Rilage Burgers

Rilage Burgers Sta. Mesa

3600 Bataan St Sta. Mesa, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 241-2704

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wrote a review for UniversiTEA Legarda

Great tea!


I love the Wintermelon Milk Tea!

Here's what I order,

Wintermelon Milk Tea | 30% Sugar

7 years ago


wrote a review for Uncle Roni's Pub Sto. Domingo



Uncle Roni’s Pub is a great place for “genuine” tambay. It’s not that noisy, service is good, plus you get the chance to watch sports channels while having a nice conversation with friends.

Money value is good, relatively cheaper than bars around Timog-Tomas Morato Area.

Food is also good. Being a sucker for chicken feet, I like the taste of Adobong Adidas served there. If the chicken feet were a lot tenderer, it would have been perfect.

Overall, I highly recommend the place. :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen E. Rodriguez

Delicious, Budget Friendy Chinese Resto


I love dining here at Luk Foo. Lots of choices and the price is very reasonable. At first you might think its another typical Chinese resto but think again. Food here tastes great and the serving is huge. So far, this is the Chinese Resto that I left with a stuffed stomach. Highly recommend especially if you will come in as a group. The place also has wide space and is clean.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Thousand Teas Mezza Residences

Bad taro milktea and custard pudding. :(


I was very much disappointed with their Custard Pudding. Its not even a custard pudding but a slab of tasteless gelatine. I had my Assam Milktea with light sugar since I was expecting that the custard pudding will make the taste a little sweeter but I was wrong. Their custard pudding made the Assam Milktea taste horrible. :( The Taro Milktea is also a disappointment. I can barely taste the Taro flavor unlike Spartea's and Ersao's Taro milktea which I think are very good Taro milkteas

Read more :

8 years ago


wrote a review for Panciteria Lido New Manila

First try


I've already read some good reviews for Panciteria Lido especially for their Pugon Roasted Asado but this merienda treat is our first time to eat here even though the place is just a stone walk from home. It is a rainy afternoon so we decided to try their kape at pandesals. We got the asado and corned beef pandesal plus brewed coffee and for an average of P125 per meal it was a satisfying merienda. This would be a perfect breakfast to get you on the go. The kids tried the chami special plus mango smoothie and it tasted great as well. Service is also great, the only downside is the area since is just a very tiny place which would make it crowded even just for a small group. Anyway that is just a small price to bear for the value of food for this place. It is good to know and taste some authentic chinese cooking which is just within reach and perhaps within the budget.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Ma Mon Luk Banawe

Mmmm... Ma Mon Luk


Mmmm... Ma Mon Luk...

If you guys are looking for authentic "Mami", then this is definitely the place to get your fill of the real stuff.

Their mami is "assembled" like the usual ones you see at simple old-school mami carts, where the noodles, meat, and veggies are in their bowls, waiting to be filled with hot broth.

To be honest, and terribly straightforward... when I had my first bite of their chicken mami, I was all like, "Ew, lasang basahan!" ("Ew, tastes like a wet dirty rag!"). Hahahaha =) But seriously, it DID taste like a smelly "basahan" at first (not that I've already tasted "basahan", but I quite sure you can imagine what I mean). I wasn't really excited to have another bite, but I thought of giving it a second chance. I added a dash of salt, pepper, patis (fish sauce), and their other condiments... and... VOILA!!!... yummy Mami!

So my tip to everyone planning to satisfy their Mami-cravings at Ma Mon Luk... be sure to season your soup/broth properly, or you're sure to get the same reaction as mine when I didn't.

My honey and I settled for their jumbo siopao and siomai as it was still merienda time... and decided to reserve the main dishes 'til our next visit.

I found the jumbo siopao really cheap for Php 50.00 as it was quite huge and heavy. However, I like Aberdeen Court's jumbo tai pao better

9 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review for Lam Tin Tea House Banawe

Roll Up Your Sleeves


Lam Tin looks like an abbreviated, contemporary version of the old noodle palaces in Binondo. It sits at a corner of Banawe in QC in a busy neighborhood just past the clutches of the auto repair shops. You can imagine the wide variety of harried diners: clerks, families on a tight budget, auto mechanics, messengers, everyone longing for pancit and siopao.

I've eaten here 3 times. The first time was just for convenience. We were hungry and happened to pass by in time for a late lunch. The roasted garlic and pepper sauce (you know, in the little metal pots at each table) was so good with a squeeze of kalamansi, that we've returned whenever possible. The house tea is also served scalding hot, perfect to accompany a quick meal.

On this most recent visit, there were 3 of us. We had
lo han chay P180
ma po beancurd P180
beef ampalaya and rice P105
halo halo noodles P125
coke P35
plain rice P28

All the food was served quickly. We tucked in right away. The lo han chay was cooked the way I like it--cabbage done just crisp, with baby corn, bamboo shoots, 2 kinds of mushroom (from a can, but this is also true in higher end Chinese restaurants), green peas. I had a taste of the ampalaya. It was also cooked to nutritious perfection, still crisp and devoid of bitterness. The ma po beancurd was made with silken tofu still in whole cubes instead of mushed and with tasty chunks of lean pork meat. Next time I order this dish I will ask that it be cooked with extra chili.

We took a couple of teaspoons of the roasted garlic and chili paste from the metal pot, careful to drain off that orange oil, and then added the juice of a kalamansi. It goes well with everything!

The food was spot on--satisfying and reasonably priced. We took home 6 orders of assorted siopao (lotus was not available that day, but asado, chicken and bola bola were) to share with friends and family. Each order has 2 pao with a decent amount of meat and all were nicely flavored. Not bad for P70/2 buns.

Total bill was P1073 less P43.53 senior discount.

9 years ago


wrote a review for theOriginal Savory Sampaloc

Savory Nights


You can't say nothing about their original receipe fried chicken. It goes great with a meal or just your typical pulutan. You choose to just sit down and have a drink while watching a basketball game, play billards or let it all out in one of their karaoke rooms. Most of the crowd here a students or near by residents.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Old Chinatown Kopitiam Banawe

overall, thumbs up!


dining here brings back memories of childhood... just like what our moms fed us growing up... comfort food at its finest...

i so love the kopi... simple

i've tried the desserts, it's a bit of a let down...

one negative comment though is that the place is too cramped... you can sure hear the convo from the other tables... not a place to tambay with friends...

10 years ago


wrote a review for Betty's Sto. Domingo

Buried treasure indeed.


We found this place as we we're driving from Banawe, thinking it was a branch of Becky's kitchen turned into a restaurant, we tried the place that had the feel of a nook on it.

At 88php for a pasta meal, complete with botomless iced tea, Betty's is a treasure on the pocket. The place didn't skimp on ingredients, the salad was generous with the dressing, the pasta also did the same with the cream and the sansrival that the place boasted off--well it really had no rival, 38php for a square of the best and most authentic sansrival you could find in the metro.

We even had chicken cordon bleu for our main entree and with two pieces and a large serving of rice, we were already eating two meals at once. The menu was extensive and the feel of the restaurant would make you want to go back and try the other dishes the place had to offer. Often I encounter caterers that when they do kraft service, it's good, but you would never imagine eating the same food if it was served in a restaurant, but at Betty's you would want them to cater your mother's 50th birthday and still wish to go eat at their conspicuous location.

Rating: yey! definitely worthy of word of mouth referrals.

10 years ago

Joyce Cabral

wrote a review for Grilled Tomato Banawe



Been here twice and i super enjoyed the food at cheaper prices! Love it! That reminds me, will go back this weekend with friends =)

10 years ago


wrote a review for Razon's of Guagua Banawe

it's summertime!


i can comment only on the halo-halo...

comfort food... yummmyyy

although sometimes i wish they'd add a little more laman and less ice...

i think it's still worth it specially if the weather is hot...

11 years ago


wrote a review for Betty's Sto. Domingo

less than 150


this place is actually on the corner of biak na bato n another street near quezon ave. like the previous reviewers, i have to agree that the sans rival is very good. the food, overall, is tasty enough for the price you'll be shelling out. it has a small dining area, but has 2nd n 3rd floors that can be used for parties. nice place to go if ur on a budget, good food quiet n cozy.

11 years ago


wrote a review for Betty's Sto. Domingo

value for money


i like this resto because of its extensive menu and it comes at a price that's very affordable... prices are really low, so you can't expect big servings... the pasta comes with refillable iced tea, at 100 bucks or less... entrees cost around 100-150...
sansrival is really good, and it costs less than 50 bucks a slice...
service is ok, the place looks clean... only drawback is its location, it's not that accessible...
i think they also offer buffet packages for parties...
overall, i'd recommend this place, specially those living in the area...

11 years ago


wrote a review for Tazza Cafe Quezon City

nice place to eat while having your car washed


Tazza is one of the pioneer restaurants in the Banawe area and it’s along Ma. Clara St.

It is conveniently located beside Genki Car Spa (great service for your car!). It’s a nice place to hang out while waiting for your car to get done.
The food and beverage variety is interesting and yummy. I am an avid fan of their lengua and their pastas. I love the crispy wanton wraps with spinach dips. Their iced tea slush and orange juice slush is interesting as well. They also have a variety of pastries,cakes and hot tea served in teapots which you can share with friends and you can even ask for a refill.

It’s a very nice place to just hang out on a lazy afternoon. It’s a nice alternative for all the Chinese restaurants within the vicinity.

11 years ago

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