QQ Restaurant

QQ Restaurant Quezon City

228 A Bonifacio Ave San Jose, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines

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Jeremy Tan

wrote a review for Metro Cuisines Retiro

Stay Away


The place has a lot of flies.

Hygiene is suspect.

The girl sitting in the desk is a first class biatch.

Food is actually okay, it was just that girl who was so rude to us that mad the experience horrible.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Causeway Seafood Restaurant Banawe

follow the crowd


plenty of people eating here, so perhaps food is not expected to be served fast. everything good enough without being exceptional.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Uncle Roni's Pub Sto. Domingo



Uncle Roni’s Pub is a great place for “genuine” tambay. It’s not that noisy, service is good, plus you get the chance to watch sports channels while having a nice conversation with friends.

Money value is good, relatively cheaper than bars around Timog-Tomas Morato Area.

Food is also good. Being a sucker for chicken feet, I like the taste of Adobong Adidas served there. If the chicken feet were a lot tenderer, it would have been perfect.

Overall, I highly recommend the place. :)

7 years ago


wrote a review for Kimpo Tea House Banawe

Here to stay.....


This restaurant is definitely here to stay..... good service, accessible parking, great tasting food and affordable.
Visitable weekly....hindi ka mag sasawa.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Chef Robert Banawe

Bland Food


If bland food is what you're after, this is the place to go.

The breaded pork chop they serve is worse than horrid, it's practically tasteless. At first, you'd be surprised to see how large the serving is compared to their other dishes. The meat is tender, yes, but its taste is flatter than a dead person's vital signs. Plus the gravy they use obviously came from a can: it tastes like one. Even KFC's watered-down gravy is better.

The pepper chicken they serve might taste good at first bite, but it worsens after each succeeding bite and you get tired of it very, very quickly.

Don't be fooled by the prices: a lot of the dishes have small servings.

They also have a diverse menu compared to other places, but despite this, only very few items there appeal to me, a relatively easily pleased chronic carnivore.

My advice? Try the place if you want. Your mileage may vary. I know somebody who likes the food here, but dislikes Conti's. That's a clue on how his taste on food goes.

7 years ago


wrote a review for theOriginal Savory Quezon City

Better than Classic Savory


I don't know what's the difference though they may look and sound alike. All I can say is that Classic Savory is good, but Original Savory is way better! Their chicken recipe hits the spot and I love the way they prepared their gravy, a perfect match. Their pancit also tastes good. All of their menu prices are very affordable too.

7 years ago

Red Box

wrote a review for Kimpo Tea House Banawe



I often eat in Kimpo during lunch break. Good food fast service. My favorite here is their Hainanese chicken with ginger sauce and taro puff.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Maki Haus Banawe

very disappointing

I ordered 2 asado siopao and a Makimi. The siopao must have been left out to dry. The outer shell of the siopao is hard and dry and the paper was stucked to the bottom of the siopao. The noodle tasted bitter. Maybe, it's not a good idea to go to this restaurant at 4 PM, or it may simply be that they are losing their customers, so food starts to go bad rather than consumed.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Tempura Japanese Grill Banawe

pulubing waiter


Masarap ang food pero bakit ganun parang pulubing nanghihingi ng tip yung waiter na nagserve sa BF ko at sa mga kapatid nya. Di lang yun, pati yung tip na iniwan sa lagayan ng pera nakita ng kapatid ng BF ko na ibinulsa. Tama ba yun?

7 years ago


wrote a review for Caffé Dolce Banawe

Nice and Healthy Cafe!


10 things I like about this Coffee shop and restaurant:

1. Relaxing music --- makes the resto theme more adaptable

2. Cozy yet comfortable ambience --- the chairs, the wallpaper and the interiors --- so awesome.

3. Conveniently affordable --- price not high, not low but its competitive to other restos

4. Food --- amazingly delicious. And plus the fact they are healthy because its vegetarian... another plus...the presentation makes you feel and think not to eat them anymore.

5. Drinks --- Very unique and evidently presentable. And plus the fact again that they serve 80++ coffee and tea concoctions. You will love their fresh tropical drinks and Caffe Mocha and Caffe Nocciola.

6. The Staff --- Incredibly friendly and charming.

7. Faux garden --- their location is like a garden... upon entering to the store is full of synthetic flowers, very appealing to customers who come especially ladies.

8. Promos --- they offer 20% off on all drinks and desserts from 2pm to 5pm daily.

9. Discounts --- They gave us VIP card when we ate above P2,000 pesos and the VIP card entitles us 10% discount everytime we will visit and dine again.

10. WIFI --- ofcourse everyone loves that especially to people who are into online thing...

8 years ago


wrote a review for Ersao Banawe

Affordable milkteas


Ersao has long been in the bubble tea/milk tea business for quite some time and I should, again give the establishment a visit after some time since I remember dining in the Banawe branch back in my college years.

I asked the kids what they want and my niece immediately eyed on the dumpling noodles and my nephew wanted to have either the Pork Steak with rice or the Chicken steak with rice. I was pleased to know that they offer combo meals of rice or noodle dish with milk tea, fruit shake, special blended tea or special beverage.

They still got a lot of dishes to chose from but I know that me and the kids wont be able to eat that much and so I just reserve the other dishes for my visit the next time around. I was wanting to sample the Machang and the Maki mi but were all too full as we finish our orders.

Read more: http://baffledchichi.blogspot.com/2011/09/food-trippin-ersao-erodriguez-sr-ave-qc.html

8 years ago


wrote a review for Kao-Chi Restaurant Quezon City

Worst Service Ever.


The Xiao Long Bao never arrived on our table.
It took them an hour to serve a bowl of white chicken noodles.
It took them half an hour to bring us our bill.
The servers move slow and are extremely lazy.

What was supposed to be a quick dinner turned out to be 2 hours of hell. No wonder all my friends always refuse to dine in this restaurant. My dad is not a fan either. Learned my lesson..NEVER GOING BACK.

8 years ago


wrote a review for CIFU Asian Cooking Banawe

DIMSUM Madness Hour at CIFU Asian


I was told their fruit salad shake and chocolate milk tea are good. Indeed they are! Had a snack there and my visit coincided with their DIMSUM Madness Hour, so I gorged on Sharksfin, shrimp and spinach dumplings with my girlfriend at 30% off. Quality is a lot better than Causeway and Le Ching.
Will definitely recommend...

8 years ago


wrote a review for Atsu Atsu Ramen Quezon City

trip along araneta


I didnt expect to find the ramen house along Araneta Ave. We arrived a bit early for lunch time. So we were the only ones there.

We got the deal online which included Ramen Set for Two, inclusive of Tokyo Ramen (Pork Shoyu-Based Soup), 4 pieces of Steamed Gyoza, 4 pieces of Fish Tempura, 2 Servings of Mini Salad (Green Salad with Japanese Dressing), 2 Bowls of Garlic Rice, Coffee Jelly Desserts & 2 Glasses of Iced Tea.

The salad was different from the usual salads. Good but nothing spectacular. Same is true for the gyoza. I have tasted better gyozas. the fish tempura was so-so. I have to say the garlic rice didnt go well with the dishes. Japanese fried rice could have been better.

The Ramen was the main event. It was quite good. Noodles were cooked pretty well (not rubbery nor too soggy), and the pork was really tender (2 thumbs up!). The only down side to is it was a bit oily. You could feel the oil building up on your lips.

to wash up everything, the coffee jelly dessert did the job. For a non-coffee drinker, I found it too bitter.

Highlight: Tokyo Ramen (Pork Shoyu-Based Soup

8 years ago

inbetweenemptyspaces Ang

wrote a review for Atsu Atsu Ramen Quezon City

Everything great!


I discovered the resto through an online group buying site, and so We visited the resto last October 11th, 2011 at about 9pm.

When we got into the resto, It has this down to earth feeling, it's not uptight or something, the staffs are very accommodating.

Food is great and fairly priced.

I'll be definitely going back to this resto in the future.

8 years ago


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