Penang Hill

Penang Hill Robinson Place Manila-Midtown

2/F Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Wing, Adriatico St Ermita, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 567-1926
Penang Hill 2.5 5 2 0

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Avoid the curries, dont recommend. For e.g. the beef rendang I had was really bad.... i noticed that the beef was just boiled and placed in the curry gravy. Beef Rendang is suppose to be simmered together with coconut milk with all the spices and the flavors just builds up. So just avoid the curries.
Satay not authentic but just okay, not properly marinated and was dry.... plus the serving of peanut sauce was too meager, so had to ask for more twice.
Their laksa dont recommend it, also dissapointed.
Hainanese Chicken not bad.
I do recommend the Char Kway Teow and the Roti Canai, and again the sauce for the roti the serving too small, again had to ask for more curry sauce for the roti...

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their sweet and spicy pork ribs is a must try!


i ate with my family at penang hill and at first, we're a bit clueless as to what to order since it's our first time to eat there. we spent a lot of time absorbing and studying their menu. after 15 minutes, we finally realize that their food was not complicated after all since their food and filipino food is somewhat the same. their names just made it complicated to understand and to pronounce.

so we ordered a lumpia-like food for starters. it tastes like lumpia and it looks like lumpia except that it didn't used the lumpia wrapper. it was dipped either on flour or on bread crumbs and they dip fried it on a very hot cooking oil. it tastes so good! im not sure if the sauce was mayo but it complimented the taste of the lumpia.

quantity was an issue though they're serving was just good for three persons. since we're four in the family, we expected a little more on the quantity side.

for our main course, we ordered one large big dome of rice, sweet and spicy pork ribs, broccoli and mushroom, and grilled chicken. the rice was tasty. you can really taste the flavors into it. you will surely enjoy it. i nailed the sweet and spicy pork/ribs. that's really my favorite. i enjoyed it a lot. its spiciness and at the same time sweetness was present on every bite. if you're a spicy food lover, then this is surely a MUST TRY!

the broccoli and mushroom complimented the sweet and spicy pork/ribs. it washes away the taste of spiciness in your tongue. plus, it's almost like eating a balanced diet when you combined sweet and spicy pork/ribs and the broccoli and mushroom. eating meat and veggie on one meal. delicious AND healthy.

they also served Asian tea but you have to pay 45 pesos for it. its refillable though and its good for 4-8 persons already. some good Asian restaurants like super bowl of china served those kinds of tea as a house tea. they're giving it for free and it's also refillable.

i just had some issues with their service. i think they need to assign more people to serve the customers during lunch and dinner time. i have experienced waiters forgetting some of my requests (e.g. glass of water, tissue, iced tea refill, etc.) if they're full.

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International , Malaysian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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