Purple Oven

Purple Oven Pasig

63 St Peter St Oranbo, Pasig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 631-4221
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Gina Gamolo

Gina Gamolo craved

3 months ago

Leila Rosales

Leila Rosales craved for Fudge Brownies

5 months ago

Mark Ferrer

Mark Ferrer craved for Honeycomb Crunch Cake

8 months ago

Lala Villavicencio

Lala Villavicencio craved for Chocolate Lava Cakes and Chocolate Campfire

8 months ago

Lui Lati

Lui Lati craved for Chocolate Campfire

9 months ago

Mark Miculob

Mark Miculob craved for Chocolate Banana Walnut Loaf

9 months ago

Dafy Macalalad

Dafy Macalalad craved for Fudge Brownies

9 months ago

Millette Robles

Millette Robles craved for White Chocolate Sans Rival

9 months ago

Anthea Torres

Anthea Torres craved

9 months ago

Scott So

Scott So craved for Banoffee Pie

10 months ago

Angeley Grasuta

Angeley Grasuta craved for Pistachio Stardust

11 months ago

Jerrelyn Paulino

Jerrelyn Paulino craved for Dark Mocha Sans Rival

11 months ago


Pastry Shop
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 8:00AM - 7:30PM
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