Punchline Comedy Bar

Punchline Comedy Bar Quezon Ave.

1399 Quezon Ave South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 411-0662

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wrote a review for Bellissimo Ristorante Tomas Morato

great pizza... but...


great place. the moment we walk through the door, we though we're not in morato anymore. the pictures and decors are awesome, so as the ambiance of the place as a whole.

It was borderline fine-dinning and cozy (the wines displayed helped set up a romantic mood).

the food was ok. well, it's not the kind that would make you jump up and down for joy, but the food will definitely leave you satisfied.

we ordered pasta with shrimp and clam (sorry, forgot the name haha!). the pasta's taste was overwhelming, but in a good way.

The pizza we ordered was awesome. a no-meat pizza, but we totally loved it. the taste just makes your taste buds ask for more. yum!

service kinda sucked, though. they would make you wait forever for simple stuff, say, a tissue?

but if you are willing to look beyond the service, this is definitely a great place to dine, and the perfect way to end your week :)

9 years ago


wrote a review for Cyma Trinoma Mall

rich n tasty but ...


i'll make this short n sweet, the food was rich and tasty, but the portions were a bit disappointing, you probably have to order the bigger portions of some dishes to be truly satisfied. the skolatina is excellent, just wish it was a bit bigger.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Banana Leaf Asian Cafe SM The Block

pleasant dining


i have dined here a couple of times...

i agree with the previous review that the laksa curry noodle soup is GOOD... big serving... i would recommend to share when you order this coz if you'd eat the entire bowl, you'll surely be very full and unable to eat anythingelse.... i just hope they serve the soup steamy hot...

i like their malayan chicken curry with potatoes, although i hope they'd put in more chicken rather than the potatoes... i think you can order this single-serve which comes with rice... and you may also opt to order the bigger portion for 2 at a higher price then order the rice separately... yummy sauce

mee goreng, pad thai and pandan chicken are good... nothing really extraordinary, just the standards...

although there was 1 time that i ate mee goreng in which the beansprouts are quite burned, but maybe it's a rare incidence...

forget the appetizer prawn balls with cheese... way too expensive for 4 pcs and i can't taste the cheese!

overall, it's a pleasant experience dining there... you just have to know what to order... servings are typical of many asian restos (small), except for the noodle soup...

9 years ago


wrote a review for 145°Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood Tomas Morato

Best Steak Money Can Buy


I chance upon 145 not too long ago after a friend of mine tried it.

To my surprise, this is the only steakhouse i have ever tried that dares to go beyond the usual Rib Eye, Fillet Mignon, T-bone and other common cuts. They got about 7 different cuts ... my personnal favorite is the Rib Eye.

I had my prime rib eye cook medium. Fantastic ... without putting any sauces, i can smell and taste the goodness of the beef. the aroma is extra ordinary. this is the essence of beef eating !!!

after putting the sauce (i tried beef jus). it feels like i experienced UMAMI.... hehehe. sauce was consistent. very flavorfull.

garnishing was equally good. they use baby beans which are really sweet and has a crunchy feel to it.

well, a perfect steak dinner is best with a glass of wine. its a good thing i was with some of my friends so we decided to get a bottle. We tried this Argentinian wine which according to their wine list has a 90 point rating. I dont know much about wine but one thing i noticed was it does not have any dry after taste or what i would say "sabit". it was velvety smooth all the way.

ahh ... indeed a perfect dinner experience. love the place. love the food. love the wine.

9 years ago

David Salva

wrote a review for Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House Trinoma

Great Salad!


I never was a veggie person. But the girl I was about to date wanted to have great salad. What do I know about salads?! So, I sent some text messages to friends who're health conscious and have tried different restos. 9 out of 10 who replied said to try Pho Hoa's Pomelo Shrimp salad. We went for lunch one Saturday morning and found the place with a little difficulty. Thanks to the friendly concierge staff.

I came 5 minutes early and sat on one of their comfy chairs. My date arrived and we ordered our meal. The waiters were a little rowdy and plates were handled unceremoniously. So I really didn't like it. Their service is not that exemplary either. But the place and ambiance is great!

The salad servings were excellent for a big boy like me (no wonder the price is at Php200 per plate). It's going to make me full even if it's just a salad! I must say, this Pomelo Shrimp Salad is the best salad I've tasted in my entire life! It's worth every centavo!

If you're a salad lover, this is worthy of recommendation.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Chili's Bar and Grill Tomas Morato

Highly Recommended


We don't dine here offen because some of my family members is doesn't want to eat spicy food. Because of the name, they thought that all the food here are spicy. Anyway, I treat them here during my birthday.

Food: Food was so yummy. We ordered chicken crispers (the cheapest chicken in their menu). This is really value for your money because its so yummy and price is cheap. "Sulit na sulit! ". I ordred for Country Fried-chicken. This is the best! the sauce on top of the chicken taste so good.
What I don't like with their food is the fries. Fries of Friday's is taste better. Their fries is just like an ordinary french fries. Their mashed potato is a must try. It's one of the best mashed potato I ever tasted.

Service: Service is okay. Though it took a long before it was served.

Ambiance: Ambiance is good.

Value: Price is a bit high, but it's really worth it.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Wicked Kitchen Mother Ignacia

yummy soup


I really like the brocolli creamy soup here. it's a healthy soup with delectable taste. It's just that the place cannot accomodate numerous customers. There a lot of unique recipes thst must be tried. i am planning to go back again.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Little Asia Quezon City

for special occasions resto


+1 for the pumpkin & carrot soup, we usually request them to split 1 order into 2 bowls, so 1 order is good for 2 =) food is great but the portions are small and a bit pricey. service & ambiance are good. there's a valet parking so parking is not a problem, & one good thing on their valet parking service is they attach a lock on the steering wheel for added security. overall, i classify this resto for special occasions only.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Tender Bob's SM The Block

extra charge for extra sauce


food is ok... a major drawback is there's an extra charge for extra sauce. as if the sauce that comes with your order is enough... we ordered the oriental chicken salad, there's an heaping plate of salad (mmmm... that's good) but it comes with a small shot glass of dressing (d'oh!). sayang, the salad is good pa naman... & another thing, the servers are kinda lazy in refilling the drinks.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Kopi Roti Tomas Morato

mmm.. coffee buns!


so love their coffee buns!! perfectly paired w/ coffee.. comfort food!

9 years ago

Victor Ocson

wrote a review for Kopi Roti Tomas Morato

Coffee in the Asian Style


This little coffee shop is no Starbucks, but that's okay. It never aspired to be one in the first place. But what I like about it is that it is Asian in its presentation of coffee. The kopi bun on its own is not much to rave about but the magic happens when you dip it in the coffee! It is better than having donuts with your coffee. This reminds of the pan de sal that was popular in the past. It had a crust almost as hard as eggshell but when cracked open, the inside is soft and sweet with the aroma of milk. Old timers used to dip this in their coffee. Sad to say, I rarely see this pan de sal. The kopi bun reminds of this practice, which is very Filipino. The Americans have their coffee with donuts. The Europeans have their coffee with brioche. We Asians have our coffee with Kopi buns/pan de sal. By the way, don't try dipping the kopi bun with instant coffee, it seems to work only with brewed coffee sweetened with condensed milk.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Omakase Il Terrazzo

Uni Addict


Uni is always served fresh and not frozen with generous proportions. Its a great value for you money especially if you're into Japanese...friends who aren't that keen on trying the more exciting entrees still have a lot of options with their rice dishes.

9 years ago


wrote a review for World Chicken Trinoma

you can't go wrong


for wallet-friendly filling meals, this is the place to go... that is if you don't mind crowded food court setting...
it offers quite a wide array of sides to go with the grilled chicken... asian pasta is my fave...
i just hope they do something about their serving sizes... i notice that servings are sometimes small or big depending on who is serving you...

9 years ago


wrote a review for A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante Trinoma Mall

try this


i dined here a couple of times... im impressed by their pesto pasta variations.. i'd recommend the pesto w/ hungarian sausage... price is quite ok for the serving size... and pesto is delicious... nutty flavor and all...
one comment though, i hope they'd add more meat dishes to their menu... i can't seem to find something like buffalo wings (just like don hen) to go with my pasta... oh and also, i agree that some improvement should be made on service...
overall, it's worth a try... (better go on off-peak hours)

9 years ago


wrote a review for Chef Donatello SM City North EDSA

never mind

their pesto spaghetti is horrible!!! it's just spag noodles that's colored green!!! their chicken pieces are payat... di bale nalang!

9 years ago


P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:30PM - 12:00MN
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