Punchline Comedy Bar

Punchline Comedy Bar Quezon Ave.

1399 Quezon Ave South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 411-0662

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Tramway 3.78571428571429 5 14 0

wrote a review for Tramway Timog

Small Price, Big Food


If pigging out like there's no tomorrow is your trip, then a visit to Tramway over at Timog is the way to go. They first stood shop in Banawe and transferred to Timog early this year. Last time I was there, the price for total food overload was P170, I think. They serve everything in a long, buffet table including dessert, Filipino and Chinese, with an extra table on the side for fruits. I can't remember a time I left Tramway without seeing double because of too much food intake, it's crazy. For good eat-all-you-can food at affordable rates, drop by Tramway. It's well worth it.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Five Cows Trinoma Mall

Thumbs up for Five Cows


Once we saw the place, we immediately fell in love with it! We tried a couple of things in their menu. The Asian salad, Seafood Cream pasta, Lamborghini Panini... it was all to die for! It was so good! But of course, we can't leave without trying their desserts, so we ordered their choco fondue which was served with fresh fruits, mallows and ofcourse ice cream! It was heavenly! Will definitely bring my friends there! :)

7 years ago


wrote a review for Don Henrico's West Avenue

Don Henrico is great for people with big appetite


FOOD: I celebrated my birthday at Don Henrico's with my family. I ate their best seller pizza, pasta and their superb buffalo chicken.
Their food serving is very much okay for 8 to 10 peaople, a barkada, or a family with big appetite because they offer large servings for just 600.00.
Solve solve ka na sa isang 18 inches pizza and large pasta which all cost you 1000.00 only. If you want buffalo wings pa, it would only cost at around 500.00. and their wings dont look like tiny wings! As in big pieces talaga. So as in busog ka na, pasok pa sa budget mo if you only plan to spend 1000 bucks or 2 Thousand.
SERVICE: The staff are accomodating but they are just like staff in other fast food restaurants. Moderately attentive lang. I was expecting that they would be walking around asking the customers if the customers still need anything. They were nowhere in sight...had to wait for them to reappear before I could ask for my next batch of buffalo wings (i think i mentioned we have big appetite).Lol!
Ambiance: it's cozy but i think they need to decorate the place more. im planning to hold my brother's birthday tonight. Hopefully, the place is cozier because there will be christmas decorations and lights.
Value: The food is worth the price.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Alex III Restaurant Tomas Morato

Keep us coming back..


There used to be The Aristocrat.. then Alex III.. and now Reyes BBQ that's popping up everywhere.

These 3 restos served the best Chicken & Pork BBQ with their original Java sauce and Java rice... Really yummy!!! (All are similar.. I wonder why..)

This spy tried all of them and gives loyalty to Alex III though. I'm pretty sure they each cater to different market classes and each have a different standard. What I can't help but notice is that Alex III's restaurant is cleaner than the others, the service is more refined and efficient despite being almost always packed during peak hours and they serve delicious Japanese food, too! I love the Japanese Beef Yakiniku 7-Course Dinner.

True enough, this restaurant will definitely keep me & my family coming back!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Five Cows Trinoma Mall

5 moos


Simply said, they exceeded my expectations! :)
The food was served hot and tasty, presentation was nice, the place was comfortable and I think the price is just right.
The waiters most of the time were attentive but they sometimes all tend to stay at the receiving area waiting for new customers.
Well I would definietly come back and recommend this resto to my friends and family. Good job!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Mister Kabab West Ave.

Best Yoghurt Shake


There ain't no other yoghurt shake in the entire country that could ever come close... ;-)

My roomie and I used to spend over P300 in taxi fare (back & forth) just to get our hands on the yoghurt shake that cost a little over P30 each ;-D seriously, it's THAT good. we used to have late night cravings that went sooo bad... :-)

Yoghurt aside though, their kebabs are yummy too. I think their PITA bread is just slightly gummy though, so sometimes you feel like you're chewing on leather rather than food.

Lines can get crazy too! specially weekends (friday nights and saturdays). most after-party goers like to chill at Mr. Kebab.

They should work on the ventilation though. Sometimes it can get stuffy & humid...specially during hot summer nights.

More waiters/servers too! It can take a while to get someone's attention during peak hours...

7 years ago


wrote a review for Gerry's Grill Trinoma Mall



my husband and love loves to eat foods particularly sisig and we try most of the restaurants in trinoma and other places. gerrys's grill trinoma is one of the best,their very own sisig was so delicious, even their inihaw na manok is different from other inihaw, crab rice with butter (i think)....then the following day we tried gerry's Grill Mall of asia what's best there was their baked scallops, chicken kebab too, their very own gerry's iced tea. their staff were so good and efficient even at its peak period...their prices we're also affordable.this is a no-no joke, my husband and i working in a well-known chicken restaurant too but to be honest gerry's grill is the best.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Café Mary Grace Trinoma Mall

Our latest hangout


My friends and I love TrinoMa. We feel that QC deserves to have such a beautiful mall. And, for now, we have made Mary Grace our place to while away the minutes if we have no where else to go, or when we're waiting for a movie. Their drinks are reasonably priced, but all their yummy food stuffs are on the expensive side. Their pasta is really good. Their baked goodies are true goodies. But, I've never ordered a 60-peso ensaymada before. And, I don't think I'll start anytime soon. For now, I'll stick with their drinks.

Excellent service. Mary Grace knows how to pick her staff and knows how to teach them what to do and what to say and how to provide good service.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Kalye Juan Quezon City

breakfast anytime


Kalye Juan is a cool drinking place if you just want to chill out with friends without the noise and the bar crowds. But, my friends and I go here not for their cheap beer. We go there for after gimmick breakfast as an alternative to Mr. Kabab.

I've fallen in love with their Lechon Kawali from the first time I ordered it. I've only tried the other stuff because I pick from my friends' orders. Their tocino is grilled and thinly sliced in cute squares, the amount will force you to order extra rice, and its hardly your regular grocery tocino. Anyway, I've also tried their fish shanghai. I think they use bangus. It's quite good. We've also tried their sinigang, it's nothing special. But, it IS regularly good sinigang.

So there. I love the way they cook their eggs, scrambled in pinanggisa (garlic, tomatoes and onions). Their sinangag is sticky so it could be good or bad depending on your taste. Just remember that it's actually a regional restaurant, Kapampangan I think. So, the way the cook things aren't exactly your usual way.

The place looks cool, the chairs not too comfy meaning you shouldn't stay too long. They always have soap and tissue, so that's always a plus. They used to have bottomless barako coffee with their silogs. Now, I think you just pay extra. I don't. I love my hundred peso breakfast as it is.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Kozui Green Tea Quezon City

Re-introducing Relaxed Dining


Though easy to miss (with it being situated on a road lined with many other bar/restos and coffee shops), Kozui Green Tea is like a quiet green-themed sanctuary.

What makes it so different from the other establishments in the vicinity is that, once you enter the premises, a sense well-being comes over you. For the duration of your mealtime, you experience dining in what feels like a very zen state. The light background music and easy-on-the-eyes interior design almost makes you lose track of time.

The anmitsu is good, and the melon-flavored ones really bring out the clean taste of the dessert.

Seeing as it's green tea-themed, most of the desserts and drinks are green tea based. If you're the conservative eater, go easy on ordering all the tea flavored stuff. -Lest you start feeling that all the desserts/drinks taste too much alike.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Little Asia Quezon City

Asian Cuisine at It's Best!


Kudos to the Chef! Food here is great. I especially like the asian salad! Order the Chef's Recommendations and you will never go wrong. One comment though... the owner need not place his pictures with international celebrities, I think it it cheesy. Maybe it is his way of marketing his resto...I still think it's cheesy.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Five Cows Trinoma Mall

Almost a High Five for the Five Cows


Limbering up to the cinema level of Trinoma, we ventured to the whitewashed dessert mania resto of five cows. Remembering it from another blog, my companion and I order nearly everything on the menu, ala tasting menu we cooked up....

tomato soup was good, a tad watery and at times had an identity crisis (it tasted like shrimp bisque.. hmm, nothing wrong with that)

Cheese fondue... HEAVY.. plus some bread, mushrooms and tapa... yum.

Peperroni pizza was nice.. a bit thick rectangular crust....

Will certainly come back next time for steak sandwiches that looked wicked!

Of course, desserts were the piece de resistance... we had a bombastic chocolate gauche(whose name i forgot) and another turron looking ice cream cake thing....

Well, im the type that all culinary sins are washed away with great desserts.. haha

service was quite good. kudos to the crew, especially ver.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Kalye Juan Quezon City

arroz caldo


i ordered arroz caldo there, and what did i get? "sinabawang kanin". yes, i'd really wanna tell their chef, or cook, that they would be deceiving their customers if they serve "sinabawang kanin". I cook too, and I know the right consistency of arroz caldo if you cook raw rice or bigas to make arroz caldo, which is the right way. but what i was served was cooked rice which was "re-boiled" with ginger, toasted garlic etc. kung hindi nila magagawa ng tama yung dish, sana wag na lang nila i-offer. those arroz caldos and gotos in roadside carinderias are far better than kalye juan's arroz caldo. and how much did that serving of arroz caldo cost me? 90 pesos. yes 90 pesos para lang sa "sinabawang kanin".

though in the spirit of fairness, my friend like their pinakbet which had a tinge of peanuts. though it was also weird that their pinakbet had squid in it, still my friend like the dish.

and another friend of mine, ordered tosilog, which is his favorite among kalye juan's dishes. but when i saw it, it was just your ordinary tocino in the grocery. the only difference is that it was grilled, not fried, so minus the unnecessary calories.

lastly, i think, it's more of a drinking place. their main dishes were not that good, but their pulutan's are acceptable. like fried tenga. and they have dinamita which a lot of people like, but i haven't personally tried.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Kopi Roti Tomas Morato

Good Food


A Very simple yet cozy foodstop. You get your coffee in a flash! I love their Kopi Bun & the roti as well. Though there are times I get to order some overbaked Kopi buns one time but then I didn't mind eating it then since the taste is still okay. The staff is courteous and very accommodating.

7 years ago


P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:30PM - 12:00MN
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