaza


6 days ago

Hazel France

Hazel France was at PopKenCook Makati


Their Tuna Sphagetti, Beef Cheese Burger and Avocado shake is an ultimate MUST-TRY! Makes me drool merely thinking of it.

12 days ago

Hazel France

Hazel France craved for PopKenCook Makati

14 days ago

Lourdes Buhay

Lourdes Buhay craved for Tsukemen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men Makati

15 days ago

Dale Pagkalinawan

Dale Pagkalinawan craved for Croque Madame from Sandwich Shop SM Jazz Mall

27 days ago


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Incorrect or missing info?
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