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KFC 3.25 5 15 9
Vilma Verzosa

Vilma Verzosa craved for Streetwise Bucket Meal from KFC Makati

2 days ago

Yiel Reyes ƸӜƷ

Yiel Reyes ƸӜƷ was at Jollibee Export Bank


Super low service. Time of delivery should be from 12:45am to 1am. Then we called them after 1am, and they haven't delivered our food yet! I had to wait for another 20 mins after I called them to deliver my food.

19 days ago

Leah Marie Galang

Leah Marie Galang craved for Chixsilog from Sinangag Express Makati

1 month ago

Hazel Diaz

Hazel Diaz craved for Tocino Meal from Sinangag Express Makati

2 months ago

Hera Marie Sitchon

Hera Marie Sitchon craved for Buffet 101 Glorietta 2

2 months ago

Penny Angeles-Tan

Penny Angeles-Tan craved for Yoshinoya Glorietta 1

3 months ago

ObiWan Kenobii

ObiWan Kenobii had sisig and gambas at Bunchums Makati


gambas and sisig was great. cheap beer

4 months ago


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Incorrect or missing info?