Punchline Comedy Bar

Punchline Comedy Bar Quezon Ave.

1399 Quezon Ave South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 411-0662

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Fish & Co. 2.73333333333333 5 15 0

wrote a review for Fish & Co. Trinoma Mall

Best fish in town


Fish & Co. really has the best fish in town. I have been here several times and I always enjoy my dinning. I always order "The Best Fish & Chips in Town" this is one of the best in their menu. We also ordered a pizza and they gave me a free planner for 2009.

Food: If you love fish, dine here. The best!

Service: Their crews are very friendly. After dinning here, they will give you a mint candy, (a candy you can't buy somewhere else) I asked for an extra and the server gave me a lot of extra.

Ambiance: Place is clean. Not noisy

Value: Prices are a bit high. The Best fish and chips in town cost 400+. I believe not everyone can afford this. But with the quality of the food, it's all worth it. Before I forgot, they have big serving.

8 years ago


wrote a review for T.G.I. Friday's / TGIF Tomas Morato

T.G.I. Friday's has changed


It's been a while since we ate at Friday's. Friday's was one of our favorite restaurants since year 2000. We always ate there at least twice or trice a month. But since they removed their Bistro discount card (I think that was 2 years ago). We don't go back much to TGI Friday's. Anyway, We had dinner at TGI Friday's last January 4, 2009.

Here's my review:
We ordered our all time favorite chicken fingers(had 3 orders of that), Cajun chicken and Chicken fried chicken. The chicken fingers is still good as before. While the chicken fried chicken taste just like chicken fingers. The difference is it's not chopped into strips. Though the sauce of the chicken fried chicken is so yummy! One of the best sauces I’ve tasted.

Food: Very yummy. I have no complain with regards to the taste of the food.

Service: Our food was served after 20 minutes of waiting. Which I believe is too long for a waiting time. Drinks were not served first (maybe they don't want us to take advantage of the bottomless). I asked for extra bbq sauce for the chicken fingers, it was served at about 10 minutes.

Ambiance: Like the usual the place was still nice. Except that I can smell someone is smoking. I believe it came from rembrant hotel which is beside them. They should have sealed their doors properly.

Value: Price is too high. We never thought that prices will go up that high. Like the chicken fingers, I believe it used to be at around 255 pesos now it 300+ already. Not only the price is high, the serving became smaller. The chicken fingers used to be served with 7pcs, but now its only 5pcs. Because of this Im not sure if we'll go back to Friday's.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Amici Tomas Morato

Another Pizza Pasta Place


This is my first time in Amici. I have heard much about it from my friends but I never expected the "canteen" ambience of it. It kinda put me off a bit.

I love pasta pizza places especially those who priced reasonably. Amici did not disappoint me with their price. It is kinda reasonable. They have big servings, to share with a friend or an SO.

Since this is my first time in Amici, I did not order Pizza or Pasta. I opted for 2 things:

- Spinach Fusili Montara: This is delicious and not too heavy. Kinda salty though. Price is 180.
- An appetizer i do not see now in the menu (my bad): mozarella cheese with tomato sauce is delicious. Not too heavy, just a light snack. Still good to share with 3 pieces laid out on the plate.
- Sanrival: Amazing the layers are soft different from it's Goldilocks' counterpart. The slice is too thin I think but if your not that hungry, can also be shared coz it has a lot of butter.

If you do not mind the canteen/cafeteria ambience then go for it. You can always ask someone to order for you and get the condiments, utensils and yes...take home a 1.5 liter excess of your favorite soda or juice drink. This I really find odd for a well made up place like Amici in T. Morato.

I will visit again to try the pasta and the pizza. :)


8 years ago


wrote a review for Mister Kabab West Ave.

eating on the cheap


HOLY COW! where can you find a restaurant that serves an all beef dish for P80? and a good sized serving, too?!

i really enjoyed my visit to mister kabab. you can wear your houseclothes here. very casual atmosphere - not airconditioned but there's a roof. it's like a large & fancy carinderia.

what to order: shawarma in a plate. don't order the shawarma sandwich! order the one in a plate, there's MUCH more beef there (for an extra P20) and you can just make a side order of pita bread.

the only thing missing from this joint is ALCOHOL! how come there's no beer??? i was looking forward to drinking a cold one along with my hot shawarma. i have a feeling it's because they don't want customers lingering in this place. turnover is super fast and sometimes there's a line to wait to go inside. so you go in, order, eat, pay then get out.

oh i gave a 3star rating for the service because... well what do you expect from a place like this? they're okay. service is fast but don't expect friendly smiles.

highly recommend if you're in the QC area and are looking for something quick & cheap!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Kamay Kainan Trinoma Mall

Kamay Kainan - Not so bad


I've been there twice with my family, probably because I’m a sucker for "Sinigang sa Miso". The food is okay, not bad actually except for the Tempura. The service is a totally different thing; it takes forever to get an order or Tempura. I’m not a restaurant expert, but if you know that there’s going to be lots of people especially on a Sunday, you might think of expanding your tempura station and not keep giving excuses that “it’s a Sunday" or that "there’s a function ongoing”. The waiters are a bit unpleasant, which the management should try to improve, and when its time to get your bill - better have a stick of cigarette while you’re waiting. The price of the drinks is a bit unreasonable, hey I'm not a "cheap ass" but we opt to have water, its purified anyway.

On Sundays, be sure to come early because its jam packed. Most of the dishes are already available before 11am but the Crispy Pata and Fried Rice will be available around 11:30. You'll be disappointed with the dessert, might as well skip it.

Note: If you plan to have dinner or lunch at these types of places (all you can eat buffet), you might want to try the different variety of dishes, don’t go for the usual chicken and pork adobo there's lot of dishes to choose from like Sinigang na ulo, Ginataang Kuhol or Papaitan, so you’ll get your moneys worth. But if you still prefer the adobo or fired chicken, might as well eat at home.

8 years ago

Victor Ocson

wrote a review for Cyma Trinoma Mall

A good restaurant revisited


It's been a year since I went to this restaurant with my friends. And this year we chose to go back here to treat a friend who works abroad. I must say, this restaurant is on the list of my ever dependable places to eat. This time, we had the Tonnos salata, which basically means tuna salad, and the orso pasta dish (I forgot the name, but it sounds like bizootsky?). Both dishes were very good and the servings were very generous as usual, I was even able to take home a doggie bag. It's nice to know that whenever you're with friends who can't decide where to eat, there's always a restaurant you can go to that will not disappoint you. OOPAH!!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Behrouz Persian Cuisine Scout Tobias

The Best Kababs in Manila


Been going to this since the early 1990's when the original Red Rocks / Club Dredd was still located on the same street. This place undoubtedly serves the best Persian kababs in Manila, hands down. Personally, I don't think anyone has the right to review Persian food without first trying Behrouz. Make sure to order the dips and extra bread for a complete experience. Cap off with a shisha, if this available.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Fleur de Lys Tomas Morato

them writers


after a wonderful day at Ocean Park Manila, we decided to go to fleur de lys for some cakes. I've been eyeing this cafe for a long time and that day seemed like a great time to try it. First thing we tried was Yoya Poy's Bolognese and I liked the simple taste of the sauce. No raunchy aftertaste and it was very light that I passed my promised few forkfuls of the dish. Next up was Joaquin and Fleur de lys and let me tell you...it was Bailey-licious! But my favorite for that day was the Autumn Leaves. It reminded me distinctly of the chocolate cake my mama used to make. The cake was moist and the chocolate wasn't overpowering at all. The strawberry glaze added the right amount of sweetness to the cake. With the very casual and cozy ambience..Fleur de Lys will definitely find us coming over more often!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Café Breton Trinoma Mall

LA pinay


i dig the La Pinay here in Cafe Breton. I go to this place to treat my sweet cravings. I've been to this restaurant more than 10 times but i think i've only tried eating 3 varieties of their crepes and so far they are all good. The best crepe i've tasted in Manila comes from this little cafe. And the cappuccinos arent that bad too.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Five Cows Trinoma Mall

50% chance of incompetence


ate there yesterday around 7ish.

asked the first attendant how big their primavera sandwich is. she pointed at the menu. duh! pissed, i told her to use her hands or fingers to estimate the size, which she did.

ordered it anyway and loved it.

had room for dessert so i ordered the blueberry ice cream cheesecake. chatting with a companion and didn't notice how time flew. 10 minutes or so passed and no cake yet.

second food server apparently did not punch my order so there was no "order" so to speak. to think the room was not crowded.

pissed again. told them to cancel it.

four servers but two of them are daydreamers.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Amici Tomas Morato

Best Pizza in QC


Amici, originally a canteen in Don Bosco Makati opened a branch in Morato. It continued to keep its canteen ambiance which enabled them to keep prices reasonable. Great pizza, really good gelato, pastas are alright. Family style eating. I eat there every week and recommend it to everyone.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Bellissimo Ristorante Tomas Morato

A Let Down


I first ate here a few months after it opened. The decor was nice, creating an air of being in an authentic italian restaurant. Sadly all the dishes we ordered were not really that good, the pizza was soggy, the soup and pasta tasteless. In fairness to them, they might have improved as they were going thru some growing pains when we ate there. I don't plan to eat there in the near future.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Mann Hann Restaurant SM City North EDSA

Great Chinese food at very fair prices


My wife and I have been to Mann Hann Restaurant in SM North several times. We really like it a lot and recommend it without reservations. We first noticed at when we saw it was the almost the only restaurant in SM North and Trinoma mall and the Mall of Asia that always has a line at lunch time so we decided to try it and now it is one of our favorite places to have lunch. Sweet and Sour Pork here is wonderful. Normally Sweet and Sour Pork is what someone orders in a Chinese Restaurant when you dont know what to order but here is was great. We also both like the Wanton Soup (maybe I like it a bit more than my wife)-just the thing on a colder rainy day to warm you up. The Lechon Macau Hotspot is delicious with some very well cooked tofu also. The beef brisket is good also. The roast chicken was ok but you can get better chicken elsewhere. Our only negative experience was with Pata Tim which had too much fat for taste and health. One time we took our youngest daughter with us and she liked the Flan and I liked the mango cheese cake a lot. All in all we both endorse Mann Hann a lot and always get excellent service also in this busy place. The mixed vegetables are very good also and are good in a vegetarian way.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Slice n' Dice West Ave.



The 99 pesos price without rice seems to be a good deal at first. But if you cannot eat the 50% fatty contentin their steaks, I will rethink if I should return again.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Yellow Cab Pizza SM The Block

Not as good as Pizza Hut


Not to long ago my Wife and I were walking around SM Mall North wondering where to have lunch. I wanted to try Yellow Cab Pizza as I have seen it endorsed on some Manila Food blogs. My wife did not feel it was a good choice and was, as normal, right. Any way she agreed we would try it. Sad to say it was not as good as Pizza Hut-the Pizza was not bad-maybe a little greasy-but at the very least no better than Pizza Hut and higher priced. In Pizza Hut you get service by a waiter, a china plate, and metal knife and fork. In Yellow Cab you place your order at the counter and the food is served in a box with a plastic fork. You have to go up to pick up your order at the counter.

8 years ago


P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:30PM - 12:00MN
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