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Punchline Comedy Bar Quezon Ave.

1399 Quezon Ave South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 411-0662

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RUB Ribs & BBQ 2.6 5 15 0

wrote a review for RUB Ribs & BBQ Quezon City

Baby Back Ribs!


One of the best Baby Back Ribs in town! Eating here was worth it, though the place is too small. Will definitely go back again.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Thaipan Tomas Morato

Almost Thai, still, worth a try


Had the: Tom Yam Kung, Roti with shrimps curry dip, phad thai, crispy crablets in black pepper sauce, fried rice with chicken.

Drinks: green mango juice, house iced tea, pandan juice.

While the flavors seemed authentic, the delicate balance of flavors in real Thai food was not there. Everything was way too sweet!

Props though for the sourness of the tom yam. Although it had a sweet finish, it was not afraid to be sour. Sadly though, I think it was actually made from a concentrate, where else would all that residual powder at the bottom of the bowl have come from? That said, it was a pretty good concentrate and the shrimps were not overcooked - a major feat.

Tom Yam is usually a good measure of the finesse of the cook in the Phil. So it was no surprise then that everything else was:

crablets: sweet but spicy
pad thai: sweet and a little too wet from the sauce
roti: sweet but with a nice coconut flavor
fried rice: we asked for no sugar, so it was not sweet and the sauce on the side gave it really excellent flavor!

mango juice: the fruit pulp was not well integrated into the ice; maybe not enough blitzing in the blender.

pandan juice: too sweet; but nice flavor.

Worth another try... ask for no sugar!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Congo Grille Tomas Morato

Great Dining Experience at Congo Grille


it is such a very great experience dining at Congo Grille tomas morato branch! The restaurant is so cool,relaxing ambiance. The employees are really representing the jungle fun inside the restaurant.
The foods are so great!!!!! Everything really comes alive at Congo Grille!!!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Romulo Cafe Quezon City



We ordered smoked bangus pate with pandesal chips, pomelo salad, tito greg’s kare-kare, honey garlic pork spare ribs, flying tilapia with 3 sauces, rice, ginataang sigarillas with tinapa and drinks. I was enjoying my food (as it was admittedly palatable) when I noticed a foreign object on my “ginataang sigarillas with tinapa”. I examined the object closer only to find out that it was a FLY. I showed the same to my friends who confirmed that it was indeed a fly. I was entirely grossed out that I didn’t touch any of the other dishes we ordered. We took a picture just to make sure we have proof of our claim. Thereafter, we brought it to the attention of one of the waiters, who immediately replaced my plate and pulled out the contaminated “sigarillas”. No other action was taken as if it was just a minor thing. Annoyed by this treatment, one of my friends called the manager. Apparently, he was not aware of the incident. Amusingly, he asked us if the fly was dead, as if it would have made any difference. After seeing the picture, he offered a complimentary slice of cake.

To be fair, they apologized and ended up footing the bill but not after one of my colleagues was already irate at how they handled the situation. We recommended that they dispose of the same batch of ginataang sigarillas prepared that night.
We thought that they can benefit alot if they: (1) enforce a higher food hygiene standard; (2) improve their crisis response management.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Primero Casa Filipino Quezon City

Nice Place, disappointing food....: (


Good location, plenty of safe parking space within and nearby, nicely renovated classic Filipino house.

Food however is very disappointing. At P600++ per head (excluding drinks) for a dinner buffet is expensive for a restaurant that offers mainly, cheap, fat & oily food comparable to "carinderia's at turo turos".
Carving station offers only high in fat, unedible skin liempo. Sun dried looking lechon manok. Sign says lechon de leche but I didn't see any, (I arrived 7:40pm and stayed till 10:00pm).
The main entree, slow roasted angus beef appeared only once (is that why it's called slow?) where in the whole serving was only about 2 kilos cooked and half of it are fat, plainly not enough to serve to everyone.

Aside from the fruit, the rest of the desserts tasted alike, from puto to pastries to maha blanca. I came to realize only after my dessert that there are also dry and old looking appetizers inside the bar area leading to the gents room and also another buffet table inside a room opposite the bar are pizza's that don't look yummy either.

The waitresses wearing yellow Filipiniana are all problematic looking, they don't even smile as you enter, must be over worked, underpaid perhaps.

Despite reading this and still you want to try it?, go ahead and write a review after to substantiate my claim, don't forget to bring xenical. But if you are treating for a celebration, better go elsewhere, mapapahiya ka lang sa bisita mo.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Alba Restaurante Español Tomas Morato

Not worth the price..


Went here with my family to try out something different. We decided to avail the buffet (worth 695 + 10% SC), since the food looked very appetizing. But the taste of the food did not meet our expectation from its presentation.

I think the only dish I enjoyed was the one with the ox tongue, plus the appetizers, including the soup. Everything else tasted average. I hated the black pasta! It tasted terribly like Jollibee spaghetti.. It was TOO SWEET. My mom & I expected for it to taste something like Paella Negra.

As for the waiters, they were okay.. like what foodiedoodie said.. attentive, but not friendly. The ambiance was nice. It felt very homey..

For the 695++ per head, we was not satisfied. The food's worth should be something between the range of 350 to 500, without the service charge.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Inasal Chicken Bacolod SM The Block

Be Sure to Check your plate for cockroaches!


I am regular customer here because we love the chicken. However, yesterday Jan. 29, 2012 my daughter was surprised that a cockroach emerged from underneath the banana leaf covering her wooden plate. She was shocked to see this and she consequently lost her appetite.Wen we showed it to the waiter all he said was, "baka na singit lang". Mind you guys the cockroach was alive!!!

7 years ago


wrote a review for French Baker SM City North EDSA

French Baker SM North Edsa a big disappointment


I was very excited to have dinner at French Baker last night since it will be my first time to try their entrees. However, I was very disappointed with the server Diane who took our orders. My dad and I saw her roll her eyes on us when we asked some questions about a pasta dish. She was impatient and arrogant. In addition to that, our porkchop tasted bland and was hard as a rock. The cooking oil used for the chicken in the pasta dish was also obviously the cheap and smelly type of oil. Very disappointed with what French Baker in SM City North Edsa had to offer us. Won't be going back here.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Mango Tree Bistro Trinoma Mall

authentic Thai Food


we love Mango Tree Bistro!
they serve authentic Thai food
I especially liked the grilled herb chicken and shrimp cakes! yummeeee!!!

7 years ago


wrote a review for Tong Yang Quezon Ave.

Closing Down


You know that a restaurant will soon close down when the service you get stinks. From the moment I entered this restaurant, I had bad vibes when the girl at the door insists where I sit and that is in front of the restroom. It seems that the customer is always wrong and it took a good 15 minutes for her to realize we wanted to sit where we wanted. Were it not for the traffic I would have walked out immediately. Then the food. Nothing was fresh. I even saw the owner/or manager put back some veggies in the buffet table that seem to have been abandoned for a reason. Now one would start guessing why it had been abandoned and why was it put back? Is this restaurant that hard up? The aircondition was barely working and I was sweating while I was getting my ingredients for the shabu-shabu. I guess my bodily fluids mixed with the soup. Believe me, that would be my last time at Tong Yang. But I guess, that won't matter since the waiters themselves are whispering as to when they will lose their jobs due to closure.

7 years ago


wrote a review for RUB Ribs & BBQ Quezon City



The place was so small! It had 2 ugly tables in the small sidewalk! We were seated on ground floor with a folding table. We had called in for a reservation but this was the best that they could do. Chairs used were beige monoblocks! Service was so bad - not enough staff or too many reservations? The only comfort room was out of order. We used a voucher we bought online. Validity was until January 18th but there was a signage posted in the resto that they will be closed starting the 16th. Luckily (unluckily), we were able to use the voucher last January 15th. Ribs were tender but did not really have much of a BBQ taste. Catsup and Tabasco tasted much better. Spinach and mushroom sidings were too salty. The Baked potato soup had a ton of black pepper and was hastily made with potato and cheese cubes. Nothing special with their Fish and Chips that we just had to take out because of the things happening in the restaurant. Other guests were going to the counter to place their orders and a lady even got her order of rice from the cook! Their kitchen is just behind the counter and is so unorganized! I hope it was clean! I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Barrio Fiesta SM City North EDSA



the crispy pata is so good as well as the kare kare and shanghai rice... fast service naman though medyo masikip ang lugar kahit nga ung mga waiter wala ng madaanan. ang pangit nga lang din ng plain rice nila parang NFA rice pero over all satisfied naman kami since masarap talaga ung karekare and crispy pata. fried chicken is very ordinary, paella rice is good just ok. next time ciguro mag stick lang kami sa crispy pata, karekare and shanghai rice..

7 years ago


wrote a review for Lamesa Grill Trinoma

Honesty is the best policy!


Ive been a fan of La mesa grille, as their foods are really great! especially the kare2(ox tail) and their lechon i love it too! the garlic chicken is sometimes very salty .. much of the food and let's go to my experience .. been a customer of la mesa grille and the crew are very courteous and very polite.. i usually give them a tip. but one day i ate at La mesa grille in MOA along with my husband and sister , but when i asked for my bill i told the crew i didn't order those food.. then he took the receipt and went back to the cashier, after a few minutes the manager went to me and give me same exact receipt. told him again , the foods listed their were not the food that i ordered. then he took his pen and had a check list. told him on that receipt its only the garlic chicken that i ordered, the rest i didn't order for them.. gave him the list of the food that i ordered and gave me a new receipt. i said what a day! then the next week we ate at La mesa grille in MOA again and same thing happene d.. gees seems like they have a problem with their cashier.. if the customers are not honest they might find out someday that they are losing the business already .. tsk tsk.. i hope they will change their cashier..

7 years ago


wrote a review for Gelatissimo Trinoma Mall

Yummy Gelato Flavors


I really like Gelatissimo's gelatos. They have a wide array of flavors to choose from and you can sample each one of them before deciding which ones to have. The place has a very red and cool ambiance as well and it's pretty clean inside. The only drawback is that the place can get a bit noisy, especially when chock-full.

I like the Lemon Cheesecake and Panna Cotta flavors. They're among the best ice cream flavors I've tried. Plus, the gelatos they serve are really healthy. They practically have less fat than ordinary ice creams. Give it a go and you'd be delighted.

For the full review, please visit:

7 years ago


wrote a review for Fleur de Lys Tomas Morato

Sweet Indulgence


For those people who like their desserts made just with the right sweetness, this one's certainly the best place to go to.

I love their mini cakes, like the pavlova picasso and the dolce and gabanana. The prices might be leaning on the high-end side with some of these pastries costing more than some other bakeshops', but it's probably worth every penny you would pay for if you want that satisfaction and delight from perfectly baked goodies that have that uniquely balanced sweetness.

The ambiance of the place is also nice but it can get crowded at times. Service was also average. It's worth a try, but I don't actually see myself being a regular.

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7 years ago


P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:30PM - 12:00MN
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