Peking Garden Restaurant

Peking Garden Restaurant Trinoma

Trinoma, North Ave Sto. Cristo, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 901-0531
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Special Occasions Call for Special Restaurants


My husband had been raving about a meal he ate at Peking Garden in Makati so we decided to try the Peking Garden in Trinoma for Easter dinner. There were 5 of us in the party. We made reservations 3 days in advance. The day before our meal, a staff member called to confirm that we were still going to have dinner at the restaurant. I took this opportunity to reserve a Peking duck and order suahe for our appetizer. We decided to have the duck cooked 3 ways--the usual crispy skin wrapped in thin little pancakes with cucumbers and green onion stalks and a little plum sauce; the bony portions cooked in soup with pechay and tofu; and the meat minced and cooked with secret seasonings to be wrapped in crisp lettuce leaves.

I requested the xiao long pao, one of my favorite Chinese foods of all time. I've been disappointed at many other local restaurants because usually the dumpling is too tough or too thick. Somehow the broth is always disappointing at the other places--it either leaks out or is cold and kind of gross. I'm glad I persevered and asked for it at Peking Garden. The xiao long pao here was the best I've had in the Philippines so far! The only other place I've eaten it where it was better was at a restaurant known for this particular dumpling in Shanghai.

We also tried the crispy beef in sesame buns as recommended by other reviewers on munchpunch. The sauce for this dish was much too sweet for our taste, but the concept of the dish was new to us and we forgave the over-generous hand with the sugar. In the future, if we order this dish at Peking Garden again, we'll definitely request that they lessen the sugar by at least half.

We also had the traditional appetizer of cold meats--chicken, pork asado and jellyfish. The guys had some beer and our companion had a ripe mango shake. We also downed quite a bit of house tea because it felt like the right beverage to help digest the crispy duck skin. The wait staff was gracious and prompt about constantly refilling our tea pot.

Since we don't eat in high end restaurants very often, I was really impressed with the ambiance. It's traditional Chinese, on the formal side, very clean and well-lit.

The wait staff was knowledgeable about the different menu items and they also anticipated our needs so that by the time we asked for more cucumbers and onions for the duck pancakes or more soup in our bowls, the wait staff was already in the act of fulfilling our requests. Bravo on this!

So...bottom line again (just for the budget-conscious diner!), there were 5 of us tonight. We had the appetizer of cold meats, xiao long pao, suahe, a Peking duck served 3 ways, and enough crispy beef with sesame buns so each of us could have our own savory pocket of meat, 3 beers and a mango shake...and our total bill (minus the discount for 2 senior citizens) was P5200.

In my opinion, the dining experience was well-worth the money!

A postscript to our overall dining experience. One of our companions was in a wheelchair. Peking Garden is one of several restaurants in Trinoma that is effectively difficult to access because there is an architectural feature of a running stream with little steps going up, over and down to cross this stream. This makes it extremely difficult for the handicapped. From our experience, I will know to ask at restaurants when I make a reservation--is your establishment handicap-friendly? I don't blame the restaurant for this difficulty in this case. It was ignorance on my part and I will do better next time.

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crispy beef w/ puff


whenever i dine here, i always order the crispy beef w/ puff... it's fried beef shreds with a sweet/sour/spicy sauce, then you order some puff pockets separately to stuff the crispy beef in... yummy...

shiao-long-pao is good... basically a good chinese resto...

expect though to pay a little more since it's kinda a fine-dining chinese resto...

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Great Food!


We ate there last May 19, the food was great, very interesting, and the waiters are courteous.The food are served hot and service is great.

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Chinese Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:30AM - 2:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
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