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Five Cows 3.33333333333333 5 15 0

wrote a review for Five Cows Trinoma Mall

Not Worth 5 Stars


Come on, guys. I sought out this place because it got rave reviews. I was surprised to find out that it's a crowded little place, wide open to the Trinoma cinema lobby. It has dirty white picnic tables and chairs for furnishings, and the waiters provide little candles to help keep the flies away from your food. The menus must have looked good when they were new, but they are obviously not new anymore.

I will concede that the food is inventively prepared and well-presented. In fact it all seemed out of place. I simply couldn't see myself ordering and eating even a semi-expensive steak in those surroundings.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Cyma Trinoma Mall

Simply perfect!


It may be a little challenging to get to Cyma in Trinoma since its in the garden area topmost floor and far from the main exit [cinema side], but its all definitely worth it! Getting there is as adventurous as the food itself.

If you have not seen the place, then you’re missing a lot.

I’ve dined in Cyma Shangri-la [even during the time that it was their only site here in Manila] and Greenbelt but so far this is the best. They’ve made a huge improvement on the bar and the design of their tables and chairs. Their new manager who was a previous crew from the Shangri-la site has worked well with his new team with the assistance of the manager from the mentioned site.

Food is as ever sooooo good! I’m not a fan of food with lots of spice but definitely appreciate a good one during any encounter.

The following are my recommendations:

Ultimate Iced Tea (none comes close)
Spinach and Artichoke Fondue
Mixed Meat Gyros

Baby Clams Angel Hair (pasta)
Pastisado (pasta)

Glyka Sampler

If you have a sweet tooth, DON’T EVER miss ordering Skolatina for dessert. It’s a cake that has oozing warm chocolates inside with vanilla ice cream on the side.

I’d like to write full details of my experience in Cyma Trinoma, but words are not enough. You may need to experience it yourselves. All I can say is that, it was the best!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Five Cows Trinoma Mall

5 of 5 Cows!


first question: can i steal their menu? the items are so beautifully photographed, you'll want to order everything on the menu.

and the food is magnifique!
food is well presented, service is excellent.
the ribeye steak which is imported from Australia and priced for less than P 600 was one of the best i've had. their pasta and sandwich selections are very good, too.

I always have a different foodie moments at this place and so far, anything I've tried on their menu does not fail to disappoint.

which brings me to another highlight of 5 cows - the dessert! Remember that yummy ice cream cake you always craved for as a child? They're found here!

Their ice cream selections that rival cold rock are worth mentioning, too. The ferrero crunch is a bit sweet for me though. My big reco is the banana caramel- Y-U-M-M-Y!!!

5 cows is located near the cinemas you won't miss it!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Chili's Bar and Grill Tomas Morato

not this chili's


if there's a chili's branch that needs to wake up, its this branch!

the service sucks, we ate there and it took a long time for them to get our order when the food arrived...

it sucked as well. quality was bad and the appetizers didn't look freshly-cooked. cold buffalo wings anyone?

i always liked chili's but i'm never going back to this branch again.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Cyma Trinoma Mall

Heavenly Wicked Dessert


Every time I dine at CYMA, on top of the different dishes I order - the Spinach and Artichoke Fondue is always included. I love the salty taste of the fondue- with sun-dried tomatoes, feta, melted cheese, and the crunchy on the edge and soft in the middle way the garlic bread is grilled.

Some of their food are delicious.. some I don't like..blah bah blah!!! Now, going to desserts...

SKOLATINA is heavenly!

It is a chocolate molten cake on a bed of roasted chestnut sauce and beside a creamy vanilla ice cream. Hhmm.. Sweet and seductive, isn't it? I love the contrast.. hot & cold, dark chocolate & light creamy vanilla, shade of ebony & ivory..

Slice the cake and release the oozing chocolate syrup...enjoy the aroma of chocolate and love every bite! If you order and it's overly done, just ask the waiter and they'll replace it without questions - only with an apology.

Ooh, Heavenly Wicked is a better description!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Oki Oki Trinoma Mall

What fast food?


When I first saw Oki Oki, my first impression was, A new fast food chain? What kind of name is Oki Oki??? An English word desperately trying to be Japanese. But being the adventurous foodie that I am (and a Japanese one at that), I decided to try it. And I am glad that I did.

The food was great, much better than other restaurants with similar settings (like Teriyaki Boy, Komoro Soba and Kitaro Sushi). Any tempura lover would celebrate here since they have a handful of choices: shrimp, fish, vegetable or a mix. I for one have always ordered their Kakiage tempura when I go there. The sauce was good as well, much better than what I had ever made or tasted. Sushi and sashimi lovers would also celebrate. There is a wide variety of sashimi and their sushi? I have been a sushi lover for a long time and I have wished for bigger servings and a more generous amount of ingredients used (like the roe in the makis) and Oki Oki has happily granted that. Their Crazy Maki was what I ordered and I was satisfied.

The service was also very good. When I first ate there, I was with my aunt and she had asked one of the workers for their opinion on the food, which one they would recommend. It turns out that that person was the manager. He recommends according to taste, not to price, considering that he suggested the cheaper gohan instead of the other one, claiming that they taste roughly the same anyway just that there was more meat in the other. He was very kind and answered our questions like the knowledgeable manager that he was supposed to be.

The ambience...there's not much to say here. As I've mentioned, they look like a fast food chain with a Japanese flair. Think Teriyaki Boy setting (and that includes the pictures of their mascot -- thankfully, no statue or paper place mats yet). So, if you're looking for a more traditional Japanese feel, Oki Oki is not the place to go to.

The value of this place is so-so. It is not too expensive, neither is it cheap. You won't be able to get a decent meal here with only P100 in your pocket. Around P500, I suppose, for one person. I had ordered their cold noodles their for P290 and that leaves enough for drinks and another dish.

Nontheless, Oki Oki is a great restaurant to visit. Sadly, it only has two branches as of the moment. One in TriNoma and another in MoA. I, for one, am waiting for them to expand :)

7 years ago


wrote a review for Gerry's Grill Tomas Morato

A PinOY FOOD FIESTA STYLE -only P 1,500 for 5.


GERRY’s GRILL: … A Pinoy FOOD FIESTA STYLE for only P 1,500 for 5.

By aly abaquin http://alyabaquin.blogspot.com
Excerpts from my blog...

A visiting friend from Jersey was hooked by gerry's grill...and here's our 2nd taste of gerry's grill...in Tomas morato.

Finishing our tour and photo- op of the ABS CBN Big brother house…He noticed in the corner of Tomas Morato the familiar sign of you know what???- GERRY’s GRILL… Yup- its the same resto in Trinoma but a little bigger… I told my friends he was hooked with the GRILL THING… so its our time to treat the guy.

But wait no time to go to the nearest ATM.. and with 1,500 budget this friends of mine really left me to order what he would like…and since I’m good at cheap eats but great food kidda thing I was head on serious with the role…and….

Since I know him better a- HALF PINOY DIBA.. so enough of the griller food he always have back home and lets get his heart stopping Pinoy food on the table…DEVILISHLY plotting that he should taste pinoy food once in a while and good native… so to speak…

Since he tasted grilled chicken kebab and mussels earlier why not take him the PINOY way to celebrate friendship and set a place for surprise…

A FILIPINO FOOD FIESTA STYLE for only P 1,500 for 5.

I ordered for 2 servings of that PUSONG ADOBO (P140each) P 280,CRISPY PATA P390, SISIG P157,BAKED SCALLOPS. P165 - My favorite!!!,300gTUNA BELLY P225 and CALAMARES P 135 with drinks of Bottomless Iced TeaP66, Buko Juice P 55, San Mig light P 39.00 + VAT and the other two took water… he.he he…

GRAND TOTAL P 1,511.00 Not bad for FAB 5 and to top it all no service charge.. Its really value for money. Enough said what about the taste….

The Pusong adobo is abodo rice wrapped in banana leaves –feeling your eating your BINALOT days in the province and the Chichken and pork adobo is imbedded inside the steamy brown rice. YUMMMY…farmers food never tasted so good.

The Scallops are my favorite which is baked and on top is overload of cheese and the taste is sweet and the scallops are freshly brought to Manila from Davao.

The Cripy Pata is hands down crispier to the touch and much delightfully crunchier while dipped in vinegar and soy sauce with chopped onions, garlic and sili as floaters. The Tuna belly is succulent and very delicious- grilled comfort food indeed plus the SISIG is heart stopping wonderfully served in hot plate… Grabe sa RAPSA….

As silence filled the air we noticed that no one was saying a thing.. Then laughter beamed as are tummies are literally full. BUSOG na BUSOG!!!

The Jersey guy was asking if they have branches in the states I think so… he just dreams that this resto should be in New Jersey soon….

AGAIN… VALUE MEAL FIESTA STYLE !! DELUXED you bet your bottom dollar I Did it my way… Gerry’s Grill is no doubt a proud KAPAMILYA AT KAPUSO!!!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Gerry's Grill Trinoma Mall

Jersey Guy got hooked by Gerry's grill


Jersey guy got hooked by gerry's grill
By Aly Abaquin

Excerpts from my blogspot: http://alyabaquin.blogspot.com

A jersey guy who is a grill freak A.K.A. Bobby FLAY freind of mine came to visit....and got hooked with gerry's grill here's our story....

I remember that Sunday afternoon grills at his crib when I spent time in jersey that summery June. He knows a thing or two about grilling…. So I met him up and we went to Trinoma the newest mall near my new manila residence to tour him of our emerging MALL-ECONOMY that is…and bet you I’ve convince him to stay put since lunch weather at where we at is pretty cooler and the breeze touches your face like a kiss HMMMP good INTROO… and diversion so instead of going to Tagaytay that is hours away and due to my prodding and vivacious talkativeness.

I recommended that he try and take a look at this casual fun resto… so we have a beautiful scenic lunch in GERRY’s GRILL in Trinoma. Good thing we have our seats in al fresco area overlooking verdant hills from afar. And not bad for mimicking TAGAYTAY…and the weather -good airy and with a whip of cold swaying air touches your head now and then…. He smiled as our lunch was being served we ordered the Chickhen Kebab and the Mussels in spicy sauce and two iced tea and two garlic rice and a buko pandan. Since he is FILAM by the way and likes what he tasted and was so surprised as the dish- the mussels are really fresh and spicy with its chopped siling labuyo (Chili), toasted garlic, onions leaks and special spicy ketchup concoction of Soy sauce, sugar and ketchup - was a great lunch combi with the Chunky Chicken skewered in sticks with mushrooms, onions and green and red pepper grilled to perfection was appetisingly gorgeous plus as if he grilled it himself.

He confessed he like what he see and tasted. So while munching and drinking my way out of lunch we immersed ourselves of the times I’ve spent in jersey city and how I done a side job a “day” at the Baby gap store for a while then decided that I need to go to cape cod and try out Black Dog in Martha’s Vineyard so on with our delightful lunch conversation till we notice that its already 3pm….

Talk, talk and lunch was superb and the servers are at tentative. Good and to top it all. Our bill is just P 500++ pesos,as I peek-ka boo at the receipt that is since this jersey guy is footing the bill…. Great food. Great Price value for money indeed..

But wait he like it so much that he wanted more I told him later for dinner since we need to tour him in Trinoma and later a stop over ABS CBN since he like to see the Big Brother house… Gerry’s grill is indeed a place where friendship is forged again and a place to simmer good conversation.

Up next Jersey guy got hook with Gerry’s grill 3 times over….. wait till we met our barkada at Gerry’s grill Tomas Morato… he really like what he tasted…what can we do... ibigay and hilig... 2nd stop Gerry's Grill Tomas Morato..

7 years ago


wrote a review for Abe Restaurant Trinoma

Very Poor Service--AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!


We are balikbayans from New York City and are frequent travellers to Europe and Asia; however, we have never seen a restaurant with such poorer service as Abe in Trinoma. We were a group of 11 people and requested to be seated inside the restaurant (instead of outside in the open air). We came early at 5:30 pm on a Saturday evening hoping our request will be accommodated, but the restaurant management said the tables inside the restaurant were already all reserved. We told them we are regular customers of the Larry Cruz group (it was our 4th dinner within 4 days in a Larry Cruz restaurant), but this did not matter. We thought loyalty to the LJC group would help, but it didn't. One of the waiters even recognized that we were there on Valentine's day with another big group and the previous day for lunch, but this did not help us get the table inside the restaurant. They seated us outside in 2 round tables that were brought together, so it was so uncomfortable eating. We requested to be seated in regular square tables but again our request was denied. We would understand it if the place was full, but we were the first customers and even when we left the place at 9 pm, there were still 2 long tables inside that were unoccupied the whole time we were there. Also, they took so long to bring in the drinks and food. When we were finished eating, again it took so long to wrap up our leftovers for take home. Imagine, we came in at 5:30 pm and did not finish until 9:00 pm. VERY POOR SERVICE --NO GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Larry Cruz, if you were only still alive, fire the restaurant manager at Abe Trinoma. This person will give you more headaches as customers are being turned off by the poor customer service. My friends and I will never set foot on this restaurant again and we will tell our other friends to avoid this place. We prefer eating at Fely J's at Greenbelt 5--it is a newer restaurant but the waiters are well trained and are very accommodating.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Zensho Tomas Morato

Do not forget to order the best talaba in town


The restaurant is not that big like any japanese restaurant, the waitress will welcome you in japanese language, it is not a typical buffet restaurant that the food is already in the buffet table, this time you need to order the food you like and they will cook it for you. left over is not allowed, so you will only order the food that you can consumed. There oyster is bake and served with sauce, this is the best oyster i ever try, i recommend this restaurant to my friend and they say the bake oyster is really fresh and tasty my whole family keep going back this place.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Tramway Timog

Wallet Wise and Tummy Wise


he food is rich and elegant buffet a combination of pilipino, chinese and japanese menu in one. This is a cheapest buffet in town that serve 30 to 40 dishes for the price of US$4 net per person (unless it increase now), Try this place you wont regrets its yummy.....dont forget to try there sweet and sour pork i love it, and the butchie w a sweet mongo felling inside.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Kopi Roti Tomas Morato

A coffee Bun


Ist time I hear Kopi roti in TV I was intrigue with there bun, a newly cook bread with melted butter inside and coffee on the top, the bun was good but I feel dis appointed because the crust of the bread is so hard it is only good when hot. I can not recommend there coffee it is only good for there price, but i love there soft boiled egg. The staff is excellent and the price is very affordable...

7 years ago


wrote a review for Mister Kabab West Ave.



compared to behrouz and ababu, mister kebab is definitely an A1 in persian food. there are a lot on their menu with very cheap price but good servings. I like their rice and yoghurt,.,their korma is tasty...

di ko ma-describe dahil sa halagang 300php, sobrang sulit na sa amin dalawa ng girlfriend ko...

i make sure na i come here and eat once a month!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Max Brenner Trinoma Mall



By: Aly Abaquin http:alyabaquin.blogspot.com

** edited version log on to my blogspot for more***

Have you tasted the SUCKAO or the HUG MUG in Max Brenner? If not your missing one great orgasmic experience.

EXAGGERATED!!! You might say. But No I’m not like Meg Ryan in the date flick movie of Harry meets Sally wherein she turns in a convincingly fake orgasmic take on harry for that great dinner date. Mind you this one for real.

“Your shitting me!!!” and “Shut up!!!” said a friend of mine until we trooped down to Max Brenner in Trinoma. But I got de-virginize last time at Max Brenner Greenbelt branch years ago so which by the way is more appealing in terms of location and ambiance, but we are saving our gas money to get that sensual, delightful, after sex feeling- so we trooped to Trinoma instead.

OKEY FOLKS !! With that Flowery anecdotes we are admittedly a chocolate addict and we are in love with chocolates & any cacao concoctions.

I did spend my Play money (Harv T. Ecker : Secrets of the Millionaire Mind term) of this fabulous dessert drink for that Kodak moments in my life as a foodie.

Here’s the feeling both me and a friend got when we did have that elicit affair with the SUCKAO and the HUG MUG.
The Suckao is the elaborate Do-it yourself (DIY) espresso of chocolate drink. It is placed in an egg-shaped mug with a tea-light candle underneath along side some freshly blocks of chocolate and a small jug of milk.

Feel free to mix your own- dense, concentrated shot of rich chocolate or a more milky concoction.
“The term SUCKAO is made up of two words that describe the utensil and the unique drink it contains. Suc-to draw the dense liquid through the metal tube and Kakao the Spanish word for cacoa beans from which the rich chocolate drink is made.” Really Really Really Good. Did I mention that 3 times. ;) Yes you did…..

The Hug Mug – a light and frothy beverage, wherein the chocolat is made of 100% chocolate from cocoa beans of Venezuela in origin and is served in a specially design mug for hugging by both hands so that it creates that ultimate drinking experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance. We suggest go for the Dark chocolat rather than the Milk chocolat to get your money’s worth.
The place are painted dark brown to convey the idea that they carry chocolate but modernly MOD/hip and is accented with the local solihiya chairs to evoke some Cosmo Manila Vibe into this haven.

That’s Chocolate by the Bald Man.
It’s addictive at first taste so save up for that Sex in the city Drink Thing.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Cravings Restaurant Tomas Morato



CRAVINGS: EAT ALL YOU CAN SALAD & P1,000 Lunch for 3!!!
BY: ALY ABAQUIN http://alyabaquin.blogspot.com

My Family dines-out a lot and we are considered to be a bunch of picky eaters. So choosing a restaurant is a bit difficult. It must be a nice place that is not crowded, but accessible, good ambience and value for money should be taken into account. These are the criteria that we look for when we dine out.

We can’t help it. We love the thrill of a GOOD FIND, GREAT FOOD but CHEAP EATS!!

We love a great adventure of a lunch-out that does not strain the wallet. And today SUNDAY Feb 3, 2008 lunch time- My mom was craving for salads- and with a budget of only P 1,000 pesos. She can proved to me that today a family of three can have a FUN DINING experience for only P 1,000 pesos.

WOW really!!! You are kidding me I told my MOM.

You heard it right folks!!! P 1,000 lunch GOOD FOR 3!!! So what are we waiting for let’s go!!!

So Mom, I and my DAD drove up to CRAVINGS in Tomas Morato branch- this is just beside the French Fries Edifice building of McDonalds’ Tomas and at the back of UCC Tomas Morato.

THE FEEL: As we enter we are greeted with friendly smiles and full of warmth- as if we are just visiting a relative’s house on a Sunday lunch. They have a good seating set-up -an elongated comfy seat and a large table with modern wooden chairs of some Italian designer is readily available. The staff is very accommodating and we feel at home.
Unique dining Experience: “EAT ALL YOU CAN SALAD & Soup for every main course”

Our main course: Seafood Brochette IS GOOD TO SHARE and Chicken Cordon Blue SINGLE SERVING.

THE SALAD BAR : Garden Salad, Penne Salad & Potato salad is readily available or you can- Make your own salad : on buffet are the garnish in full force : sweet corn kernels, sliced ham, chunky tuna, brown mushrooms, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, chopped boiled eggs, julienned singkamas, carrots, round cucumber and gelatin.

THE DRESSINGS: Caesar salad dressing, thousand island, Asian and citrus vinaigrette.
THE BREAD: Large cut crostini and freshly baked bun breads. With butter or fruit jam.
THE SOUP: A choice of SUPA de Ajo and Cream of Corn.
With the buffet my mom whips up a casting call for her version of the Caesar Salad and then on her second take whips up her own Garden salad. Remember we only ordered two main courses. But wait with my savvy mother he amaze me of her Mini Crostini tuna sandwich concoction - all from the buffet table.
Ina Garten of the Famed Barefoot Contessa show will surely agree.

MY MOM’s CREATIVE Mini Crostini Tuna Sandwich: Buttered Crostini bread in between of Dijon mustard, lettuce, tuna chunks plus potato salad. Presto a quick and easy sandwich that goes well with her salads- no main course needed. (Note: the Crostini are larger here and can be use as a mini sandwiches.)
As for my Dad he settled for the cream of corn soup. Since dad just wants the soup and waited for his Seafood Brochette.

As for me- I’ve chosen the Penne Salad which I topped off with mushroom, tuna chunks ,drizzled with cheddar cheese and Asian dressing . SARAP!!! I want more but opted to make my own concoction of my Mini Crostini HLT not BLT mind you : Not to be out savvied I made my own version of that Crostini HLT sandwich: Ham lettuce, cheese, tomato, cucumber and thousand island sauce. Now I know where I got that foodie genes in me.

Remember it’s an eat all you can salad buffet and show them your creativity….

THE MAIN COURSE: The Chicken Cordon Bleu: Chicken breast stuffed with the finest ham, cheese and spinach -deep fried for a sealed in flavor. It’s crispy & tasty. Served with an artistically swirled mashed potato and buttered veggies of carrots and string beans on its side placed in a large platter for that perfect presentation. Yummy and artsy as well.

The Seafood Brochette- Skewered Fish fillet, squid and prawns flavored with mixed herbs and spice then grilled and served with sautéed vegetables laid on top of the rice pilaf. My dad is smiling and very much satisfied. While for my mom she’s satisfied her craving for salad and her Crostini Sandwich is filling.

THE PRICE: FOR ONLY P 869 pesos we have 3 meals…. Hurray for my MOM!!!

Here’s the math: Chicken Cordon Bleu P 375,+ Seafood Brochette P 415 + 10 % service tax+ local tax of 1.75% = P 869.( prices as of Feb 3, 2008)

Remember the main course comes with a free EAT ALL YOU CAN SALAD & SOUP. GREAT DEAL indeed.

ALL THE MORE REASONS TO CRAVE FOR CRAVINGS! CRAVING’S EAT ALL YOU CAN SALAD & SOUP with every order of a main course IS VALUE FOR MONEY. A must try. We vowed to be regulars.
Happy Eating.

7 years ago


P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:30PM - 12:00MN
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