Perlie's Garden

Perlie's Garden Quezon City

Quezon City, Metro Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Moonleaf Tea Shop 4 5 15 10
Genie Coneras

Genie Coneras had Lychee Nata at Moonleaf Tea Shop Congressional Ave


I love the ambiance of this branch! Lychee Nata, my new fave ;)

1 month ago

Abigail Jean Corpuz

Abigail Jean Corpuz was at Sweet Ecstacy Milk & Cookie Bar Cubao


Super love it

9 months ago

carms castelo

carms castelo had Caramello with White Choco at O'Raileys Dine and Coffee Congressional


Quiet place. I like this place, this is romantic for me.

9 months ago

Christopher Kho

Christopher Kho was at Balai Pandesal Quezon City


Got a box of assorted pastries which included spanish breads, ensaymadas, mamons and what not. Well, nothing was good to eat and these guys use way too much margarine. Your local panaderia bakes better bread than these guys.

10 months ago

Clarissa Catalina Repollo

Clarissa Catalina Repollo had Wild Papa's Burger and Dynamite at O'Raileys Dine and Coffee Congressional


So far, this is the best burger I have ever tasted. It is meaty, juicy and perfect for my taste buds.

11 months ago

jefferson bagalacsa

jefferson bagalacsa craved for Dokito from Andok's Visayas

1 year ago

jefferson bagalacsa

jefferson bagalacsa had Dokito at Andok's Visayas


1 year ago


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