Petra and Pilar

Petra and Pilar Chino Roces

JAKA Center, 2311 Exportbank Dr Legazpi Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 887-5168
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Bad service, so-so food.


Petra and Pilar from what I heard is an upscale carinderia found in the heart of Makati but with so-so reviews. When my friend Kay asked me if I wanted to try it out, I became a little hesitant but still agreed so that I can discover myself if the reviews were right.

Over all, I think that the food is not just so-so but not really that good. Considering the price, it is actually a place that I probably wont chose to dine to and have lunch. Good thing I'm not working in Makati.

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2 years ago


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Misrepresentation of Bistek Tapa


I was craving for a good Beef Tapa on a Friday morning of July 8, 2011. This restaurant is just near the office so I decided to give it a try. I went inside and asked for the menu. The food attendant asked me to go to the counter. The look of the restaurant gave me the impression that you will be served. Anyway, I went to the counter and saw Bistek Tapa on the menu. Thinking that bistek has sauce, I asked the lady if that tapa has sauce. She said it's a dried tapa so I ordered it.

When my order arrived, it looks and smells good. I took my first bite and said, "tastes good together with that garlic". After a while, I noticed that it tasted more of like a tocino. I called one waiter and asked, "Ganito ba talaga ang tapa nyo? bakit parang pork?" The waiter said yes, it's beef tapa.

Still not convinced, I took a closer look, I myself cook and we all know the difference in texture of a beef and pork. I did not finish the dish anymore and requested for the restaurant's manager. The restaurant supervisor attended to me. His name is Joel. I tried hard to make our conversation pleasant because I'm a professional and I give respect to others who are dining. I introduced myself to Joel and told him, "It's my first time here and I'm really craving for a good beef tapa. However, I noticed that your tapa tasted like pork tocino". Joel apologized and told me that what was served to me was indeed tocino. He said he will just replace it with tapa and I can take it out. I was then appeased with his accommodating gesture. He took my plate and brought it to the kitchen.

When he returned back, Joel informed me that, "Ma'am tapa po yun kaya lang na-over marinate. Puede ko pong palitan pero ganun din po yung mase serve sa inyo." I replied, "Ganun ba? pero i'm sure pork yun e, I also cook so i know the difference of beef and pork". Joel who is trying to appease my disappointment gave me a dessert. I said ok thank you, I will just take it out.

I can't believe that an over-marinated beef would taste and make it look like the texture of pork. I also buy marinated tapa at Monterey at times and i'm sure those products have been there for days but it doesn't taste like pork. We have what we call "hilatsa ng baka" at that is what is missing in the dish that was served to me. Anyway, I suggest you try their Bistek Tapa and tell me if it's beef or pork.

2 years ago


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New Find


My officemate and I went to Petra & Pilar since it was already featured in several magazine-type TV shows and it is quite near our office. This restaurant, owned by Katrina Ponce-Enrile, serves home-cooked meals in cafeteria-style. The place is clean and cozy. Uniformed waiters roam around the place to serve your order. Let me further explain. I said cafeteria-style earlier because you need to fall in line to choose your food which are all displayed in the counter. You have to pay for your order at the cashier located at the end of the line. You will be given a Number so that the order will be served at your table by the uniformed waiters. Prices are reasonable. I ordered Tortang Talong with Giniling (P75.00), 1 cup of rice (P20.00) and Black Gulaman (P35.00). Not bad for a total of P130.00 for a meal. My friend ordered the Beef Kalitiran. It was 2 round pieces of thin beef topped with sliced button mushrooms with asado sauce. The beef was very tender. We were both happy with our respective choices. On the side of the resto, there is a small deli where gourmet sausages, pasta sauces, drizzling oils, marinades, pate, and cooked food are sold under the brand "Delimondo". The selection is quite interesting and we are interested to try them. We were informed by the lady attendant that the pasta selection and other snack treats are available every 2 pm to 10 pm. We would definitely go back one of these days. By the way, the flyers given say that the Delimondo goods are also available at the Salcedo Village Weekend Market.

5 years ago


Filipino , Spanish Casual Dining
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:00AM - 10:00PM
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